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Author: Martijn Steenbergen

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Starbucks opens coffee corner at Transcom Groningen

Thursday the 8th of May was the day: As the first company in the Northern Netherlands, Transcom Groningen got its own Starbucks coffee corner.

Starbucks Coffee Corner

As Starbucks communicates: “Today, with more than 18,000 stores in 62 countries, Starbucks is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. And with every cup, we strive to bring both our heritage and an exceptional experience to life. Every day, we go to work hoping to do two things: share great coffee with our friends and help make the world a little better. It was true when the first Starbucks opened in 1971, and it’s just as true today.”

Collage Starbucks Groningen

Joop Evers, our Managing Director, cut the ribbon during the opening ceremony. From now on all our employees in Groningen are able to have a Starbucks coffee moment

Our employees truly appreciate the opportunity to have special coffee from time to time. And the free coffee on the day the corner was opened was even more celebrated.

Author: Aija Urbiņa

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Excellent service month at Transcom Latvia resulted in a win-win for our clients and employees

At the annual “Good service month” Award that was held in Riga, Latvia on the 14th of April, Transcom won second place as excellent service providers in  the “business to business” category in Latvia. We are also very proud that, thanks to our expertise within customer experience,  we contributed to the win for several of our clients in the B2C category. The clients are rated by service quality – how excellent their customer communication is and three of our biggest clients got the highest evaluation and won their respective field. So the “Good service month” Award was a win-win for Transcom and our clients!


In March we also had an “excellent service” month for our employees as well. Every week was dedicated to highlighting one specific soft skill such as empathy, call control, communication and active listening.


All team leaders and product specialists had badges representing these skills, which they gave to agents who showed the most excellent example of these soft skills in their everyday work. At the end of the month, four of our best agents from each department met in a final battle, to find out which department would win the Quality Cup this year. All departments were great and the winner won by a very slim margin, with only one point more than the runner-up.


As a conclusion, let me show you some of the comments we received from our colleagues and clients during the “Good Service” month in Latvia:



Author: Henrik Olsson

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Customer Experience Seminar at Transcom Stockholm focusing on performance in an ever-changing world

Our first breakfast seminar received top ratings from the participants when they responded to our anonymous evaluation. I‘d like to believe that those ratings was one of the main reasons for a rather large group of selected clients to defy the early morning spring rain and show up when Transcom’s second customer experience breakfast seminar in a series of four took place last Thursday.

The overall purpose of the seminar series is to give the audience both inspiration and tools for personal as well as organizational growth and as mentioned in my previous post we are fortunate enough to have Johan Plate and Thomas Fogdö, two of Sweden’s most renowned experts in the field of performance psychology, to guide us.

Collage Transcom Customer Experience Seminar_140508

This time Johan and Thomas focused on performance in an ever-changing world and the courage to meet the challenges of the future. During an hour and a half we were listening, learning and laughing. There were also discussions and short moments of reflection. I think we all found this session just as, or perhaps even more valuable than the last time since we could continue to fill our personal mental toolbox with performance strategies and methods.

With two great seminars completed we at Transcom are very much looking forward to meeting Johan, Thomas and our group of courageous clients for a third time in September. If you can join that group? Sure you can, just send me an email and I’ll invite you to something that most likely will give you new ways of thinking.

Author: Najla Jemel

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Transcom Tunisia 2013 Awards – Proud of our people and corporate culture

Recognition for a job well done is a key element in Transcom Tunisia’s corporate culture. In this context the company launched an internal competition to award the top three agents during 2013.

Each Business Unit had to select two agents that their team leader presented to a Special Committee with Business Managers, HR Manager, BST Coordinator, and IT Manager as well as the Country Operations Director.

The selection was made based on multiple criteria including, but not limited to, quality and productivity targets set by the company’s clients, the agent’s history, behavioral approach, and manager’s audit. Each team leader made a presentation of his/her selected agent demonstrating all the above mentioned points as well as the reasons to why the jury should vote for that specific agent.

In February, the winners were announced during a kick off dinner that took place at hotel in Tunis. The event included a Greek theme with live band music where all the participants in the competition enjoyed dinner and drinks in a friendly atmosphere.

Collectif des nominés

The winners were rewarded and congratulated for their achievements. On third position was the agent Issam Gdayem, the second position was attributed to the agent Abir Aydi and on top of the podium was the agent Thouraya Nefzi who won a trip to Paris for two persons.

Thouraya has been working for Transcom for 7 years. She was selected as the agent of the year 2013 thanks to her professional talents, knowledge, cooperative behavior, team work spirit as well as the respect of the company’s values.

Transcom Tunisia’s people showed, again, an example of team work and fair competition that is being praised by the company’s direction. Together we work, together we win.

Author: Walter Spadoni

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What makes a company great is the customer service it offers

Today, businesses in all sectors continue to invest more and more in their Customer Service. Products and their characteristics (quality, price and distribution channel) are no longer the focus of attention of boards or directors. What makes the difference is the customer care as perceived by users when they interact with the company and its front line staff.

I think that there is nothing more important and business-critical in any company than customer service. All organizations that operate in a competitive market will lose clients and money if they ignore this fundamental rule for too long. Let’s look at the example of a multinational like McDonald’s, that spends almost two billion dollars a year in advertising. The fast food giant has recently admitted that 20% of complaints are about “bad service” and that the main reason for customers not returning is attributable to “impolite or unprofessional service staff”.

But this rule is applicable to any sector. And this is why more and more entrepreneurs are trying to come up with new ways to improve their relationship between front line personnel and customers.

The CEO of one of America’s largest banks recently sent a letter to its more than 270,000 employees, begging them to improve their relationship with the bank’s  customers. It is clear that even a zero-charge current account generating three percent interest loses its shine if you have to deal with personnel who are impolite, inattentive and unhelpful.

INTERVIEW foto operatrice

What every company needs to do is to involve and empower the staff that is in direct contact with customers, as they play a crucial role in the health of the entire organization. It is important to share the commercial strategy being pursued by the company with all personnel, informing them about priorities and objectives, but also trusting front line personnel and giving them the resources to manage valuable customer relationships with greater awareness and independence.

By doing so, various enlightened organizations have made it possible for employees to resolve their customers’ problems more quickly and anticipate their unexpressed needs. These companies have understood that the most interesting and useful information about customers’ preferences, leaving expensive market research exercises aside, can be obtained from the people who communicate with them every day (in branch offices, on the phone, in chat rooms, by email, on Facebook, or in any other way). And that reducing the hierarchical distance between front line and top management, i.e. encouraging the exchange of opinions and proposals from the bottom up, is the first step to guarantee a memorable Customer Experience for users and a healthy-looking future for the company.

Amazon - where at meetings CEO Jeff Bezos has made a habit of placing an empty chair at the table to represent the “Customer’s voice” – actively encourages employees to try out new ideas based on their intimate knowledge about Customers. Innovations like “Customers also bought” tips were originally proposals put forward by new recruits. The function that includes users’ purchasing history and behavior in all searches, and drove a three percent increase in turnover, was implemented by an intern.

Zara, the Spanish fashion company, receives daily reports from store managers about qualitative observations and quantitative data to improve the company’s understanding of what customers want. Shop assistants chat with customers every day, exploring what they want and asking questions like “What other colors would you like this blouse to be available in?” and “What if this skirt were longer?”. This has enabled Zara to reduce the number of new articles it introduces which customers don’t like to one percent (the sector average is almost ten percent), although it offers almost ten times as many products as its main competitors.

Providing a unique and memorable Customer Experience is the most pressing objective of all organizations today, and the companies that excel in this area know how to obtain the best possible results from their front line:

  • They invest heavily in training the people who are in contact with customers
  • They motivate and involve them by asking for feedback and suggestions
  • They promote leadership among their most talented collaborators
  • They ensure they have the tools needed to manage Customer relationships independently and expertly.

As a result, customers are pleased, stay loyal to the brand and talk about it in positive terms to their friends; creating a virtuous spiral that makes everyone happy.

Making our teammates aware of the importance of the front line contributes not only to providing an excellent customer experience to customers, but also to keep them motivated.

At Transcom, we manage millions of customer contacts every day, and thanks to our valuable front line staff and our tools, we are capable of collecting and analyzing customer feedback and making the intelligence available to our clients.

Author: Fredis Bikovs

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Educating students in outstanding customer experience is the key to future business

At Transcom Latvia we have started an initiative with several aims: contributing to society, education and strengthening our brand awareness among potential employees, future managers and entrepreneurs.

Recently, we participated in Career Days organized by the Transport and Telecommunications Institute (TSI) in Riga and held a seminar called “Outstanding customer experience – Key to future business”


During our presentation, we discussed several topics with the students:

  • The evolution of customer experience
  • Trends for future customer behaviors and expectations
  • Factors that contribute to an outstanding customer experience
  • How to influence and measure customer experience

At Transcom, we believe that customers are your brand ambassadors and we discussed how to achieve successful cooperation with clients, so that they will strengthen your brand, while enabling the optimization of operations and costs.

Moreover, we talked about how to manage customer experience teams in challenging times, when customer expectations are increasing rapidly.

We got very good feedback from the students and both me and my colleagues got very inspired by the interesting discussions our presentation sparked.

Personally, I strongly believe that educating future professionals is a very important contribution to society and a possibility to generate new innovative ideas together with younger people. At Transcom Latvia, we are really looking forward to organizing more seminars about “Outstanding customer experience” and other topics in local universities in the near future.