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Author: Johan Eriksson

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Transcom’s Q2 2014 results

This morning, we released our interim report for Q2 and the first six months of 2014.

While I am pleased with the profitability improvement in our core business, strengthening our performance in Chile is a key priority for 2014, which I expect will yield margin improvements this year. Divestments and closures that we have completed during the past year had a significant impact on our reported revenue. While profitability enhancement is currently our top priority, our goal is to continue growing revenue at least in line with overall market growth.

These are the key highlights of our report:

  • Divestments and closures had a significant impact on reported revenue in the quarter
  • EBIT margin in core CRM business improved by 0.9 percentage points in Q2 2014, from 1.6% to 2.5%, excluding the one-time cost for the re-domiciliation
  • Strengthening performance in Chile is a top priority for 2014
  • Subject to shareholder approval, Transcom will carry out a re-domiciliation to Sweden this year, given the benefits of such a move for the Group and its shareholders.

Feel free to have a look at the presentation below, or contact me directly with any questions. The report can be downloaded here.

Author: Trixie Calimon

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Transcom celebrates the 116th Philippine Independence Day with high spirits and a huge cake

For many Filipinos, the 12th of June is the most important and fantastic day in our history. This day always reminds us about the sacrifices our ancestors made in order for us to live this day as free and independent citizens.

Philippine Indepencen Day_logo

At Transcom’s four contact centers in the Philippines, it’s a yearly tradition to celebrate the Independence Day with a big cake, shaped like the Philippine flag.

This year, the offices were decorated with balloons and flags and the buildings were lit up and people talked excitingly about the cakes already when they arrived in the morning.

All employees were in a cheerful mood and eager to participate as we all gathered to witness the celebration ceremony and sing the national anthem together.

“There was a great enthusiasm among us. All were in their high spirits and we all stood in respect”

Gilgin Fransisco, Teamleader, Transcom Iloilo

The singing was then finally followed by the slicing of the cake which was distributed to everyone.

Collage_Philippine Indepencen Day


Author: Bob Milne

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Transcom Barrie in Canada supports the Big Bike ride for Heart & Stroke

In May, the Transcom team in Barrie (Ontario, Canada) took part in their 4th Big Bike ride for Heart & Stroke, raising a grand total of $1985.00 for a very worthy cause.

The Big Bike is a team event geared towards community organizations, companies, and groups. Our 30-seat Big Bike was piloted by a driver from the Heart & Stroke foundation, and powered by 29 enthusiastic riders from Transcom. Together, they pedaled approximately 2 kilometers in the spirit of Transcom Cares, and in support of heart disease and stroke research.


Adding to the uniqueness of the event, this year’s team rode their Big Bike around Georgian Downs raceway. Although they posed no threat to the track record of 1 minute and 49 seconds, despite the overwhelming advantage of their extra legs, the Heart & Stroke foundation was the big winner, with a great night had by all.


Since 2011, the team in Barrie has raised an astounding $11,000 for Heart & Stroke foundation through their participation in the Big Bike event. Many thanks to Teresa, Trish, and Ashley for volunteering their own time to make the event a success, and to Mallorie for being our top fund raiser this year.Awesome job, team!

Author: Walter Spadoni

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Transcom’s second Hungarian site was inaugurated on July 4 in Szeged

Transcom recently opened its second operating site in Hungary, in downtown Szeged. The Grand Opening ceremony took place on the 4th of July in the presence of representatives from Transcom’s Central & South Europe management, hosting the event together with the entire Hungarian staff team. Our client – the Hungarian operations of a mobile telecom operator – also joined the ceremony with a large delegation. They will be the first client to benefit from services delivered out of our new Szeged site.

“Excellent customer experience is a strategic priority for us” – explained our client’s Chief Marketing Officer at the opening ceremony. “As Transcom is an expert in this field and an established partner of our Group, I am confident that they can help us to provide the best-ever customer experience in Hungary.”

“I am thankful to our Partner for renewing their trust while giving us the opportunity to grow in Hungary”, commented Roberto Boggio, General Manager for the Central and South Europe region at Transcom. “Beyond the opening of a brand new contact center, what we are celebrating today is our strategic partnership that is based on mutual value creation. Thanks to the expertise Transcom has developed in the telecommunications industry over the years, we are ready to successfully address this market leader’s top priorities with programs specifically designed to drive their growth and build customer loyalty.”



Transcom szeged people 2 Transcom Szeged people

Local and national authorities also attended the Grand Opening event, together with 17 press representatives and local TV networks. The mayor of Szeged, Dr. László Botka, also took part in the ceremony and commented on the opening with great appreciation: “I am extremely pleased that our city has been chosen by these fast-growing multinational companies for their business partnership. Our administration will ensure that they get full assistance and support in their growth and development in our city. Szeged is the third largest city of Hungary in terms of population. With its renowned university and over 25,000 students, it offers a huge basin of highly educated resources and skilled professionals to draw on”.


Transcom started the recruiting phase in Szeged in early March and has already hired about 120 agents, staff members and supervising specialists who have all completed a six-week period of intense training in order to meet Transcom’s global quality standards and get acquainted with our client’s customer service procedures and applications.

According to tradition, the Grand Opening ended with champagne and a fantastic cake for everybody.



champaige RGM and BM

Author: Jonas Ahlstedt

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Transvoice expands and moves to new premises

As mentioned in an earlier post, Transvoice, a leading language service provider (LSP) and a 100%-owned subsidiary of Transcom, is growing rapidly. As a result of latest months’ expansion, we recently moved to a new office space. On our new premises we have a much more appropriate and better working environment and enough space for all our 100 employees in Stockholm.

We are convinced that the move will improve our well-being and consequently also our productivity. In the new office we also have space for additional production seats, which is in line with our future expansion plans. Welcome to visit us in our new office at Gjörwellsgatan 30 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholmsbild 5 Stockholmsbild 6

Author: Alejandro Menjura

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Sharing ideas about multichannel trends at the “I Transcom Forum” in Lima, Peru

On Tuesday, June 24th, I had the pleasure of participating in the” I Transcom Forum –Multichannel: Integration strategies for your client”, organized by Transcom Peru in Lima.

Our aim with the event was to create a meeting point where customer care professionals and directors in the banking, insurance and telecommunications sectors could discuss and share their experiences about multichannel trends and strategies.

Welcome breakfast at I Forum Transcom

After welcoming our guests, Isabel Sánchez-Lozano, Regional Director of Transcom Iberia & Latin America, introduced the first speaker; Ignacio Ortega, Head of Contact Center Operations Spain and Portugal at the financial group BBVA.  Ignacio presented how BBVA currently addresses the key challenges with multichannel solutions. He emphasized that today it’s the customers that control and manage their relationship with their bank, not the other way around. Ignacio stressed that within this new context, the contact center, thanks to its personalized service, is emerging as one of the crucial channels alongside the branches and various online platforms.

Then, Richard Custer, Digital Strategy Manager for Alternative Channels at Banco de Credito BCP, shared the bank’s experience when facing the biggest challenge: how to maintain consistency of messages across all channels. Richard’s interactive presentation enabled the participants to better understand the concepts of multichannel versus omnichannel. He explained the importance of putting the customer at the center of the business, recognizing their expectations, and trying to generate value from an emotional point of view, rather than a commercial one. The “The Journey Map” process was a key feature, enabling the attendants to understand how the use of smartphones impact customers’ transactions on a daily basis.

Speeches at the I Forum Transcom

At the end of the morning session, I had the opportunity to talk about Transcom’s multichannel perspective, and our view that the contact center without any doubt is one of the key success factors in this transformation. Some of the most crucial points are related to how new consumer generations use multichannel solutions. Organizations need to reconsider their channel strategy and the effectiveness of each channel from a customer service perspective.

Then it was time for the expert panel to discuss the contact center’s role in developing relationships with customers. The invited panelists were:

  • Miguel Tellez Arce, Development and Innovation Manager New Channels, Scotiabank Peru
  • Jaime Mourão, Continental Manager Multichannel Bank, BBVA
  • Juan Luis Jaureguy, Director of Marketing and mass channels, Mapfre

Jorge Moran, Senior Advisor at Transcom moderated the debate.

During the discussions, it became clear that the contact center plays a central role when it comes to managing different customer service channels and making them coexist, as well as identifying strategies on how to take advantage of each channel’s strengths.

I Forum Transcom in Lima

To summarize, the I Transcom Forum in Peru was very successful with the attendance of numerous professionals from different sectors, who wanted to know more about Transcom’s and the other participants’ knowledge and insights into the latest multichannel customer care trends. Thanks to our speakers, whom I would like to recognize for their valuable contributions, and to the active participation of the other participants, I feel that this event was a real success in terms of the exchange of ideas and knowledge.