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Author: Siva Subramaniam

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Employees of Transcom Philippines share their happiness at #TranscomHappy

Filipinos have always been renowned for their hospitality. They are helpful to other people; relatives, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Today we have 10,000 Filipinos delivering world famous customer service for our clients from our four offices (Manila Edsa, Manila Pasig, Bacolod and Iloilo) in the Philippines EVERYDAY. Transcom is proud to be celebrating 10 years of delivering the world famous service in the Philippines and very proud of our Filipino employees.

Keeping with the tradition of being fun and happy people, some of our employees took time out to showcase the idea of fun and happiness at work through the phenomenal song Happy by Pharrell Williams. In valuing the people around us and supporting each other in whatever way possible, we show that more than a team we are a family.

Author: Hartmut Jaschok

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Social services package at Transcom Germany helps employees balance work life and family

When Johan Eriksson announced “Transcom Cares”, our overarching Corporate Social Responsibility governance program last year, he stated the following:

“Every year, we hire thousands of new people on whom our business results depend. So it is not an exaggeration to say that people truly make all the difference in our business.”

So we have to start with the people. Every employer wants to have passionate employees working efficient and focused. In reality though there is always a point in life when one struggles with personal issues or needs extra support. At Transcom, we still need to consider that balanced and happy employees are the basis for creating an Outstanding Customer Experience to our client’s customers.

At Transcom Germany we try to ease the management of personal life and work for our employees. The possibility to create a healthy balance between family and work life is a crucial factor when it comes to recruiting and motivating people.

At one of our sites we have already set up a new service in collaboration with the service agency “Arbeit + Leben in MV” to ensure that our people get information, help and support exactly when it’s needed. Areas covered are child care, foster care, legal advice, counseling offers, search for housing, authorities’ affairs and individual requests as well.

For Transcom employees the service is free and can be used anytime via telephone and e-mail. We are planning to expand our social services to the employees of the Transcom site in Halle. Especially for new hire employees and non-native speakers of multilingual projects the service offer is very helpful. So far, we have only received positive feedback.

Earlier this spring, the local newspaper Rostocker Blitz published an article about Transcom’s new service offer for our employees.

Transcom Care

Article from Rostocker Blitz about Transcom’s social services package.

Author: Annica Strahner

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Transcom Sweden proudly presents our value ambassadors for 2014

Transcom’s values Passion, Excellence and Innovation are a part of our everyday work.

In Sweden, we recently encouraged all our employees to nominate themselves or one of their colleagues to be Value Ambassadors for 2014. In the nomination, they should motivate why this person exemplified for example Innovation and used this value to contribute to a better customer experience.

We received more than 30 nominations and it was almost a mission impossible for the Swedish management team to vote for one winner representing each value. After a long round of discussions and voting, we finally agreed on three winners and we proudly present our value ambassadors for 2014:

Transcom Sweden's Value Ambassadors for 2014 (from the left): Linnea Forslund, Desale Temesghen and Linda Jansson.

Transcom Sweden’s Value Ambassadors for 2014 (from the left): Linnea Forslund, Desale Temesghen and Linda Jansson.

  • Passion: Linnea Forslund, Product Supervisor and Trainer, Transcom Stockholm

Motivation: Linnea’s energy fuels the whole team and she always makes sure that each individual makes progress. Linnea is committed, and solution focused and always strives for providing a great customer experience.

  • Excellence: Desale Temesghen, Team Leader, Transcom Borås

Motivation: Desale’s motto is to make sure that we at Transcom always deliver outstanding customer experience in every customer interaction. He puts in a lot of energy to motivate his colleagues and everybody on his team always goes the extra mile to achieve excellence.

  • Innovation: Linda Jansson, CSR,  Transcom Karlskoga

Motivation: Linda is 100% committed to every task she takes on. She is a key asset in our quality assurance process and has done a tremendous job for one of our clients by securing their sound files.

Our ambassadors will participate in a video and explain how they work with Transcom’s values today. They will also be invited to share their knowledge in our training sessions with agents and team leaders. Linnea, Desale and Linda will also publish a blog post and share their expertise with our blog readers.

Author: César Mesa

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The voice is the first telemarketing tool

Some people perceive telemarketing as an annoying sales technique. To them it’s nothing but a non-requested call made from a contact center in order to sell a product in an unexpected moment to an unknown customer.  In fact, it is commonly accepted that telemarketers mechanically read a script to offer a particular product. But I want to talk about our outbound business from the Transcom perspective. We follow a non-intrusive, well-structured strategy, and we handle each call with the utmost respect for the consumer. There is, of course, a sales argument prepared to capture the customer’s attention quickly and to expose, briefly, the product’s main benefits. Conducted by well-prepared professionals, it is a sales tool that performs very well even in a difficult economic context such as this. However, as all commercial approaches, telemarketing has its own ‘moments of truth’, with the added difficulty of not being able to rely on nonverbal communication; we must focus our effort in how to handle the initial contact.


To connect with another person over the phone, we can only count on our auditory perception; the only tool that the telemarketer has to keep the customer’s attention during the first seconds of communication is his/her voice. Deprived of eye contact, the agent needs to engage in active listening, paying attention to what and how his/her interlocutor expresses. Any nuance in the voice tone can be decisive and can help reveal our customer’s motivation to buy our product. We should try to ‘tune in’ to the client as quickly as possible. To do this we must adapt our voice to our interlocutor, using key words or phrases that help us to inspire confidence and the utmost respect for our client’s time, even proposing to postpone the call to a more suitable time if necessary. Seeing as a strong voice tone might seem aggressive and create resistance, we prefer to use an interrogative and neutral tone to handle any possible objections our client may offer. Having gained the attention of our talker, it is essential to be clear about our sales goal and structure the call in order to transmit our message in the best possible way. So in addition to making a good product explanation, we have opted to avoid long calls that might risk losing the client’s attention. Once we have reached this point, the persuasiveness and commercial techniques of each agent will play a main role. Regardless of having achieved our goal or not, we will always finish our call appreciating the time that our customer has spent with us, ending with a cordial farewell in order to leave a good memory.

Author: Claudia Balboa Riquelme

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A new client at Transcom Concepcion

Transcom Concepcion continues its onshore expansion adding new customers in the local market. To illustrate this, we have recently introduced one of the leading companies in the Chilean retail market as a new client. This is one of the largest and most well-established companies in Latin America, conducting its business in different areas through various companies:  department stores, home improvement and construction, commercial finance companies, banks, travel, and insurances companies.

In late January, set on selling different types of personal insurance policies, we launched our first service for them, with 44 agents and three team leaders, and are now set to further grow the service with the incorporation of 15 employees during the month of March in order to sell a specific insurance coverage.

New service team

Our client was pleased with the first two weeks of successful sales performance. All this is thanks to the careful preparation of all involved parties, supported by the Product Specialist for quality and training issues, and the control of good selling practices. Moreover, the client is providing all the tools for effective development of new business, e.g. motivational activities, product trainings, and the development of business skills.

Today, we want to thank those who work on launching new projects. We are confident that if we keep on performing to our excellent trademark standards, we will continue to improve every day.

Author: Walter Spadoni

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A win-win-win story with positive effects for our client and everyone at Transcom

One of Transcom’s global clients is a major household appliance brand. Since 2006, we have been offering our CRM services to the customers of this multinational company in various languages. In the last few years, we have further expanded our services and new languages have been added to meet our client’s business needs. Today we are delivering customer care services and technical assistance for this company in almost all European markets, and we are still looking at future expansion opportunities. This long-term relationship is now evolving into an even stronger partnership and – thanks to its global reach – there will be important benefits for everyone working in our organization.

Transcom recently closed a special agreement with this client, offering Transcom employees some very special discounts and promotions on their product range. This agreement will be valid in almost all countries where we both operate.

Indesit photo x blog

The promotion, which has already been successfully launched at our site in Portugal, will be rapidly implemented throughout most of Transcom’s sites, starting with Poland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Our other sites worldwide will also be involved in the coming months.

This is a great opportunity to tighten our global partnership with a very important client while producing a very positive side-effect for both our companies: new sales for our client and great benefits for Transcom employees. An excellent example of win-win-win story that make us truly proud to be a global company, capable to think and act locally, but globally connected.