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Author: Joanna Osinska

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Polish Ski jumper and Olympic Team Member Jan Ziobro visited Transcom Poland

Jan Ziobro, the winner of FIS Ski jumping World Cup 2013/2014 competition in Engelberg, Switzerland, and member of the Polish Olympic team 2014 recently visited Transcom’s office in Gdańsk where he met with our employees and their friends.

Collage Polish Ski Jumper

During the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to ask the ski jumper about his plans for the forthcoming season as well as what he thought of other Polish athletes’ chances in the next Ski jumping World Cup. There were also more personal questions, e.g. what kind of music that helps Jan to focus before a jump. During the visit, Transcom employees also had the opportunity to take pictures with the Olympic athlete as well as to get his autograph.

Jan Ziobro highlighted that he met wonderful people at Transcom, who do their job with great passion. He added that he would do his best in order to fulfill their expectations regarding the next World Cup.

The meeting was organized in cooperation with Jan Ziobro’s sponsor Toolip.

This was the first of many events Transcom Poland has planned for during the next months. Our sites in Gdańsk and Olsztyn will be full of activities for our employees in order to make their work during the summer period more cheerful.

Transcom Norway site gets all time high Customer Overall Satisfaction score in June 2014

Transcom Norway’s Rolvsøy site delivers good Customer Overall Satisfaction results every month.  There has recently been further improvement and Customer Satisfaction score reached 87.3% Top 2 Boxes (very satisfied and satisfied customers in 5 point scale with neutral midpoint) in May while the result in June was an all time high score: 88.2% Top 2 Boxes.

So what did we do to get these results? The process starts with Recruitment, finding the right people for the job. We are looking for employees with positive energy and a certain “glow”. Basic Training has undergone a makeover with a new structure focusing on soft skills. In addition to the product and service knowledge, Agents learn and practice how to disarm a possible conflict. This gives Agents confidence and helps them earn customers’ trust. The work environment is unique due to the excellent cooperation we have – Quality Analysts, Team Leaders and Agents work together to find the best possible way to give the end user world-class customer service.

Transcom Norway has excellent cooperation with the Client and this is the main reason we are able to reach fantastic results. The Client invited the call center to a wonderful evening with glitz, glam, great entertainment and great food on May 9, 2014. Transcom and Client employees walked down the red carpet in beautiful ball gowns and suits, feeling like stars. There was an awards ceremony where among others Best Seller, The Year’s Newcomer and the best Team Leader were awarded. It was a fabulous evening that people continue talking about today.



To keep the continuous focus on Customer Satisfactio,n the contact center organizes different activities once a month. We call it CSAT happenings. Transcom’s Quality department together with the Client representatives not only give Agents a morale boost but also acknowledge their efforts with end customers.


Author: Trixie Calimon

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Transcom’s child care center in the Philippines organizes its first summer camp

Equality and Diversity is one of the key focus areas in Transcom’s CSR program, Transcom Cares.

As a way of supporting working mothers, Transcom Philippines site in Pasig has a child care center for our employees’ children.

The staff at Transcom's Child Care Center in Pasiq (from the left): t Josine Augustin, Child Care Psychologist, Geraldine Alvarez, Child Care Counselor, Adrian Gozales, Child Care Nurse

The staff at Transcom’s Child Care Center in Pasig (from the left): Josine Augustin, Child Care Psychologist, Geraldine Alvarez, Child Care Counselor, Adrian Gozales, Child Care Nurse

The Child Care Center is very appreciated by our working moms, as the quotes below illustrate:

“I would not have survived the emotional and maternal challenge of being a mom working at Transcom if it were not for the Daycare. Thankfully the Daycare has served as a great partner for parents in keeping our children holistically imbued with Christian values, with fun, games and laughter.” Christine R Alvarez, Corporate Trainer


“How fortunate am I, as a mom to be able to bring my child to work and have her meet new friends as well as the numerous “titas” and “titos” who dote on her. Every day I look forward to my daughter’s stories of her fun-filled day.” Anna May R Villaruz, Senior Manager Organizational Development

During the spring, the Child Care staff and parent volunteers organized the center’s first summer camp which included activities like arts and crafts, guitar lessons and theatre arts.

On May 30, the children got together in a culminating activity celebrating their new-found and developed talents. It was a delight for parents, seeing their children on stage; hosting, singing, dancing and performing. The children obviously enjoyed their time in the spotlight, but it was the parents with their faces full off pride that brought home some life-lasting memories that night.

Though this was our first summer camp, we received very good feedback and hopefully this will be a yearly activity at our childcare center.

Author: Maria Carlström

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Transcom Borås supports the victims of the Balkan flooding

At Transcom, charity engagement is a part of our DNA.  But sometimes you feel extra proud of your employees.

One of our employees at Transcom Borås in Sweden got the bad news that his hometown in the Balkans was severely hit by the flooding disaster in May. When he found out that an organization would drive a truck with clothes and supplies from Borås to his hometown, he encouraged his colleagues to participate in a clothes collection project. And within the coming days, one by one of our employees walked in to the reception with big bags full of clothes, shoes, blankets, pillows, patches, preserves, juice, teddy bears, personal care items and more.


After one week, everything was carefully packed into boxes which then where placed on big pallets. In the end, we loaded three pallets on the truck!


We would like to thank all our employees at Transcom Borås for your personal engagement and contribution to make this charity project a success!

“I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.”  Helen Keller

Author: Alejandro Menjura

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“I Transcom Forum Multichannel” at a glance

As a follow-up to the earlier post about the I Transcom Forum Multichannel: Integration strategies for your client, I am happy to share a video from the event.

Conceived as an open meeting point to share and discuss the latest trends in multichannel customer care, the event took place in Lima, Peru, during the month of June. It was a success in terms of participation and exchange of experiences and ideas.

Author: Adriana Tavares

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The sweet taste of Transcom Cares in Portugal

Last December, Transcom Portugal made a donation to a local institution that is small in size but very big in the difference they make in the lives of the people they care for. AFPAD supports disabled people throughout their life, providing them with the needed care, but also with their best possible integration into society. The donation was made in the context of our CSR-program Transcom Cares.

AFPAD logo

AFPAD was also elected as the institution Transcom Portugal will support in 2014.

We have already started to organize regular collections of food, clothes, shoes, toys, and books that are delivered to the organization on a monthly basis.

Other activities we plan for during 2014 are to organize a selling exhibition of some of the handicrafts made by the disabled people at our Transcom Ribeirão site and, together with our people, volunteering actions, such as building up an organic garden or the recovery of their interior and exterior gardens.

In parallel, and despite the fact that it’s not mandatory by Portuguese Law, we believe that Transcom can provide work suitable for people with certain types of disability and we have been studying the possibility of increasing the number of disabled people that work with us.

In a very much appreciated “thank you” gesture, last month people from AFPAD came to pay us a surprise visit to offer a cake, baked by them.

The most memorable moment from their visit was without a doubt the smiles on their faces while observing a reality so different from the one they are used to in their daily routine!