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Author: Siva Subramaniam

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Keeping the spirit of volunteerism alive – Transcom Cares plants mangrove trees in the Philippines

In July 2014, Transcom Cares in the Philippines held it’s very first out of town event in a quiet little seaside village south of Manila. The activity was to plant a thousand seeds of mangrove trees in a marine sanctuary located outside the town and just a few meters from the shoreline.Transcom Cares Mangrove Three Planting Activity_Collage2

Guided by the community leaders and the local environmental agency, our volunteers waded through knee-deep and muddy seawater. Despite the mid-morning heat and rising tide, the event was a success with everyone learning more about our conserving our environment. As a token of gratitude we gave shirts to our 45 volunteers and had a simple lunch by the sea.

Let me share some testimonials from volunteers who participated in the planting this long lasting legacy.

“All of us had a good time not just in strengthening our bond as a company, but as well as in learning how to become more responsible stewards of our environment.” – Sister Gem, Organizer

“Planting mangrove seeds is a tedious task, nevertheless it was very memorable because I learned more about our environment and how to take care of it. I was able to make new friends as well.” – Dianaross dela Cruz, Customer Service Agent

“I have been with Transcom for 8 years now. There was a sense of fulfilment to think that we assisted in planting the mangrove trees that would help protect the shoreline in the future. I am looking forward to join more of these activities.” – Jaye-R Alfiler, Process Improvement Analyst

“Amidst all we find comfort, knowing that what we are taking part of building relationships not only with our clients, locals, and friends but also with nature. It was really a pleasure to be part of this activity and I truly appreciate Transcom for empowering its employees to become vanguards for sustainable development for the environment. The activity was a testament that things can be done easier together. Happiness is felt best when shared when you’re #TranscomHappy.” – Joerns R. Nalam, Quality Assurance Analyst

“It was a great opportunity to help our environment and contribute to the community. Being a volunteer was a rewarding thing to do.  Meeting different people to help hand in hand on a specific project like Mangroves planting may complete your personality as a person.” – Nella Bustria, Team Leader

“Everything was full of fun. There was great Camaraderie among the Volunteers, Team Work that was developed, and the whole experience that can’t take away from us.” – Rodrigo Pineda, Customer Relations

Transcom Cares Mangrove Three Planting Activity_4

Author: Christian Hultén

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From Contact Center to Engagement Center

The contact center industry has over the past 20 years gone through some significant changes and developments. Many of us have experienced, and been part of, the introduction of new tools, processes, methods and standards that have both responded to changes in customer communication trends and at the same time influenced the entire end-user interaction landscape as well as corporate customer communication strategies globally.

We have seen the transition from cost center to profit center, the spread of process optimization, multichannel integration, workforce management applications, quality monitoring tools, industrial improvement methodologies, various performance management frameworks, Six Sigma, Lean, virtual contact centers, COPC, multiple sourcing trends and numerous other developments that have formed the industry into what it is today.

From Contact Center to Engagement Center

This continuous development and constant improvements have not only contributed to the overall growth of the industry, but it has also elevated customer experience in the value chain; taken its well-deserved place in board rooms, executive meetings and in corporate strategies. This, together with the enhanced management experience, skills, increased complexity of tasks, overall maturity and career opportunities have also changed the general view of the industry. It is not just a job anymore; it is a profession with a very promising outlook.

However, despite the past decade´s tremendous progress we are likely to see even more profound and industry defining changes in the years to come. The rapidly changing social and consumer behaviors are modifying service expectations and consequently the requirements on us as an industry, as an outsourcer and as a company.

“The current transition from “contact center” to “engagement center” is challenging in that it requires us to innovate, it requires us to adopt new technology and it requires us to further develop the recruitment, training, coaching and development of our employees.”

At the same time, it offers an unprecedented opportunity for us to create the engagement our clients and our clients’ customers are looking for. This means engagement driven by the choice of the customer, no matter how and when the customer has chosen to interact with us. This means customer engagement strategies and practices that truly engage the customers in the brand and creates loyalty that will benefit both us and our clients. As the proportion of voice interactions is decreasing, we need to listen to and become part of conversations across social networks as well as traditional communication channels and leverage this when building customer relationships.

When looking at management discussions, client conversations and best practice meetings within Transcom, it is evident that we are responding well to the changing needs of this generation’s “engagement center”. Below are only a few examples of topics and titles that have recently been presented at conferences, workshops and client meetings held at Transcom:

It is events and activities such as the examples mentioned above that support the view that this is really the time for Transcom to shine – as an industry and as a company!

How Transcom Sevilla uses sport as a motivational and performance improvement tool

At Transcom we know that one of the key success factors in our business is our adaptability. That is why we at Transcom Sevilla strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by having well-trained sales teams, with the ability to sell any product, from insurance, up to banking, telecommunications, leisure, etc… It helps us to get the best results for our clients.

For any outbound team, to reach sales targets is essential for the success of the service; however, it is not easy to achieve high performance.

Given the current economic situation, selling is much more complex than it used to be. It is a fact that consumers have more ways to review and compare the information provided by companies, which makes them even more demanding, and as a result, it is more difficult to close the sale.

Mountain bike team Transcom Sevilla

Therefore, we must strengthen tolerance to frustration, and not get discouraged by the numerous negative answers that we receive daily. Many times this is a distinctive feature of the sales process, but we must nevertheless work together to build a motivated and strong team.

Motivation may be tied to financial benefits, but this is not the only or the best way. We can also activate different handles, as games, group dynamics, competitions, etc … so that all employees feel part of a team and fight for a common goal.

In this sense, sport is an ideal option, as it is a way for peers to improve their welfare, combating tension, stress and monotony, which undoubtedly affect employee productivity.

For this reason, the Training and Quality team decided to create a Mountain Bike group helping the agents to identify themselves with the values of sport: respect, healthy living, teamwork, fair play, effort, and ability to overcome frustration.

Mountain bike team Transcom Sevilla

Each week, new challenges are set, new routes are designed to avoid routine and to increase communication and interpersonal relationships with different partners from different areas of the company, resulting in an improved working environment.

A group of employees becomes a team when all its members learn to work together, in the search of a common goal. A team that improves their interpersonal relationships outside the workplace will also work in a better environment and therefore, will increase their professional performance.

Author: Bob Milne

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Transcom Cares creates memorable experiences for children in San Antonio

The Transcom Cares team in San Antonio, Texas has once again teamed up with Spurs Sports and Entertainment, sponsoring hundreds of tickets for the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA to attend the San Antonio Stars basketball game. Since April, we have had the great pleasure of organizing three events for the community, with one AHL San Antonio Rampage game, and two WNBA San Antonio Stars games.

San Antonio_Transcom Cares_Blurred

Our last WNBA event provided 100 tickets to employees and the community, but the San Antonio Stars game was our biggest event yet, with 150 tickets going to children and their families in the community.  The children we have supported are as young as 5 and as old as 14, and all come from under-privileged areas of San Antonio. These are all families without the means to participate in this kind of event on their own.

It was an amazing event, and we even were able to organize a meet and greet with San Antonio Stars Forward, Sophia Young-Malcolm! All attendees signed our Transcom Cares banner that we will be proudly showcasing at our site, along with the three signed San Antonio Spurs jerseys to highlight our partnership with Spurs Sports and Entertainment!


Transcom San Antonio has been working with The Boys and Girls ClubBig Brothers Big SistersYMCA and The Wounded Warrior Project for these events. In addition, the San Antonio Transcom Cares committee hosted a bake sale in May, donating over $1,100 to the Battered Children and Children Shelter.

The quote below is just one of the countless “Thank You’s” the team received during the event:

Thank you and the Transcom team for allowing my son’s basketball team to watch The Silver Stars from your suite. The team practices a few miles from the AT&T Center. Most of the kids live on the East Side and lack the resources to attend events there, much less watch from a suite! Our kids felt welcome. Some won prizes. All of them had a fun, memorable experience thanks to Transcom’s generosity!

On behalf of the team and coach, thanks.”

“Knowing that we are making memorable experiences in these kids’ lives is what Transcom Cares is all about” says Michael Moxley, Director of Client Services, Transcom North America.

Author: Kadri Hein

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Grow with Transcom – Career stories from our employees in Estonia

At Transcom Estonia we recently celebrated our 13th birthday. During the festivities we congratulated our 15 employees who had worked with Transcom for more than ten years as well as another 40 people who has been with the company for at least five years.

A majority of our team leaders, product specialists, quality analysts and every second business manager and training & quality manager started as agents. The career path of our employees can evolve vertically as well horizontally, either way the journey is interesting and challenging and gives the opportunity to develop personally as well as professionally.

“Helina Kuljus, Business Manager and Juulia Jürgens, training & quality manager celebrating their graduation fromTallinn School of Economics, Quality and Environment Management (2 year professional higher education program earlier this spring.”

Helina Kuljus, Business Manager and Juulia Jürgens, training & quality manager at Transcom Estonia celebrating their graduation from Tallinn School of Economics, Quality and Environment Management.

Our business manager Helina Kuljus and training & quality manager Juulia Jürgens both started in junior support roles. Here are their career stories:

Your first job at Transcom and current position?

Helina: “I started as an inbound and back office agent five years ago and worked in different teams providing customer care for several clients.  I then advanced to product specialist, team leader and business manager.”

Juulia: “When I first joined Transcom eight years ago, I worked as an inbound agent. Then I stepped into the shoes of being a team leader and after five years I took on the responsibilities as a training & quality manager.”

How would you describe the opportunities at Transcom for young people who start out as agents or in junior support roles?

Helina: “Transcom is a good place to work at because it teaches you how to work.  For youngsters who are in the beginning of their career I would advise not to be afraid of contact center job standards as quality and efficiency targets. Being measured and given the opportunity to improve is a valuable experience for your future professional career as it gives ideas how to do things better.  

Juulia: For newcomers who have recently started working in Transcom, I recommend to be brave and not to give up because of bumps on the road. Keep in mind to provide excellent service and practice up-sale and take the chances to develop within the company.

What do you need to succeed at Transcom?

Helina: “If you want to advance your career you need to have good work results and communication skills.

Juulia: “The idea to apply for the team leader as well as the training & quality positions came from my colleagues.  The good examples of my TL and TQM motivated me to try new assignments; I wanted to prove myself that I can manage as good as my superiors.”

What do you like the most about a career at Transcom?

Helina“Having several positions in the company has provided  me with a greater understanding of our business. What I value the most are the people I have worked with, the experience that I have gained by handling difficult situations and the opportunity to use different languages. Seeing results, facing challenging situations and startups with new clients is what I enjoy the most and what motivates me. Continuous learning and gaining new experience keeps me going and it never ends, there is still much to learn. In our business there are a lot of changes, and you need to be open to them in order to move forward. “

Juulia: The best thing about my career path is that I know what it is like to be an agent and team leader and therefore understand the people who work in those positions today. The biggest motivation throughout my day are still and only all my colleagues around me. The most pleasant part of my job is to keep high level of quality to our clients and then to see the results as well as agents develop. 

How to transform an inbound support service from a cost into a profit generator

About 18 months ago, one of our clients launched a new inbound service, designed to handle technical support. As in most of the support services we handle for this client, this project included no profitable activity.

But Transcom’s extensive experience in developing and launching sales services within a short timeline allowed us, after four months of starting the initial project, to begin working together in analyzing the service cost from our partner’s point of view. We started to check all possible new activities that could generate profit and contributing to improving our client’s cost effectiveness.

The defined path to achieve our new common goal resulted in a total re-organization of the technical support service; adding to each call an Up Selling and Cross Selling part, offering  new high value products and maintenance insurances.

Thanks to this initiative, our client reduced the original cost for the support service line by adding direct revenue, generated by the new sales service.

Still, we had to maintain and even increase the positive focus of the team that just had a selling task added, which we managed with the distribution of incentives offered, in a regular basis, by Transcom and our partner, always in a “special offer moment”:

Transcom Portugal distributing incentives


And it won’t stop! Being Transcom, and following a Continuous Improvement strategy means that we are already working on the next level…