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Author: Eimantas Liutkevicius

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Transcom Lithuania’s employer branding initiative awarded 2nd place in national HR competition

Every year the Lithuanian HR association invites companies to share their best practices for employee motivation, engagement and loyalty that create additional and add significant value to their business. This annual event is a great opportunity to gain insights in the practices that has proven to be successful in other companies as well as share to our own successes at Transcom Lithuania. But– it is also a friendly competition for companies that have developed successful and innovative ways to improve motivation and engagement


This year Transcom Lithuania decided to participate in the contest and tell more about our own successful employer branding initiative that we call Quality Month.

Our Annual Quality Month is a great experience for every employee of Transcom that combines a fun and result driven environment with discussions about Transcom’s values. It is a great opportunity to feel the thrilling excitement of competing not only with your friends, but also with co-workers from other projects from all over the country, reaching a higher result. All these activities then culminate in the most popular event of the year –the Quality Month Cup, where each employee has the chance of winning first prize. The winner is usually selected via a vote of a committee made up from local management members.

The contest itself differs year by year and this year the theme of the Quality Month was “Transcom World”. We prepared a map with locations of all Transcom sites marked on it and each team was then randomly assigned a Transcom site. Every week teams received points according to how good they did on their KPI targets. Each week the teams also had additional assignments; to create their own contact centre logo, their own mission and vision, to make a regional analysis in terms of the regional call centre market, to prepare a proposal to a potential customer etc.

By using their earned points, the teams were able to buy areas of the world map, and “expand their base of clients” or market. The team that had most territory after a month won the campaign.


Outstanding customer experience can only be achieved through engaged and highly motivated employees and Transcom’s Quality Month has a proven track record of getting it done. It is for these particular reasons that our Quality Month was awarded 2nd place in the Lithuanian HR association’s national Best Practice competition!

It’s a great pleasure to be noticed and awarded, but most of all we hope that our competitors learned something valuable from us as well, because we found their ideas and practices very useful and inspirational.  It is all about sharing, but it’s also great to deliver an employer branding initiative that is ranked so high!

Author: Magdalena Derek

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Transcom Germany’s expertise contributed to keeping client’s customer satisfaction at top levels for 16 months

One of Europe’s fastest growing telecom operators has been a client at Transcom for more than ten years. We serve this client in several European markets, each of which has its own characteristics. Over the years, the telecom operator has undergone a transformation to become a mobile service provider. Since 2010, the partnership with Transcom has been based on the principles of COPC, with the goal of improving customer satisfaction by offering better quality and service.

Since January 2013, Transcom Germany has achieved and in certain months exceeded our client’s End User Overall Satisfaction target of 85% .

OPERATIONS Tele2 Germany team

Key success factors for maintaining customer satisfaction at top levels for 16 months

  • Client focus on areas identified by End Users as unsatisfactory are modified to improve satisfaction
  • A change in the mindset of middle managers and team leaders who have now become customer satisfaction management experts
  • Agent soft skill training (i.e. how to “sell” bad news in the best possible way
  • Regular individual coaching for agents

In the light of the positive results achieved and the experience gained, Transcom Germany is in a good position to maintain the levels it has achieved by monitoring and improving all underlying client support factors, ensuring that our team continues to receive high satisfaction ratings from our client’s customers.

Transcom Philippines wins 2014 Frost & Sullivan Excellence Leadership Award

Another proud moment for Transcom Philippines for being the winner of 2014 Frost & Sullivan Philippines Contact Center Outsourcing Growth Excellence Leadership Award!

The Philippines Excellence Awards – now on its fourth consecutive year – recognize companies and individuals who have continuously brought exemplary efforts and performance, set best practices and excellent results in their respective industries.

Transcom Philippines wins the Frost&Sullivan award

Each nominee has been measured on their revenue, customer growth, spread of solutions and service diversification, size of operations, strategic initiatives, and competitiveness in the market, product differentiation and innovation.  Frost & Sullivan based their decision on extensive research, in-depth interviews and documented response about Transcom and our competencies.

Apart from sharing information about the types of support we provide, our size, revenue, vast growth, etc., we were given the opportunity to showcase our innovative ideas and customer experience initiatives which raised the bar in terms of Customer Engagement and Partnership. We took great pride in presenting the process improvement and value-add initiatives we’ve done through our Customer Experience Management team, such as the Knowledge base (that we presented in a previous post), social media and the positive results those innovations brought to our clients and partners.

Transcom Philippines wins the Frost&Sullivan award_2


The award was accepted on July 17, 2014 by Mark Lyndsell and Michael Sendall, who both are Vice President for Client Delivery in their respective region of support at Transcom.

It was indeed a remarkable event that has become a testament of the core of Transcom’s mission as global customer experience specialist. This just solidified our continuous efforts in achieving excellence and innovation through creative ideas from our team’s collaboration, executed in a seamless fashion.

This award was made possible by our people, who are and will continue to be our differentiator!

Contact center service quality in Europe; a standard Transcom’s quality team promoted and helped to define

When tackling the subject of contact center quality, national and European standards provide the benchmark for ensuring that users receive the best customer experience. The standards UNI 11200 and EN 15838 published in 2010 set out the requirements of call centers and establish transparency, consistency with service goals, expertise, continuity of assistance and technology as the criteria to ensure that a service satisfies users’ real needs.

The standard outlines a series of requirements that define Call Center Quality consistently throughout Europe. These strategic, organizational and operating requirements affect all aspects of a Call Center structure and the services it offers, from communication policy to role definition and internal organization, from the selection and training of resources to rules of professional conduct and social responsibility, and from claim management to customer satisfaction.



I am proud to have played a leading role in defining and drafting the standards, and I can say that this experience is of great value in my present role as Total Quality Manager at Transcom Italy. It all started in 2005, when – having gained several years of experience in the area of quality and operating processes – I was asked to participate in a project to develop an Italian national standard for the Call Center sector. As France already had begun to draw up a national standard they intended to submit to CEN (the European Standards Entity), meant that we had to move quickly if we wanted to play a leading role in this Europe-wide project ourselves. Together with a working group consisting of myself representing outsourced Call Centers, representatives from in-house Call Centers as Telecom, Poste etc., and people from various consumer associations, we managed to set up the national standard, UNI 11200:2006 in record-breaking nine months.

Once we presented our standard to CEN in order to participate in the European project, I had the honor of representing the entire Italian Call Center sector. The European project took three years to complete, (which is average for CEN), and was monitored by representatives from various countries as Italy, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway who together defined the structure of standard EN 15838:2009. Italy was very active in the project, as is demonstrated by the fact that the new European standard adopted numerous aspects of UNI 11200.

Although several years have passed since the publication of the European standard, the call center sector still uses it as a benchmark.  For example, there was recently a workshop held in Milan on the subject of UNI11200/EN15838. The comprehensiveness and level of details of these standards make them an extremely powerful tool that call centers can use to drastically improve the quality of the services they offer.

In Transcom, many of the contracts we manage make explicit reference to these standards, which are stipulated with increasing frequency by companies and clients as tender specification requirements. And then, of course, offering excellent quality of service is a fundamental aspect of our company mission: we want to ensure that consumers and users receive the best possible customer experience.

Author: Agustín Romero

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Delivering the best customer experience through social media channels

At Transcom Isla Sicilia in Spain, our social media customer service team just celebrated its second anniversary.

The department’s main priority is to monitor and address all queries and mentions regarding our clients that customers communicate on platforms as Twitter and Facebook.

We interact with the active social media users which submit all kind of questions: ranging from queries about products and services, to specific suggestions or claims to which we offer personalized attention.

The priority is to listen to the users, help them, and build a trustworthy relationship. Especially in critical cases, where we derive the conversation to an email addressed to the department in order to acquire more information and to guarantee the customer’s data privacy. All responses are coordinated within various internal departments that help us to prepare the accurate answer for the proposed consultation. We also have a toll free number to handle those cases requiring a more detailed treatment.

Social media team Isla Sicilia

Our team is overseen by our client’s community manager, who has established our service’s guidelines. Hand by hand, we keep on working to strengthen our client’s image by caring for their customers in the social media landscape.

Recently, we received the following acknowledgement from our client:

“It has been about two years now, which can either be a long or a short time, but you are performing above any community managers in charge of a customer service. It’s thanks to Transcom’s good work that our social media service has become the industry’s benchmark it is, and I’m proud of saying so every chance I get.

Congratulations and a sincere thank you for the work you do!”

For our part we cannot go without thanking our clients for their trust and continuous encouragement, which for us are the best rewards.

Author: Bob Milne

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Transcom celebrates agent success in San Antonio

Over the past two months the Transcom team in San Antonio, Texas has had the great pleasure of taking part in celebrating agent success.

For a site that’s been open since 2009, and which experienced significant client transitions during the first two years, we are incredibly fortunate to have so many tenured individuals with the organization. Of the approximately 400 agents within the site, four individuals have been with Transcom for more than four years; ten have been with the team for three full years; and another 40 more will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary with Transcom in 2014.

The entire site celebrated in style, with cake and balloons, while the agents who celebrated anniversary dates in May were awarded certificates recognizing their achievement.

June Anniversary

In San Antonio, as in any contact center, the value of tenured agents is seen in their impact on site morale, individual and team performance, as well as reduced training cost for Transcom.

At the end of the day, Michael Moxley (Director of Client Services) points out:

”Happy employees deliver happy customers, who deliver happy clients.”