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Author: Marie Fjällrot

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My first Transcom Experience, is my new Trans (com) family

I grew up in a small municipality in the south-east of Sweden. The population is about 30,000 spread out in a large area. It is a beautiful place during the summertime because of the proximity to the sea and the archipelago. But in the fall and late winter – not so beautiful. It is mostly dark and really cold because of the damp cold from the sea. During the fall and winter time you spend a lot of time talking on the phone with your friends, both because of the long distances but also because we don’t have to meet every day since, we have phones and (hopefully) good network coverage. And if it doesn’t work, we just call customer service. And now you probably wonder what we do when we don’t talk on the phone. I guess we are (like a lot of others) spending time with some of the most important people in our lives – our family!

I started working at Transcom AB in Stockholm as an HR-assistant in August. When I considered what to write in my first post for the Transcom blog (My Transcom Experience) I started to think about my hometown, which Transcom´s organization reminds me of in a way. 30,000 residents is comparable to the almost 30,000 employees working at Transcom. All employees are spread out in a (very) big area, and we spend a lot of time talking on the phone with each other and with other people, like supports, sales and not least customers. And we rely on the fact that Customer Service has to do an excellent job. And in the end we all belong to the same family.


And my Transcom experience so far is that Transcom as a workplace and as a “family” seems like a dynamic, encouraging and warm place where passion for your job is one of the keystones. It seems like people all over the world are proud to work for Transcom and that the company supports and challenges its employees in a really good way. And in an ever-changing business that needs to meet new challenges every day, innovation is extremely important. But here at Transcom, it is not just a word, it´s a way of working and living. And the beauty with a family is that a problem that can seem overwhelming when you are alone can be solved with a little passion and innovation together in the family. And that is definitely my Transcom experience and feeling about the Transcom-family during this time. There is always someone who can help you solve your problem. And during the problem-solving you have the possibility to talk to a “family-member” from another city or country or even another continent. That is excellence, innovation and passion together with bridge-building friendship and the result is a trans-national family (Transcom). So now when I don´t live in my hometown, close to my family I feel proud to be a part of the Transcom family!

Author: Anna Meijere

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Transcom reaches High Performance Benchmark on “Client Satisfaction with Customer Experience management”

Transcom regularly measures Client Satisfaction through online surveys. These surveys are based on COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center) principles, and quantify satisfaction across multiple entities and also give a total score for a client. Client representatives are asked to evaluate overall satisfaction and satisfaction with specific attributes. All managers in the client organization who have business-related contacts with Transcom are invited to participate.

For one of our telecom clients that I work with, I am happy to say that Transcom exceeded the target of 80% Top 2 Boxes (very satisfied and satisfied respondents, COPC High Performance Benchmark) for Customer Experience management. We track our average score in order to follow performance trends over time, and I am very proud with our positive development and the client satisfaction result achieved.

Improving performance in terms of Customer Experience management has both tangible and intangible benefits for Transcom, as our vision is to be recognized as a global leader in customer experience. This is why we strive to continuously improve. Each team develops action plans that are shared with the client in order to ensure full transparency regarding intended actions and to manage expectations for the future.

Author: Najla Jemel

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Transcom Awards in Tunis

One of the milestone events of the beginning of the year 2014 at Transcom Tunis was the grand challenge of TRANSCOM AWARDS 2013. It is a great opportunity for employees in general, especially those among them who showed an outstanding performance, to get credit for their efforts.

Nefzi Thouraya won first prize this time because she is professional, punctual, very helpful, and she also delivered good results during 2013. I’ve tried to summarize what she told me about the prize she received:

A mixture of feelings ranging from joy to pride rushed to Thouraya heart’s upon receiving the first prize: the value of it was undeniable since she was granted a weekend in Paris, but what touched her the most was the recognition.

July 7th was the day on which she departed for a weekend in Paris. She made it to PAVILLON MONCEAU Hotel, situated in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods, at 3 PM Since there is a lot to see and do in the charming French capital, Thouraya started right away, and by 4 PM she was ready to go on a tour in that attractive part of the city.

The following day’s excursions began at 7 AM with breakfast at one of the restaurants in the Opera Garnier neighborhood. She then decided to go on a proper sightseeing of Paris with the “batobus” which is a cruise that makes stops at the following places: the Champs Elysées, the Eiffel tower, the gardens of plants, Notre Dame, St Germain, and The Louvre.

The Louvre museum is a paramount tourist attraction, and she had the chance to visit it. It is one of the largest museums in the world with magnificent art, not least Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. As for the magnificent Eiffel tower, it’s unnecessary to go on describing it, it’s simply magical!

Thouraya chose to spend the third day of her stay visiting the Champs Elysées, connecting the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde. In a sentence, the most beautiful avenue on earth.

Nothing lasts forever, and it was time to say goodbye. The visit was too short, but fun and enriching with many memorable moments. Thouraya is thankful for the opportunity and the recognition, and also appreciates those who made her trip well-organized and enjoyable, including the receptionists at the hotel, who were very nice and of great help.



Author: Linnea Forslund

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My name is Linnea and I’m the value ambassador in Sweden for Passion, one of Transcom’s core values. I work at Transcom Stockholm as a product supervisor and trainer. Passion is what keeps me going and it’s a big part of my work. When you are committed and dedicated to your job, and I love my job – then passion comes naturally. To bring out the same feeling in my colleagues and those who work around me, my secret is to talk and have a good communication and to get everyone to be involved.

For me it doesn’t matter if you work as an agent, trainer, team leader or business manager – we all work together to give our clients’ customers the outstanding experiences they deserve. I like to always try new ways to connect with customers and to set goals that drive the support forward.

One of the things that motivates people the most is the feeling that they keep growing and progressing, both in regards to knowledge and personal development. If I manage to nurture that feeling in our new agents and keep it going, especially during those critical first weeks with the company, then Passion will keep us going forward!

Take your Passion and make it happen!


Author: Sebastian Norling Rauhala

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Transcom supports women’s shelter in Karlskoga

You have probaly heard about Transcom’s CSR program, Transcom Cares. One of the focus areas in this program is community engagement (the other two being people development and equality & diversity). At the Karlskoga site, we also try to contribute to the local community.

One of our employees really puts her heart into this: Gunsan Lundqvist Karlsson, Business Manager. Outside  of work she is the chairman of a non-profit organization that runs a local women’s shelter. Due to the shelter’s close proximity to the Karlskoga site, it was natural for Gunsan to initiate cooperation between Transcom and the shelter.


“I saw the need for clothes and everything else for them”, she says. ”There’s a constant queue at the shelter with women who just arrived and those who are about to leave to start a new life. And they often have their children with them.”

Women and children escaping from abusive relationships often arrive with no more than the clothes they have on their backs. So they are in need of both clothes, toys and furniture for their stay and their eventual move to a new place. Gunsan recently organized two evening events at the Karlskoga site exclusively for Transcom employees in order to give away clothes, toys, furnitures and other useful items. The result was above expectations. Another event will be organized before Christmas, but Gunsan is always available to accept give-aways. When we met her a while ago, she had recently been given three bags with things that will surely make life at the shelter a lot easier.


“One time, there was a woman who was on her way to move to a virtually empty apartment. But before that we were able to collect all the things she needed from the people here. And she was so grateful for it”, says Gunsan.

Gunsan, who has a background in politics and the Swedish organization Brottsofferjouren, says that women applying for asylum are also welcome to pick up things from the shelter. She also tells us that a couple of our employees will work as volunteers at the shelter in the future.

Transcom cares, and we care a lot!

Transcom Cares

Author: Sebastian Norling Rauhala

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Making a career at Transcom

As mentioned in earlier posts, Transcom is one of the largest employers in Karlskoga, Sweden and often one of the first work experiences for many young adults there. It’s a nervous and, at the same time, anticipative feeling when you swipe your keycard at the front door, go through the hallway and enter the site. And then your journey at Transcom can take any direction, depending on what you want and what you contribute to the company and its clients.

A perfect example is my colleague Linda Jansson. She started as a retail support agent for one of our clients, a major telco in Sweden. Later on, she advanced to become head of quality assurance for the sound files recorded by our client’s telemarketing salespeople. Noticing her teaching skills, our business manager soon appointed her as trainer, both for our new employees and our regular agents, on how we give the best support to our client’s retailers. Now, what could possibly be the next step for Linda in her aspiring career at Transcom? That would probably be when the Swedish management team voted for her as one of Transcom’s value ambassadors.


As you can see, the career opportunities at Transcom are many and varied. Take the chance whenever it appears or create it yourself. Linda will also contribute with her story in future blog entries, so stay tuned.