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Author: Siva Subramaniam

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Transcom Cares helps an employee fulfill her dream of finishing college

March is a special month for students in the Philippines since it is that time of the year when colleges and universities would hold their commencement exercises to honor those who have earned their degrees. One such graduate for batch 2015 is a Transcom employee who finished her education through cash advances from the Transcom Cares fund.

Jean Rose Paver has been with the company for three years. In order to make ends meet, she attends college during the day and works at our Bacolod site at night to support herself through school. This has been her practice even before she joined the company.

On March 22, Jean graduated with a degree in BSBA-Major in Financial Management from the West Negros University. She is faithfully repaying her advance on a monthly basis to Transcom Cares. Jean Rose Paver is sure to inspire more people to care and help one another.

She is pictured below with her proud mother and grandmother during the graduation ceremony.

Employee to college

Author: Margit Fuentes

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Transcom Estonia celebrates Diversity Day

On the 15th of April,  Estonia celebrated Diversity Day. On that day, we recognize and honor the importance and singularity of every person in businesses, organizations, and the society as a whole. Diversity is innate to nature and to people – it makes the world more exciting. There are people around us who are not the same as us; nevertheless, we all are equally important and needed.

Diversity Day_FB-cover_ENG(1)

Equality and Diversity is also one of three prioritized focus areas in Transcom’s CSR progam Transcom Cares  and we are very proud to say that our employees in Transcom Estonia are highly diverse in many aspects:

  • The age of our colleagues ranges between 19 and 67
  • 20% are males and 80% females
  • They come from about a dozen different nationalities, communicating in different languages.

During the course of numerous interviews we carried out with the motive of the Diversity Day, several of our co-workers described their thoughts and experiences about working with colleagues from different backgrounds and cultures. One common observation stood out from their experiences: that even if we may be very different in appearance, we are not so different as colleagues. As a colleague, you are valued by your attitude, knowledge and friendliness.

The theories of information and decision-making support the argument that diverse teams are more creative in problem-solving, while they are also more innovative. This is because persons with different backgrounds can see the problems from different angles, and thus lead to more creative and productive solutions and ideas.

In its continued effort to encourage and promote diversity, Transcom Estonia is pleased to announce that we have become a signatory of the ‘Diversity Charter’. This is a voluntary commitment, open to companies and institutions both in the private and public sector that value an environment free of discrimination, and have made a decision to work towards fostering diversity.

The Diversity Day was a joint initiative by the Estonian Human Rights Centre; Tallinn Technology University’s project “Diversity Enriches”; and the Estonian Diversity Charter.

Diversity enriches! Erinevus rikastab päev

Author: Monica Llagostera

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Trends and expectations in customer care in 2015

While change and evolution are part of our DNA as a species, there is no doubt that in recent years we have witnessed a rapid acceleration of the pace at which these changes are happening.

Access to technology and to knowledge is spreading so rapidly that users are now more interconnected and are taking better decisions based on the available information. Therefore  customers have more impact on the success of any product or company.


Furthermore, they are aware of this new equilibrium in which they play a leading role and this “consciousness” makes our public increasingly demanding and their expectations, higher:

Attention and response times: Once the user is connected all the time (via smartphone, tablet, etc), his or her concept of ”reasonable waiting time” has changed and shortened. Users understand that companies must adapt to them and not vice versa. The customer expects extended care times to be available 24/7 and, at the same time, shorter response times consistent with the effort he is willing to make to solve queries about a product or service.

Accuracy of the service: The customer is willing to share a lot of information with companies as long as the use of it means more customized offers and services, otherwise he will not waste his time.

Consistency and omnichannel: If a company offers its users a wide range of contact channels, the customer will feel free to choose the one that best suits his purpose, but will hardly accept that the company does not have the ability to know about all his  interactions and act accordingly, and he will wait for the same answer regardless of the access channel.

Proactive knowledge: Customers are assuming that companies are investing in order to know their needs and preferences. Thus, they will assume that any of the suppliers will monitor what is said of their company and its services with the intention of improving and, if necessary, the company will proactively respond even when a corporate channel has not been specifically used

To live up to these high expectations, companies must pay attention to consumer trends, anticipate them, and be able to adapt.

Some of the trends we have been watching during 2014 and that we expect to be even stronger in 2015 are the following.

- Mobile Connectivity: Internet access through mobile devices has already exceeded access from computers. Furthermore, the use of mobile applications has increased by 74% during 2014, the “Life-style and Shopping category” being the fastest-growing one, with 174%. This means that we must focus especially on improving the experience of the mobile customer.
But the impact of mobile technology goes far beyond. From the weareables, to mobile payments, the increase of installed sensors in homes and in shops, and the data analysis that they all will generate, represent a unique opportunity to deepen our knowledge of users, trends, and to get “insights” that will allow us to improve our offer by adapting it to the real demand.

- Real-time analysis: Never before have companies  been able to collect so much information. However, the raw data are not enough. Correct analysis of data and the right speed in processing them are essential to better understand consumer trends and  therefore being able  to improve the customer experience and consequently, increase sales and gain a competitive advantage.

Content Production and customer self-service: All this knowledge that companies have nowadays, can, and should, revert directly to a better customer service. It becomes imperative to know your customer’s needs and doubts and anticipate them, creating content that can be easily accessed by users, which will give them greater autonomy, while improving the customer experience and helping reduce the cost of calls or contacts through other channels.

It would be a terrible mistake to ignore this reality in which we are moving and that directly shows us the right path. That is why Transcom is working closely with our clients to help them develop strategies and processes together that help them to get the most of the information we obtain through improving the experience we deliver in each of our services.

Author: Siva Subramaniam

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Three big wins for Transcom Philippines at the NBCP National Awards

We are pleased to announce that Transcom Philippines won three prizes at the Nordic Business Council Philippines’ (NBCP) National Awards. The award was held March 26 at the Fairmont Makati Hotel in Manila and the delegates represented 133 Nordic companies. The event was an intimate gathering for the Nordic-Philippine business community, as the NBCP recognizes the most prominent Nordic companies in the Philippines.

Transcom Nordic Business Council National Awards Philippines

Transcom Philippines has been recognized as the largest Nordic employer in the Philippines, in terms of the number of direct employees. Our Transcom Cares CSR initiatives have been awarded the Nordic-Philippine CSR Activity of the Year for relevance, sustainability, and viability to have a long lasting effect on the community where it is implemented. In addition, our commitment to employees’ welfare, positive work environment, and interesting career and growth opportunities garnered us a runner-up to the Outstanding Employer of the Year award.

These awards made us a prominent force not only in the BPO industry in the Philippines, but in the Nordic-Philippine business community as well.

Nordic Business Council Award

Jason Lock accepts the CSR Activity of the Year Award for Transcom Philippines.


Author: Stefania Melosi

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Transcom Italy and Unicef together for the “100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child” project

As part of Transcom Cares, the overarching program that guides our solidarity and social responsibility initiatives worldwide, in 2014 Transcom Italy entered into a partnership with UNICEF to support and promote the campaign 100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child”.

Globally, 20% of the infant population (0-5 years old) is not regularly vaccinated. Vaccinations are one of the most effective, sustainable and cost-effective healthcare initiatives possible.

The 100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child campaign has received support at different levels and in different ways from everyone at Transcom. Most importantly, Transcom Italy decided to buy all the Christmas gifts they give to their staff from UNICEF.

The company also asked employees to contribute to the solidarity initiative by donating one or more hours of work through their pay packets, raising a further EUR 3,500 for this campaign. Transcom Italy also installed UNICEF collection points at all the company’s office sites for spontaneous donations by staff and visitors.

In December, multiple solidarity initiatives were organized at all our sites in Italy, including the “Adotta una Pigotta” [Adopt a Pigotta] project endorsed by the Transcom Bari site, where a highly productive rag doll workshop has been set up, drawing on the creativity and enthusiasm of many of our co-workers who have made 150 rag dolls, (each more beautiful than the other!) thus raising an extra amount of EUR 2,300 for the Unicef campaign.

A Pigotta was a rag doll in Italy in the post-World War II period; today it is a UNICEF doll, handmade with imagination and creativity by an army of volunteers throughout Italy. By making a minimum donation of €20, everyone can adopt a Pigotta and support UNICEF and its life-saving programs in central and western Africa. Every Pigotta opens up a circle of solidarity uniting the person who made the doll, with the person who adopted it, and with the child who, thanks to UNICEF, will be covered by an infant mortality prevention program.

Some “call center operator” Pigottas made at Transcom Bari.

Some “call center operator” Pigottas made at Transcom Bari.

Everyone can contribute to this fund raising campaign by making a donation through the dedicated website.

In Transcom Italy we’re particularly proud of this partnership with Unicef. All together, we have already raised over EUR 17,000 to support this infant mortality prevention programme. And now we would like to share with our readers this beautiful and moving video we have received as a sign of gratitude from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).