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Author: Stefan Pettersson

Happy Holidays!

Transcom would like to thank all employees, clients, shareholders, partners and blog readers for an amazing 2014.

We look forward to continuing to share stories from Transcom in 2015. Our bloggers will have a short holiday break and we will be back with new updates on January 7.

We wish you Happy Holidays and A Prosperous New Year!


Author: Joseph Roc

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A day of hope at an orphanage for sick children

Transcom Cares recently brought 22 volunteers to spend a day with sick children at the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy for Sick Children. Our volunteers had a humbling experience feeding the children and playing with them. In addition, Transcom Cares donated food and clothing.

Fulfilling their foundress’ mission to “help the poor while living among them,” the orphanage seeks to take care of the sick and dying children abandoned by their parents. Run by the Order of Missionaries of Charity, and founded by St. Theresa of Calcutta in 1950, the center is now managed by 9 nuns, 25 housemothers, and volunteers. The Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy not just take care of abandoned kids, but also tend to children from very poor families who bring their sick to the nuns. They provide for food and medicines, and parents may visit and take their kids back once cured.


This was April Villanueva’s first time to join our outreach program. According to her, the experience taught her to value life and to share all the blessings that she receives. “It was a heartfelt outreach program as the children have been so nice to also spend time with us” she shares.

“It was just a 3 hour activity with the kids but it will definitely last a lifetime in my heart” says Kyle M. Corpuz. As someone born and raised in a below average family status in the community, he shares that he also went through the same experience as the children. This has pushed him to volunteer in community services even way back in school.

“But this experience I had was just so extraordinary. It was the first time I entered an orphanage and got to see it from the inside. Prior to this, I had watched some footage and documentaries about this. Truly, as I watched them, it somehow moved me and made me more emotional. But when I got to experience it myself, the feeling was so special.”

“Seeing little angels smile and appreciate the happiness of being with us was so heartfelt. I can’t even contain the emotion I had when I saw some of the sick angels. The realization was just too in-depth that I can’t even hold my tears back while I am writing this.”

Kyle feels thankful that he encouraged his team mates to participate in this activity, which made it a more wonderful experience as they were able to help out as a family.

Priceless, is the word that best describes the experience of our volunteers.

Author: Manuel Tamayo

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Transcom Peru starts operations with leading wireless service provider

It is with great joy I announce the growth of Transcom Peru with our new client and state that this is the beginning of new achievements and goals for the Transcom family. The win of this client means that we will fully utilize our site’s capacity. Our new client is the leading wireless service provider company in Latin America.

Thanks to successful program management, all tasks were completed on schedule. The HR department recruited and selected  personnel well in advance of the launch. Team Leads, Quality Agents and Trainers were trained and our Client handled the product training for the new staff.

New service in Transcom Lima

In October 2014 we started the operation with inbound customer service..We will start the training for future campaigns at the beginning of 2015.

Our goal is to excel in all customer service skills and make a difference for our client´s customers. In order to succeed, we have put a lot of efford in the selection process of our new trainers. They all have great expertise in teaching agents on a professional level. It is our responsibility to make sure that the teams succeed, through coaching, feedback and constant refresher training.

We will definitely walk that extra mile to make this a successful project. More information about the operation and our achievements will follow in the months to come.

Author: Victor Fredriksson

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Transcom Umeå is teeming with energy!

During the recent months, Transcom Umeå has been teeming with energy! As autumn slowly turns into winter, a burst of activity can be seen and felt on all floors of Tullkammaren, the historical building which constitutes the premises of Transcom Umeå . The sole reason for this upheaval is a sudden and welcome addition to our workforce.

To give some context – due to the current situation with high inbound call-volumes, the site has been going through an intense recruitment-phase. Since September this year we have been able to welcome more than 80 new employees to our site – meaning that Transcom Umeå has grown by 25% since July. Preparing for a recruitment as big as this one demands much engagement in terms of education and coordination, but also in terms of support from our experienced agents on site. An important part of these preparations has been to establish a welcoming atmosphere across all teams, encouraging experienced agents to engage themselves in mentoring our new adepts.

Johan Andersson – Customer Service Agent since half-a-year – suddenly finds himself in a situation where he’s not the greenhorn anymore:

“Having all these new people around you makes you realize how much you have grown, as well as getting to grips with the amount of knowledge you’ve acquired by working with customers over the course of a year. Being able to share your knowledge with the new employees is an instantly rewarding experience.”

Having the privilege to add this number of new employees to your organization is like opening up a window, letting in a gust of fresh air. Better still, we’re not settled even at this point – the windows open again as soon as January 2015.

Author: Gita Firsova

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Transcom Latvia took part in “Summer job for youth” project

This year, Transcom Latvia took part in “Summer job for youth” a project organized by the State employment agency and European social funds.

Almost 5000 young people took part in this project. Many of them considered Transcom’s offer very attractive, and a lot of people showed interest in coming to work for us.

In total we employed 27 students, who got an opportunity to acquire work experience and to develop sales skills. Overall, they were very skilled, communicative and bright people with high motivation. Not only did they contribute new ideas, but they were also lots of fun to work with.

I think that Transcom can offer young people a very valuable first job experience that will serve them well regardless of what they choose to do in the future. We are proud of the platform for career development that Transcom offers young people in many countries. Our agents learn about direct client interaction in a dynamic environment, strengthening their communication and technology skills. Our 27 students in this particular program had a great opportunity to discover their own potential and maybe even a desire for future studies associated with this type of job. Career opportunities are good, as we recruit most of our managers internally.

The students appreciated the opportunity to work at Transcom, because of the work experience they gained in a comfortable working environment. Some of them even continued working with us as permanent employees.

We think we fulfilled the main aim of this project –  to create opportunities for young people – and we gave students a first insight into work life and also about customer needs. We managed to improve their communication and sales skills which will surely help them in the future.

skolēni kolāža

Author: Alejandro Menjura

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Transcom Lima is the first Latin American contact center to receive Quality Certification UNE-EN 15838

AENOR has awarded our site in Lima, Peru, with the quality certification for customer contact centers according to UNE-EN 15838, a model for quality management and performance in all aspects of the contact center industry.

Transcom’s site in Lima is the first contact center in Latin America to obtain this European certification.

So, on October 14, in a private ceremony at the premises of AENOR in San Isidro and accompanied by Isabel Sánchez-Lozano, General Manager of Transcom’s Iberia and Latin America region, I received the diploma accreditation from Pedro Fernández García, Director of AENOR Peru.

Receiving the UNE-EN 15838 accreditation for Transcom Lima

In his words, Pedro Fernandez stated that “Customer care is a key element in business, affecting the perceived product or service quality as well as corporate reputation, so it must be managed effectively and efficiently. This can only be done through comprehensive quality management systems, like the ones  Transcom uses.”

We are proud to receive this certification, which confirms our commitment to providing quality service to our customers globally. Our Lima site is the third Transcom center to receive this certification, after our centers in Pozuelo and León, in Spain.