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Author: Marcos Tercero

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Transcom invited to participate in AENOR’s event in Lima

Transcom was invited to participate in the presentation event of the standard UNE-EN 15838, organized by AENOR in Lima, Peru, in order to promote the cited standard of quality, specific for contact centers.

The standard UNE EN 15838 Customer Contact Center – Requirements for the provision of the service, is the adaptation of M/378 of the European Union mandate, which emerged with the aim to provide criteria regarding the quality of the service delivered to customers by contact centers. It is a voluntary standard, which specifies the requirements for contact centers to qualify for UNE EN 15838.

Both Alejandro Menjura, as Transcom’s Regional Director for Latin America and myself, as responsible for Performance and Quality of Transcom Iberia and Latam, were invited to participate and share our experience, focusing our presentation on the process of certification of our site in Lima.Transcom participating in AENOR's event

To do this we discussed the trajectory of Transcom with the UNE-EN 15838: the first organization in Spain to be certified, the first organization to have two sites in Spain qualify for certification, and the first organization to develop a certification project in Latin America.

Moreover, we also explained how the standard has helped us strengthen the management foundations of our Lima center:

  • The diversity of customers (offshore and local) makes the standardization relevant in the context of ensuring high quality even in moments of rapid growth of the center.
  • Strengthens Transcom’s capability as a global provider: harmonized service platforms, yet regionally differentiated.
  • Provides local, near shore and offshore services with high-quality standards.
  • Introduction of the standard UNE-EN 15838 in Latin America. Transcom, in conjunction with AENOR and other organizations of the contact center sector, is a member of the standard-setting committees of ISO

Finally, the session ended with an introduction to the certification process, and the key challenges that the contact centers have to face to adapt their processes to the requirements of the standard.

Author: Asta Ivanickiene

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Transcom cares in Lithuania – attitude makes the difference

Transcom Lithuania has joined a professional volunteering initiative called “Kam To Reikia?!” (“Who needs it?!), aiming to help students understand the value the subjects they study at school will have in their future life thereby increasing their motivation to study and assisting them in choosing a career path.

There is a significant gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. This initiative helps in bridging those seemingly separate areas into something the students can understand and own. Through giving lessons at school and inviting students for shadowing, we try to show students the meaning of studying through real-life examples, explaining how knowledge gained in school can be applied in daily processes at work.

But it’s not only about the knowledge. During the lessons, we discuss different ways of preparing for their career while still being a student. Mainly, we speak about recruitment process and competencies, with a special emphasis on attitude, which is often overlooked by young people.


Transcom is a company that often values willingness to learn, potential, positivity and other traits more than professional skills. This is very important to young people who want to start their career, but don’t have any experience. That is where attitude becomes crucial and that’s exactly the message we try to convey to students – it’s not always about what you know or can do, but rather who you are and what you want to do.

By shadowing at Transcom, students experience a day at a contact center. They get to experience our environment, speak to our people and gain firsthand knowledge of what is required to become part of our team. We show them our “real-life” picture and it’s a great pleasure that, by the time they’re leaving, many of them promise that when they start looking for their first job – Transcom will definitely be the first on their list.

It is very satisfying to connect with young people and feel that we are making a difference in their lives.

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Author: Álvaro Vázquez

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Transcom Spain explores Customer Experience together with our clients

At Transcom’s site in Madrid, we wanted to deepen the relationship with our clients and demonstrate our knowledge within customer experience and the value-added services that we can offer. Therefore, we recently launched “Customer Experience Workshops” as an attempt to model and simulate the emotional customer journey for one of our largest clients in the financial sector.

Customer experience is an interactive process between a brand and a person. The experience evolves through the different contact points that connect them. Some of these points are under the direct control of the organization, while others are not. Customer experience includes all the different stages of the relationship. From brand awareness to the final recommendation made by a satisfied customer, through to the purchase decision and the use of the product or service. But the customer experience goes far beyond all these moments. It has to do with emotions, with how the customer feels when interacting with our organization. (Read more about Customer Experience in our Annual Report 2013).

However, in many companies, customer experience management is still an underdeveloped area. Companies need a profound transformation involving all business areas: from strategy, internal culture, to the management of people, as well as the design and management of internal processes, the relationship with suppliers and partners, and above all, a deep knowledge and understanding of their customers’ needs and behavior.

Transcom Atica Customer Experience workshopThis is why we decided to take the initiative and explore together with our clients what their customers’ emotional journey looks like and what improvements they can make in order to provide an outstanding experience.

How do we perform?
We decided to define a map of customer experience as a tool to illustrate the full experience (all possible interactions and touch points) that a person can have with a brand. The Experience Map is based on analyzing the customer experience and comparing customer expectations with the perceived experience.

A team including agents and members of the service structure met with the Contact Center Manager, Operations Management, BST, Account Manager, Quality and Training staff  and analyzed the customer’s lifecycle by listening to a number of calls.

Transcom Workshop Customer Experience in action

All the comments made by the client and the expectations generated by the agent to solve the problem were identified. We created “emotional clouds” that would help us to define positive or negative trends that would shape the different “moments of truth” during the phone call where we had the opportunity to change this trend.

While analyzing the final map and the different moments of truth that we identified, we detected two possible ways to improve the experience. “Direct solutions”, where our client is the “owner”, and “operational solutions”, referring to services mainly carried out by the agents.

As a result of the Customer Experience Workshop, Transcom was able to provide our client with a new vision and innovative solutions that can improve their customers’ experience, leading to higher loyalty and increased sales.

Author: Johan Eriksson

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Transcom’s Q3 2014 results

This morning, we released our interim report for Q3 and the first nine months of 2014.

I am pleased with the significant margin improvement. We are continuing to execute on our key priorities, and remain focused on further enhancing our profitability.

These are the key highlights of our report:

  • EBIT margin in the core CRM business improved by 0.9 percentage points in Q3 2014, from 2.6% to 3.5%
  • Performance improvements in the North Europe, North America & Asia Pacific and Central & South Europe regions
  • Performance in the Iberia & Latam region has improved compared to Q2 2014, and is expected to continue improving in the next quarters
  • Divestment of CMS Austria completes the strategic review of Transcom’s CMS business unit.

Feel free to have a look at the presentation below, or contact me directly with any questions.

Author: Anis Garbaya

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Transcom Tunis : Enabling People to thrive

Technology doesn’t change the world, people do… Considering human sustainability as one of our strategic goals, Transcom Tunis is putting together a set of different contextual features to increase the potential of people to thrive, enabling decision making discretion, providing information about the company, giving performance feedback and creating a climate that promotes diversity.

In this context and together with one of Transcom Tunis partners we recently took the opportunity to celebrate the promotion from within the same Business unit of 11 employees to different support staff positions including Team leaders and Business managers.

A special thank you to the EMEA Customer Support Director and Global partner manager for the visit to our Tunis site and their active support in celebrating this event with us. They were very welcomed by the local team, always very happy to receive these visits from our partner.

Best wishes for continued success…paypal cer 001paypal cer 006

Author: Eszter Berze

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Partnering with a client to expand in new markets in Asia

For some years now Transcom Budapest has been providing customer service for one of Europe’s top online travel agents.
A highly specialized team offers assistance in 12 languages to the travellers who use our client’s services.


The online travel agency in question is expanding rapidly and Transcom continues to be its partner in a joint growth effort to conquer new markets. This time we are headed eastwards, working in a language that is unusual to say the least: Bahasa, the most widespread of the various dialects spoken in Indonesia, but almost completely unknown in Europe.

Starting in July, this niche service is being provided by our site in Budapest after a careful scouting and selection process performed on a joint basis with our client.


This marks the start of our ambitious client’s peaceful invasion of the Far East, with the unconditional support of Transcom and the passion of our people for new adventures.

I also invite you to read this post to know more about this successful multi-language project