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Author: Giuseppe Bertini

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Transcom Cares supports a fundraising project to bring L’Aquila back to life

On April 6, 2009 a powerful earthquake struck the town of L’Aquila in Italy and the surrounding areas. Five years have passed and though a lot has been done to improve the quality of life of those who survived, there is still so much to do to bring this city back to life.

Transcom Italy has one of its operating sites in L’Aquila and we recently produced a video to let everybody know what L’Aquila looks like today, with the objective of supporting the non-profit Association “Forza L’Aquila” in raising funds that will be dedicated to restoration and regeneration projects.

Our goal is to promote this collection throughout the world and online in order to make a concrete step towards full reconstruction, with special attention to the quality of life for the younger generations living in L’Aquila.

As part of Transcom Cares, Transcom’s global CSR program, we intend to play an active role in this fund raising project, starting with promoting it within our Transcom community, made up of 29,000 people working at 57 contact centers in the world, their families and friends, and a significant number of business partners, clients, suppliers and all those willing to contribute.

Everybody can easily make a real difference and help, even by only promoting this initiative and video on your website and social media to exploit the viral power of the Internet for a very good cause.

This initiative has been sponsored by the Italian Red Cross together with all local government authorities (Abruzzo Region, Province and City of L’Aquila).

Nido Aquila IBAN

From time to time we will provide updates on this blog about the amount of money raised through this project and will give evidence of its actual final destination in the restoration of L’Aquila.

Donate & Promote

Beyond the traditional donations through money transfer – that are obviously the most appreciated and valuable ones – there is a zero-cost and effortless donation that everyone can easily make (and repeat) at any time, through  This donation is simple, fast and costless: after registration, users choose the charity to which they will donate a few seconds of their time (Forza L’Aquila is our project’s charity organization), then view an ad and, in this way, allow to channel to the money raised from advertising companies to charities. Users can check in real time the amount of their donations and share news and favorite charitable projects with their friends to increase the number of views and related donations. It’s really easy to rapidly increase the sum raised. Today, only a few months after our first presentation of this video to our personnel in Transcom L’Aquila, we have already collected over 10,000 Euros!

So please, watch our video, donate and promote! 

Author: Eimantas Liutkevicius

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Transcom Lithuania celebrates the annual Team Leader offsite

The Team Leader Offsite is an annual event where all Lithuanian Team Leaders and Quality Specialists meet in order to strengthen the bond with Transcom, to get a deeper understanding of our company and the customer service business and of course, to get to know each other.


This year we traveled to a leisure and business club outside Trakai, a popular lake resort in Lithuania. The topic of the day was “Get to know One Transcom” which was inspired by the vision of the company. All Team Leaders and Quality Specialists had to prepare a presentation about the project they work in, describing:

  1. The main KPIs and best practices in their project
  2. Their main challenges and opportunities
  3. The people on the team

The presentation could be done in any format, such as video, acting, Power Point presentation, etc. As Team Leaders and Quality Specialists usually don’t know their colleagues from other projects that well, we wanted this to be an informative team building activity.


Team Leader Offsite 2014 was also special because the Human Resource (HR) department participated in the event. This definitely helped Team Leaders and Quality Specialists to be more involved and get a deeper understanding of the HR team’s crucial role in Transcom’s daily business.


Getting to know each other better was only the first task of the day and soon enough the whole team headed to prepare for the second part of the day: workshops. The team was given eight topics to brainstorm and provide ideas about;  Attrition, Hiring Process Improvement, Team Leader Selection, Team Leader Training Package, Self-motivation, Transcom Brand Awareness, Transcom Events and Office Branding Ideas.  The team really rose to the challenge and provided valuable insights and ideas on how these important and often overlooked issues can be solved. Moreover, Team Leaders and Quality Specialist will now organize teams not only to provide the ideas, but also to be responsible to bring them to life in Transcom’s daily operations.

The main goal of Transcom Lithuania’s Team Leader Offsite is to form a team of involved, active and empowered employees and therefore it is a pleasure to see this ultimate target achieved!


The world’s leading eyewear brand chooses Transcom to set its sights on the future

At the end of a tender process that involved the world’s top players in the contact center industry, the company that represents Italian global excellence in the eyewear sector has chosen Transcom to manage its customer service for online clients of all nationalities. Transcom successfully offered the best response to the Client’s requirements and proposed the technology best suited to the task.

Transcom didn’t stop at offering the classic contact center service, but proposed a fully integrated and highly innovative multi-channel, multi-language solution to satisfy the needs of the global eyewear manufacturer. Calls, chat, email and, most importantly, social network channel management will be used to support customers of the group’s best-known brand and one of the most famous names in eyewear worldwide, which has now decided to enter the online market in Europe by developing a product configuration and e-commerce website.

Occhiali Luxottica

Transcom beat the competition in this technology challenge because our people make the difference and can transform a simple slogan into real added value for clients in the form of a Customer Experience that begins with the very first approach. This highly innovative service will be provided from one of Europe’s most promising geographical regions, Poland, and more precisely Gdansk, an area that is attracting more and more business because it offers high quality multi-language services at competitive prices.

Customer service will be available straightaway in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Turkish, with Spanish and Portuguese to be added shortly.

Transcom will combine Polish operating excellence with advanced technology that also manages social networks and will pioneer the innovative services the market is increasingly demanding. Project technology development and governance activities will be performed in Italy, with a view to achieving perfect harmony and synergy between Transcom sites in Central and Southern Europe.

I am personally grateful to our Team, who has achieved this major commercial success by focusing on innovation and on the quality of the services provided by our sites in order to establish an international partnership with one of the world’s leading eyewear brands. The market is responding in a very positive way to the innovative solutions proposed by Transcom. We are continuing to invest in the development of new tools, solutions and processes that enhance the value of all the technologies available today, in order to offer our clients the highest possible level of customer experience.

Author: Jason Lock

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Transcom Philippines supports Philippine Rugby Football Union’s Goal to Success!

Transcom Philippines officially announces its partnership and support of the Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU), the country’s official governing body of the sport of rugby. This partnership aims to foster better support of the Philippine National Team and help fortify its competitive spot in this exciting sport. In addition, this partnership helps in advocating the teaching of rugby as a sport to Filipinos. On August 19, 2014, official PRFU jersey has been unveiled, as the symbol of the strengthening partnership between Transcom and PRFU.

In the Philippines, Transcom has five (5) sites, strategically located in the cities of Pasig, Mandaluyong, Bacolod and IloIlo. Celebrating 10 years of pride and excellence on September 2014, Transcom remains committed in its unique focus on creating experiences that deeply engage our customers, clients, employees and our community. And with this commitment, we celebrate the tantamount growth of our presence in the Philippines, counting almost ten thousand employees.


Presenting the Transcom jersey is Regional Chief Operations Officer, Jason Lock. Joining him [from L-R] are: Jason Lynch (Volcanoes), Jovic Paypon (NDT), Dino Gonzales (NDT), Lito Ramirez (NDT), Jay Coronel Jr. (NDT), Manny Olondriz (NDT), Kit Guerra IV (NDT), Chris Anderson (NDT), Coach David Johnston, Coach Peter Wright, Glenn Denton (NDT), Chris Hettle (NDT), Jake Letts (Volcanoes), Chris Everingham (Volcanoes), Kenny Stern (Volcanoes) and Robbie Jones (Volcanoes)

During the Philippine Rugby Football Union’s (PRFU) formation in 1999, the sport of rugby was being played in the Philippines predominantly by foreign expatriates. Now, as they call themselves the “Philippine Volcanoes, the National Team takes pride in competing with 100% Filipino heritage players, winning several internationally recognized and sanctioned competitions.

Author: Christer Karlsson

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How Transcom Sweden developed a successful chat service for one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers in Europe

Transcom’s client is one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers in Europe and we have provided customer care services and support for this company for ten years. Our client offers mobile voice messaging and handset data, mobile broadband, business to business, fixed voice and broadband and machine to machine services.  We deliver customer service to the client’s customers in several European markets.

As each market has its own characteristics, communication channels and volumes vary from country to country. In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for non-voice services, we currently use chat as a customer care channel for this particular client in two countries.




Since 2010 the partnership with Transcom is based on the principles of COPC (a global performance management system for the customer service industry) and we use this standard to measure and manage Customer Satisfaction through improved quality and service.

As both Transcom and our client focus on delivering outstanding customer experience, it was mutually agreed that the End User Feedback Overall Satisfaction (OSAT) target from October 2013 would be 85% (COPC High Performing Benchmark). End User (EU) Feedback measurements started in the middle of 2009. Each survey starts with an overall satisfaction question. The measurement is collected mostly after the call for voice contacts. For non-voice contacts, data is collected using a web survey.

Prior to 2012, the chat channel in Sweden consisted of a few agents. During the summer of 2012 a decision was made to increase the volume and extensive marketing of this channel and several “traffic shaping” activities started. By then, both our client as well as our team were quite inexperienced with the chat channel and what to expect when volumes increased. Therefore we spent a lot of time discussing the following issues:

  • How to manage customer expectations through chat?
  • What reports were needed?
  • How to do accurate forecasting?
  • How should we properly train agents?

Through an extensive partnership with the client, and by using the expertise from other Transcom customer experience specialist around the world, we have managed to turn the channel into a great experience both from an agent, client as well as a customer perspective.

Today, we have 90 agents in Sweden exclusively trained to deliver non-voice services for our client. Each month, the team handles approximately 35 000 customer interactions and spend 12,000 hours to service this channel. In average, an agent communicates with 2-2.5 customers at the same time.

During the second quarter of 2014, the EU Feedback result exceeded COPC High Performing Benchmark with an average of 87% and the chat service is now our best performing channel!

With the experience we have gained during the last two years, Transcom Sweden is well-prepared to maintain the levels achieved, monitor, improve and innovate this non-voice service for our client in order to meet the growing demand from customers who prefer to use chat and social media to communicate.