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Author: Alan Girón

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Transcom Lima is growing

Since December 2013, our site in Lima has experienced an increase in operations via new outbound services to clients in sectors such as telecom, insurance, NGOs and entertainment. This growth creates a challenge in terms of recruiting experienced people, while at the same time strengthening our partnership with our clients.

To meet this challenge successfully, all key functions at the site must be involved:

First we have the recruiting process, which consists of two pillars:

  1. Improving the recruitment specialization, giving our HR team specific training for each campaign
  2. Expanding the recruitment outreach by partnering with local agencies

Then follows the training programs, in which we apply nesting techniques (constant monitoring of new hires, setting individual targets) as a way to improve efficiency and operability. Team-building activities and creating commitment to our clients’ objectives are other important features during the training process.

And of course, we work with continuous improvement of our operational management, which allows us to:

  • Assessing our services’ performance in real time through daily reviews
  • Measuring the learning curves
  • Setting goals and expectations for our clients and our company

Transcom Lima team

Although ramp-up projects like this always pose a challenge, the Transcom team in Lima handles the expansion process through weekly sessions where we review volumes, performance, profitability and make the required decisions in order to meet our campaigns’ high standards.

Author: Valentina Mikanović

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The victims of the Balkan flooding need your help – Show them your generous heart

During the night of May 17th a powerful flood destroyed a huge number of homes in the Balkans, with whole cities and villages vanishing under the force of this unstoppable river. Croatia and its east Regions Slavonia and Baranja, are facing natural disaster in unseen proportions. Villages, cities and provinces are devastated, roads are closed and communication lines are broken.

In just a few hours, people lost their homes and everything they had built during a lifetime. More than 15 000 people in Croatia have been evacuated from the flooded areas.

This disaster hit not just Croatia. In Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia 50 000 people have been evacuated, and more than 50 people are presumed dead and/or missing. All these countries are now joining together to help those in need.

With the resolution that characterizes the Croatian spirit, our people encourages the whole country to act immediately, to collect food, water, clothes, and toiletries. Croatian homes are open to those who lost theirs. Schools are converted into shelters providing people with a warm bed and a safe refuge.

Transcom Croatia, with approximately 1,000 employees  in our sites in Osijek and Pula, has also commenced a donation drive to actively collect food items and clothes to send to the victims of the flooding.

I’m asking your generous hearts to help our colleagues in Croatia, to help their countrymen affected by this natural disaster.

Red Cross Croatia will use funds collected through your generous donation to help those in dire need.

Alternatively, contact your local Red Cross organization for details on how to donate funds for the efforts in Croatia.

As a global organization, let’s join this laudable action to help those in need. Let’s help to rebuild roads and homes, let’s show that Transcom Cares and that community engagement is part of our DNA!

Thank you on behalf of the Croatia employees of Transcom.

This video, made by the photographer and cinematographer Robert Balasko, shows the extent of the flooding disaster:

Floods in Croatia 2014 from Robert Balasko, on Vimeo.

Author: Martijn Steenbergen

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Transcom Netherlands celebrates the success of their forth MBO Graduates

Since March 2012, Transcom Netherlands have been offering our employees and flex personnel of Unique (Transcom’s partner) in Groningen the opportunity to take vocational courses for the position of commercial office assistant, specializing as contact center assistant. Tele’Train delivers the training.
You can read more about our other MBO graduates in a previous post.

In May, we could celebrate that another seven people had finalized their MBO course.

Besides this, seven team leaders have received their ECABO certificate. The certificate proves that they successfully have accompanied and mentored one or two students during the whole MBO course. By combining the MBO with the regular coaching, the team leaders have efficiently helped the agents with their study.

These are of course good reasons to celebrate.

mbo uitreiking

The students do have to follow a lesson program which is adapted to the daily routines in the call center world. Communication skills, language skills in general and sales are trained by experienced teachers and with suitable and well proven methods. With role-plays, theory and practical assignments the students are educated but also trained to perform even better in their daily routines.

We at Transcom Netherlands are very proud of the achievements of the team(leaders) and we are convinced that we now have 14 colleagues with significantly more knowledge and experience of the contact center world.

As of this month we will start with a new group of at least 16 new MBO students. This new course will be finished within one and two years, depending of the progress of the individuals. So we are planning to have the next celebration in at least two years.

“Out of the Box Day” empowers team leaders at Transcom Ribeirao

Team leaders truly play a key role in our organization. They are the ones that have the shortest path to our agents’ minds and hearts. We know that many times, no matter how much agents like communicating, receiving commissions and working for Transcom, it’s their commitment to their team leader that makes them go the extra mile.

But the need to motivate team leaders is often forgotten; letting them know that we acknowledge their importance and value their work often “makes the difference”.

At Transcom Ribeirao, we recently had a brainstorming workshop that involved team leaders, business managers, product specialists, business support, HR, IT and the contact center manager. Our ambition with this activity was to empower team leaders in their role.

The workshop was held in a nice and relaxing place outside of our office. The aim with the day was to share the team leader’s challenges and find solutions how to improve team management and, consequently, financial results.

Out of the box day in Transcom Ribeirao

We had predefined several fundamental skills for the role:

  1. How to plan and organize
  2. Take responsibility for the team and its results
  3. Develop agents skills
  4. Determine needed activities to reach goals
  5. Motivate, inspire and support
  6. Identify and create solutions to defeat agents difficulties
  7. Monitoring
  8. Inform and clarify
  9. Correct deviations; make changes and readjust plans
  10. Recognizer
  11. Reward
  12. Manage conflicts
  13. Take decisions

Those themes led us through a day full of reflections, creativity, relaxing activities and open minded discussions.

During the day the agents recorded a video for their team leader, highlighting the person’s strengths. We summarized our “Out of the box day “by forming the motto “The Team is Mine”!

Out of the Box day

Author: Jörgen Skoog

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Strengthening Transcom’s talent management approach

We are constantly striving for excellence in everything we do in order to exceed our clients’ expectations. In this context, we have been evaluating our ability to attract and retain the right people and the way we develop our talents.

Many of our employees have highlighted the need for bringing to light the great opportunities our company can offer. There are tons of examples of people who have developed great careers here at Transcom. In fact, over 85 percent of our managers are recruited internally. We showcased a few in our latest annual report, and there are many more role models standing in line to show the opportunities that exist here at Transcom.

Our HR team has been working on a global solution together with people from all functions in order to ensure that we identify talents and develop our employees, so they can take on more challenging tasks. This is key to our continued success. The solution will help us manage succession on all managerial levels as well as identify the talents we have so we can help them grow and develop. I am also convinced that a well-defined career path will increase motivation even more!

Transcom’s Talent Management also supports our vision of being recognized as a global leader in customer experience. I firmly believe that talented, passionate and innovative people are fundamental to delivering an outstanding customer experience. Effective tools and systems are becoming more important, but our true differentiators are our people!

The process looks like this:

Talent Management

As shown above, the Talent Management process runs in parallel with, and augments, Transcom’s annual performance management cycle. Our employees will also be involved in assessing their managers,  further strengthening the management skills in our business. Even though all employees are very satisfied (>87%) with their managers – as reported in the annual Voice of Employees – we know we can improve further.

I am convinced that our service excellence will benefit from the supporting processes we are now implementing. Stay tuned for news on our progress, including stories of how we develop our people across our global organization.

Jörgen Skoog, Global HR and Operations Director

Author: Giovanni De Santis

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Innovative solution developed by Transcom improved customer experience for a global pharmaceutical company

One of our clients is a well-known international pharmaceutical company that always has had very high demands regarding the quality of their customer care service. Early in 2013, they asked Transcom if we could help them excel in their customer service even further. The assignment was to develop an innovative solution that would provide a more personalized and caring service, and at the same time improve and enrich the client’s database with new information. What the client needed was a CRM system that not only acted as a repository for contact information, but that also could identify incoming calls.

Transcom customized a solution for the client and our system has improved both the customer experience as well as handling times. Every call is now immediately identified by the system, which automatically extracts up-to-date information about the customer from the registry and a list of past requests. The average waiting time is reduced to zero and the speed and accuracy of the agent’s answer has also improved, offering the user a customer experience of superior quality.

INNOVATION farmacia 3

In parallel, Transcom has connected a new Trouble Ticketing application to the CRM system to manage communication processes with the logistics provider. Thousands of transactions are fed into the system’s report generators to highlight average handling times, unresolved issues and priority management, and to route the most difficult and delicate problems to second level operators. The application completely replaces the previous email-based management system, providing better guarantees of security, handling quality, archiving and order tracking. Our client now has stronger control and a better overview of all communication flows.

Our client was both the best liked and the best performing company on the Italian ethical market in 2013, with a 10.5% increase in NPS (Net Promoter® Score).  As this is the second year Transcom is running the company’s pharmacy customer service, we would like to think that we deserve some of the credit, because with our enthusiasm and our innovations, we always try to deliver an outstanding customer experience.