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Author: Anna Meijere

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Transcom certifies seven new Lean Six Sigma Champions

Hundreds of companies around the world use Lean or Six Sigma methodology for product and process improvement to achieve financial performance breakthrough and increase customer satisfaction.

Transcom is on this journey as well. Seven account managers for one of Transcom’s global clients recently attended a Lean Six Sigma Champion Training and Best Practice Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden.


Our people truly are Transcom’s greatest asset and after completing the Champion session, these seven business professionals will use the acquired knowledge in Lean Six Sigma to identify projects and assist in project management and project goal completion.

Using their newly acquired skills provides almost limitless potential for projects that will transform Transcom. But in order to be successful, you need to prioritize the projects that can:

  1. Eliminate unnecessary variation
  2. Sustain greater productivity and profitability
  3. Increase customer experience.

The ambitions for the newly trained seven Champions are set high and they will work together with the country management to use and guide the Green Belt resources the most optimal way. First the projects will focus on process improvements in Transcom, however in a period of time there is potential to involve clients in order to eliminate defects even further.

Each of the participants evaluated the time as well spent to gain understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles, share practices and get rid of common myths, and left the workshop with a list of potential projects to start working on.

The best customer experience for Italian business travelers starts in Tunis

Early this year, Transcom Tunis officially launched a new customer care service for one of Italy’s biggest travel companies.  As partner and founding member of a worldwide network that unites the best travel management companies in 80 countries, this new client decided to form a strategic partnership with Transcom in order to ensure the best possible customer experience for its customers.

SALES Cisalpina article

To prepare for this important start up, the dedicated Transcom project team focused in maximizing service quality in a structural and coordinated way. A group of specialized resources was recruited and coordinated by a team of managers who constantly monitor service quality and take action at various levels to increase customer satisfaction, improve service provision and efficiency, and fine tune the management of corporate processes.

Work got underway with an initial group of 15 agents. The talents selected for the project are passionate about their work and have demonstrated great professionalism and excellent performance throughout their training, right from the very first day. A carefully designed three-month training program contributed to creating a relationship based on the maximum possible collaboration and interaction among team members, trainers and project managers, making it easier to learn during training and to overcome all the difficulties and critical issues every start-up encounters.

The dedicated project team during training.

The dedicated project team during training.

We are extremely satisfied with the trustworthy relationship and collaboration we have established with our client at this initial stage. We have laid the best possible foundations for a long-term partnership that will turn out to be highly profitable for everyone involved, not least all the Italian business travelers who will receive the best possible customer care, provided by Transcom Tunis.

Author: Stefan Pettersson

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Transcom celebrates 20 years in business

In 2015, Transcom celebrates 20 years in business. From its beginnings in 1995, the company has gradually evolved from a single-country operation into a global organization spanning 23 countries.

Transcom AB was originally set up in 1995 to provide customer service for Comviq’s mobile telephony customers in Sweden. Subsequently, Transcom Europe was formed to support expansion into new European markets. These two parallel Transcom organizations grew rapidly, and were merged in the year 2000 to form Transcom WorldWide.

In 2002, Transcom started to diversify its business, both in terms of services offered and the company’s geographical presence. The debt collection business was entered through acquisitions in a number of countries, establishing the Credit Management Services (CMS) business unit. Transcom also made acquisitions to expand its core customer care outsourcing business in new geographies, not least in North America and Asia.

At the end of 2011, Transcom entered a turnaround phase. In the following years, the company executed a number of restructuring actions which have improved financial and operational stability, creating a solid foundation for future profitable growth. The CMS business unit was divested, in line with Transcom’s strategy to focus on its core customer care business.

We have now exited the turnaround phase with strong operational and financial momentum. Transcom’s fundamental objective is to create shareholder value through profitable growth. Our strategic priorities going forward (see timeline below) are informed by our vision of being recognized as a global leader in customer experience. We aim to increase revenue organically, at least in line with overall market growth, while continuing to improve our operational efficiency in order to further strengthen margins.

European expansion, 1995-2001 Diversification and acquisitions, 2002-2010 Turnaround, 2011-2014 Leadership in customer experience, 2015-
  • Transcom founded in Sweden in 1995
  • Focus on organic growth; European expansion began in 1997
  • Presence in 15 European countries at the end of 2001, the widest geographical coverage of any customer contact center organization in Europe at the time
  • Transcom’s shares were listed in September 2001
  • Acquisition-led growth started in 2002 with the purchase of Gestel, a Spanish CRM operator
  • Diversification into debt collection business through acquisitions in several European countries.
  • Expansion of near-shore services, serving high-cost countries from low-cost locations
  • Establishment of centers in Latin America to serve Spanish clients
  • Expansion into North America and Asia via acquisition of Cloud10 and NuComm
  • Restructuring program in order to strengthen competitiveness and improve profitability
  • Focus on growth in prioritized geographies; divestment of a number of smaller country operations
  • Divestment of Credit Management Services (CMS) in order to focus on core customer care business
  • Re-domiciliation to Sweden from Luxembourg completed
  • Growth with clients, while creating a more balanced industry and client portfolio
  • Continuously improving service offering, focusing on advanced, value added services
  • Strengthen global footprint supporting the European core market
  • Competitive operational platform
Author: Annica Strahner

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Leading the way in Customer Experience

This year Transcom celebrates 20 years in business. Since we opened our first site in Karlskoga, Sweden in 1995, the company has grown from a single-country, single client operation into a global customer care specialist with operations in 23 countries, employing 30 000 people, serving more than 400 clients. But during these years the global customer care industry has undergone tremendous changes as well, driven by new technology and shifting consumer behavior.

To meet the these challenges, we rely on our people who patiently listen and share their knowledge to our client’s customers day after day, via traditional voice and multichannel solutions.

In our new corporate video, these special people are the core that makes it possible for Transcom to lead the way in customer experience.


A cooking course in Transcom Italy inspires teamwork

During the autumn of 2014 Transcom Italy organized a special training course for their top executives and managers. Their task was to:

  • Cook a full meal to share and enjoy together
  • Prepare a rich cocktail buffet for their Business Support Team colleagues and the Regional General Manager Roberto Boggio

cooking course 01

The two-day cooking course, “Made in Transcom”, forms part of a wider-ranging training program organized throughout 2014, in order to develop leadership skills and promote effective teamwork among the people in Transcom Italy who are responsible for managing processes and delivering business results.

LIFE IN TRANSCOM corso cucina 03

The Cooking Day had some very specific purposes:

  1. Draw attention to individual as well as the team’s strengths and identify areas for improvement
  2. To develop the fundamental aspects of group work and effective communication
  3. To stimulate attention to details, in order to guarantee service quality
  4. To analyze the level of engagement and approval, in order to improve the well-being of each individual and the team as a whole

The participants were split into three groups, one assigned to making lunch and the other three to prepare the cocktail party. The expertise of the chef and sous chef were recognized immediately and used as key resources in achieving the objective. Although they were divided into groups and had different culinary backgrounds, all course members worked together and shared information both with each other inside the same group and with different groups. No deadline anxiety was felt by the team and a calm and pleasant atmosphere was established right from the outset, encouraged no doubt by the informal setting and the fact that the cooking skills of all course members were at more or less the same level.

A practical session at the end of the training course identified the most important values shared by participants during the two-day event, both at individual and group level (Confidence, Collaboration, Sharing, Passion, Integrity and Respect), and the behaviors that best express these values.

cooking course VALUES

LIFE IN TRANSCOM ENGLISH foto di gruppo con citazione finale

Author: Claudia Balboa Riquelme

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Transcom Concepcion helps the victims of the floods in Chile

In March, unusually strong thunderstorms brought heavy rainfall to northern Chile’s Atacama desert, flooding one of the driest regions in the world. Flash floods swept down valleys, cut off villages, destroyed structures, and carried vehicles for miles.

The floods in Chile and Peru  was caused by an unusual cold front which moved across the Andes, bringing heavy rainfall to the region. The National Office of Emergency of the Interior Ministry (ONEMI) reported more that more than 29 000 people are affected, and preliminary figures show that more than 28 000 houses as been impacted , 10 000 of those has been completely destroyed or has severe damages.

The small coastal city of Chañaral was hardest hit by the floods and many residents are trying to cope with the loss of their homes and belongings. The rise of the river El Salado divided the village into two, devastating the area.

Transcom Concepcion helps the affected of the flooding in Northern Chile

At Transcom Concepción we launched a campaign to help those who have been affected by this devastating situation. We have been collecting basics like drinking water, cleaning supplies and nonperishable food. Our aim was to help our countrymen, because we know about the reality that exists when there is a natural disaster of this kind.