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Author: Jonas Ahlstedt

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SOS emergency calls interpreted by Transvoice

Arabic, Russian and Somali are the most common foreign languages spoken by callers who contact the Swedish emergency number 112. The calls are routed to Transvoice’s interpreters for a three-party call together with the SOS-operator. Transvoice’s interpreters have special skills and are well-trained to handle calls from people in distress and emergency situations.

- It feels good to be able to help people calling the 112 emergency number. As an interpreter, you have an important role in saving lives in these often very stressful situations. The caller can express his or her feelings and describe the event in their mother tongue, which makes the work faster and more correct for the SOS-operator, says Alham Pairdawood, Arabic interpreter.

Alham Pairdawood, Arabic interpreter

Alham Pairdawood, Arabic interpreter

- At Transcom we talk about and act within the framework of our CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility). Transvoice’s business model is based on taking responsibility for society and for vulnerable people in their contact with public organizations. This makes our work very special and very important, says Jonas Ahlstedt, Managing Director of Transvoice.

Read the full article here (in Swedish).

Author: Marie Johansson

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Interview with one of Transcom’s many work-at-home agents

Transcom has contact centers in six cities in Sweden. In addition to that, we have a significant number of work-at-home agents in Scandinavia as well as in North America.

We asked Robert Cederlund, who works as a Home Agent in Sweden, three short questions:

What do you like best about being a Home Agent?
I can do chores during my breaks and I get to sit in my own chair. I don’t have to shave every day because the customer and my boss don’t see me when I work from home. I have a cross trainer at home that I can use during my breaks.

What is the difference between working at a contact center and from home?
I thought I would miss my colleagues, but I spend most of my time on the phone anyway. You have access to a chat room, so I feel that I have more social interaction with colleagues now. I also get to use the same workstation every day, making it easier to feel “more at home” even at work.

What is the best part about working from home?
It is very silent, so I can really focus on the customer.

Author: Alessandro Casella

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Transcom Italy launches new app to let you stay up to date on the company

A touch of the screen is now all it takes to receive real time updates about the world of Transcom. This is all it takes to access information about the latest news, browse through our newsletter, visit the website, watch the videos, read the blog, ask questions and stay up-to-date on everything that is going on in our company, in Italy and worldwide.

OneTranscom Italy is a free app already available and optimized for the iPhone and iPad, as well as for Android devices. It offers a quick and easy way to keep in touch digitally.

A lot is going on at Transcom Italy and other areas of Transcom, and we hope that this app will allow us to better connect with people who are interested in what we are doing, and facilitate their access to information about our company. One thing that we are looking forward to telling you more about is our LeonarDo 2.0.14 research and innovation program, which will definitely open up a new era of highly innovative projects within Transcom.

Download our new app: all about Transcom in just a click!

Our clients, partners, employees and whoever wants to be the first to know about any new initiatives and achievements in our community, can easily search on the iTunes App Store or on Google Play, or just click on the icons below and download the appropriate app for his/her device.

APP iOS link

APP Android link

It provides rapid mobile access to our “My Transcom Experience” Blog, the Italian Facebook page, our “TranscomGroup” YouTube channel, our corporate website and the “Transcom News” Newsletter dedicated to Customer Experience specialists, which is available both in Italian and English.

The OneTranscom Italy app is a Beta version and will undergo updates with new interesting features and additional customized services for our Clients, who are warmly invited to share with us their expectations and suggestions by writing to

We also hope to make it more international in its contents and approach, so as to transform it into a really “global” Transcom App, while also allowing people to take a look at our local organizations throughout the world.

Stay connected!

Author: Agustín Romero

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Adding value in employee care service

Twelve years ago, in Transcom Isla Sicilia we launched a service to support of our client’s employees in all HR related questions. The client is one of the largest global financial institutions.

Before Transcom’s involvement our client’s employees had direct contact with their HR department. Now they need to call us with all their inquiries. Our first challenge was to provide them with the same personal and direct service, now over the phone, and make this a positive experience for them. To achieve this, we used all our tools, professionalism and kindness in addressing and resolving their questions.

Of course a good service attitude is important but people expect us to resolve their issues quickly and accurately. The continuous training we receive from our client is very helpful in this respect. The open communication that we have with our client regarding their priorities and goals is also very important.

Isla Sicilia Employee customer care team

Last but not least; the people delivering the service, working as a team, sharing knowledge, motivating and helping each other. In short, acting like one and offering their best every day.

It has therefore been an honor for the team to receive the excellent results of the annual survey conducted by the HR department of our client. The aim of this survey was to get their opinion about the service we provide.  The results were more than satisfactory, reaching the highest levels of satisfaction from the begining of the service. In all the questions asked, we have surpassed not only last year’s score but all of the previous years.

Our client recognizes the Transcom values, the commitment of our employees, their enthusiasm and ability to contribute with new ideas to improve the service provided. That it is what sets us apart and permits us to add value to our clients.


Author: Claudia Balboa Riquelme

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The importance of motivated teams for Transcom Chile

The efficiency and performance of our employees depends in large part on their level of motivation.

That is why the staff at our site in Concepción participates in Motivational Workshops with the aim of generating greater cohesion among our teams. The departments of Operations, BST, Information Technology, Purchasing, Sales and Human Resources were represented during these interesting, instructive and fun days of motivation.

24 employees participated in the first session, held at the Sonesta Hotel. The main purpose of the workshop was to emphasize teamwork and to create trust amongst participants.

The following session took place in The Triplets Vacation Center in the Region of Bio Bio. Here, our employees worked in teams, covering various areas of development in the organization, such as effective communication, assertiveness, perception and leadership. The lakes, mountains and natural beauty around the Center The Triplets contributed to the positive atmosphere.

Motivation training workshop Transcom Chile

We will continue with our Motivational workshops as we are confident that they will help in creating a better working environment for our employees and thereby also benefit our clients and their customers.

Transcom at Polish Outsourcing Fair 2014

The second Polish Outsourcing Fair took place at the EXPO XXI Exhibition and Conference Centre in Warsaw on the 16th and 17th of October.  The event saw over 1000 visitors and 120 exhibitors representing companies that provide a whole range of services from sectors such as contact centers, collections, IT, administrative, accounting, recruitment, HR and payroll, fleet management and legal services.

In addition to the exhibition part of the event, there was an Outsourcing Academy organized. During the Academy, experts from many different fields of outsourcing shared their knowledge, not only with the exhibitors, but also with people visiting the Fair. Topics debated at the Academy included Contact Center market developments and the principles of cooperation in the area of outsourcing.

Transcom was represented by the Polish team and Roberto Boggio, Regional General Manager of Central & South Europe Region, who was able to join during the first day of the fair.


Marcin Zieliński – Business Manager, Przemysław Włodarczyk – Business Development Manager, Marek Szul – Call Centre Director, Roberto Boggio – General Manager, Central & South Europe Region, Joanna Osińska – Human Resources Manager, Grzegorz Baran – Business Manager.

During his visit, Roberto was able to give an interview to OutsourcingPortal, Outsourcing & More Magazine and ProProgressio Foundation editors  -  and also to meet local government representatives.

The fair was a great opportunity to present Transcom as one of the biggest players in the Polish Contact Center market and to meet potential clients. We had a chance to inform the wider public about Transcom, our global structure and underline our customer experience expertise gathered not only in the Polish market, but also worldwide. Of course our main focus was on our clients, showing how we can help optimize their business performance and how to utilize our global experience in order to achieve better results.