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Author: Martijn Steenbergen

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Cooperative recruitment event with Transcom and Unique

On Monday the 3rd of August, Transcom Netherlands and Unique attended a business fair. Unique is our inhouse recruitment agency. Together with them we organized an information event for new students in Groningen. Every new academic year, there is a week full of activities for new students to get to know Groningen. This is a perfect time to promote Transcom, the work we do and to recruit new potentials.

To make it even more attractive, we arranged a competition. Every new student who signed in also joined the competition. Three of them had the chance to win an Ipad. This was a great success because a lot people were searching for an interesting job and left their personal data.

A few weeks later, we were able to announce the winners and made them happy with a new Ipad. We now have a lot of potential new colleagues to fill open positions for several clients!

ipad1 ipad2 ipad3

Author: Martijn Steenbergen

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Transcom Netherlands collects old devices disassembled for reuse to support disabled people

Some of our employees at Transcom Groningen turned out to be kitchen wizards this summer. They participated in a pie baking competition that they organized themselves. Colleagues who were less useful in the kitchen could join too. Pieces of the pies were sold for only € 1. Thanks to the efforts of the cake bakers and other generous colleagues, 154 euros were raised.

Transcom Netherlands wants to give more attention to activities related to people whith mental or physical disabilities. The pie baking competition is part of an event for ‘Resaikelfabriek’. This is a manufacturer where people with mental disabilities dismantle old electrical appliances for reuse as a daytime activity. Two interns at Transcom Groningen organized a fundraiser. They asked all colleagues to join the event or support it. Until now, five full containers with old devices have been sent to ‘the Resaikelfabriek’. The campaign will run until October.

resaikel resaikel2 resaikel3 resaikel4



Author: Joseph Roc

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Celebrating three years of providing quality childcare to our employees

The Transcom Child Care Center recently celebrated its third anniversary with a party for our children and their parents. The day care center was established to help our employees, especially single parents, by looking after their children while they work.

In accordance with the theme of “Family”, we invited one of our employees to share with the children the nature of their parents’ work during the “My Call Center Experience” presentation. The highlight of the event was a talent contest in which both the parents and their children participated.


Benefits of Day Care

As we celebrate three years of providing quality assistance and a child-friendly environment, we asked our married and single-parent employees to share how the Transcom Child Care Center has helped them through the years.

Sarahlyn Baliad used to bring her three kids to work since they don’t have a nanny. After being exposed to other kids, Sarahlyn’s kids met new friends and found the day care center to be an environment conducive to learning, quite different from the outside. “They learned how to value friendship”, she shared. This was the first time that she was able to bring her kids to work. She did this to help them understand what she is doing  for a living.

Christine Alvarez reminisces how “it tugs at the heartstrings to see how confident and vibrant these well-cared-for children have grown. They could have just been left at home fiddling with whatever technological gadget money can buy and not be as people-oriented as they are now. This can be attributed to how the Day Care Center partnered with us working parents in raising them.”

Originally planned to be open for six months only, the Child Care Center operations were eventually made permanent due to outstanding support from both the Management and employees. To this day, it is the only facility of its kind inside a BPO in the Philippines.

Photos from our event can be accessed at our official Facebook page.

Author: Siva Subramaniam

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Transcom Philippines celebrates ten years of creating outstanding customer experiences

Transcom Worldwide Philippines Inc. started back in 2004 through Nucomm International with less than 100 staff. Nucomm International was a Canadian consulting company which was acquired by Transcom in 2007. Since then, we have soared towards growth and success. The growth of Transcom Philippines was accelerated due to the influx of new clients and the availability of financial resources to match that growth. In 2009, our capacity doubled with the opening of two new sites in Iloilo and Bacolod.

Another landmark that launched in the same year was Transcom Cares, our corporate social responsibility program. During the aptly titled Project ONE, Transcom employees cooked food and conducted Sunday school for the less fortunate children in Manila. Aside from conducting feeding programs, donation drives, tree planting activities, and other community-based livelihood help, Transcom Cares built a child care center to accommodate the children of Transcom employees, especially the single parents.

The Child Care Center formally started its operations in 2011. Originally, it was planned to be open for six months only.  Skilled caretakers ensure that the children are safe while their parents work during shifts. It was eventually made permanent due to the overwhelming support from both the management and employees who are parents. To this day, it is the only facility of its kind inside a BPO in the country.

With the influx of clients and the need to provide more jobs to Filipinos, we opened another site in Mandaluyong in 2012. In November 2013, we celebrated a global milestone when Transcom Cares was broadened in scope and turned into a global program in order to provide strengthened governance and coordination for all Transcom’s CSR focus areas: people development, equality & diversity and community engagement.

With our five sites, strategically located in the cities of Pasig, Mandaluyong, Bacolod and IloIlo, Transcom celebrates ten years of pride and excellence on September 2014.

As part of celebrating ten glorious years of Transcom in the Philippines, we had simultaneous grand events happening in all our locations wherein our employees were treated to generous food, performances from the best dance groups and musical acts. In addition, we invited 65 of our global leaders to experience first-hand, the world-famous brand of Filipino hospitality and entertainment.

We remain committed to our unique focus in creating experiences that deeply engage our clients, customers, employees and our community. We dedicate these ten years of creating premier customer experiences with a smile to our employees, who have made all this possible through their hard work, commitment and dedication. And with this commitment, we celebrate the rapid growth of our presence in the Philippines, now counting almost 10,000 employees.

Author: Alan Girón

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Celebrating Fiestas Patrias at Transcom Lima

On July 28 and 29, Independence celebrations were held in Peru and we decided to decorate our Lima center in red and white, the colors of our national flag, and organize “Entonándole al Peru” a singing and dancing contest among all the employees. We encouraged our employees to participate with Peruvian songs and dances.

Welcoming to the celebration of Fiestas Patrias in Transcom Lima

We enjoyed of a very animated competition! The seven participants in the singing category delighted us with folk music, the rhythm of the guitar and the typical peruvian “cajon”. Finally, our undisputed winner was Lizbeth Vilchez who sang the theme “Our secret”, an  iconic and classic peruvian waltz, a 30 year-old song but timeless.

Fiestas Patrias in Transcom Peru

In the category of dance presentations, we had three groups and two people who danced individually. Among them we saw “Huaylas moderno”, a nice Andean traditional dance; we also saw the dance of Anaconda, which comes from the Forest and the “Festejo”, Afro-Peruvian dance, which ultimately won the contest, represented by our agent: Alfonso Mori.

We also conducted our classic decoration contest. We were pleasantly surprised by three types of decorations: From the coast, we were surprised by the famous “tapadas limeñas”, traditional clothes for women, some “sailor dances”, with Pisco and rice pudding tasting. From “La Sierra”, the mountain area of Peru, other teams showed its typical clothing: skirts and “chullos”, caps, made of splendid fabrics; we were delighted by corn and cheese tasting and we danced to the beat of classic “huaynos serranos”. Last but not least we were introduced to the Jungle, with typical dances and tasting of “juanes”, a traditional Peruvian dish, and fried banana.

Typical Peruvian food

There is no doubt that our team exceeded the expectations in every way this year. Our employees worked on the event for several weeks, putting a big effort into their presentations.

Upon completion of the activities, we all enjoyed a delicious lunch, pleased to have spent a great day of friendship.