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Author: Terilyn Hernandez


Who Really IS the Customer in “Customer Experience”?

As people who identify ourselves as Customer Experience Experts we have a tendency to evaluate our own experiences as customers with every interaction – from a call to tech support to the bell hop at a hotel, the cashier at the grocery store or the barista at our favorite coffee shop.

All companies have more than one customer and more than one customer type.  A recent interaction with a leasing agency caused me to look at Customer Experience as a complex and delicate balance and not a straightforward assessment of this call, this interaction, or even the experiences of a single customer over the lifetime of their relationship with a company.

My daughter was having troubles with the management company at her first apartment.  She works second shift and they kept sending maintenance to her door at 8:00am.  When I called the office and explained the situation the (very polite) agent explained to me that their customers are the property owners, not the tenants and they needed to adhere to the wishes of the property owners even if it inconvenienced the tenants.


The company had defined their “customer” very narrowly and as a result were not taking into account how their policies impacted a group of people who directly impact their revenue stream and their reputation in the marketplace, and by default, the revenue and reputation of the people they did consider customers.

As the Customer Experience Experts we have an opportunity to help our clients identify, define and serve all of their customers, not just their obvious customers.  Do we view our and our clients’ processes and policies from the business point of view, the typical customer’s point of view, multiple customer points of view or a combination?

Who are our clients’ “invisible” customers and how are we helping to shine a light on these valuable experiences?

Author: Johan Eriksson

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Transcom’s Q1 2014 results confirm positive development

On Friday, April 25, Transcom released its interim report for the first quarter of 2014.

I am pleased with the progress we are making in terms of enhancing Transcom’s performance, and our financials for the first quarter confirm the positive development. Our focus for 2014 is to continue to improve Transcom’s financial results. While our goal is to continue to grow revenue at least in line with the overall market, our primary focus for the year is clearly to further strengthen our margins. In this context, we have formulated three key priorities for 2014: improving results in North America through increased efficiency and business development, strengthening operational performance in the North Europe region, and driving efficiency and growth in Latin America.

As usual, we met with some investors during the day to discuss the results and Transcom’s plans going forward. This time, we also did a sales briefing for a group of brokers at a major bank. Feel free to have a look at the presentation we used below, or contact me directly with any questions.

Author: Alberto Piñeiro

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Delivering special service to ensure telecom customer satisfaction

At Transcom we always try to adapt our resources to our clients’ needs. One example: the added-value services we deliver from our San Fernando site for a leading telecommunications operator.

Taking into account the type of services that our client offers – and to ensure continuity – it is extremely important that the customer billing process be conducted in a precise manner and without incident.

Transcom San Fernando Team

Early detection and reporting of any irregular usage is one of the best ways to minimize the amount of unpaid bills. It is also a service that helps customers manage their spending in order to avoid a nasty surprise when the invoice arrives.

This service requires delicate management, where providing maximum support and facilitating alternative solutions becomes the best way to achieve our goal, while generating a very positive feedback from our customers.

To ensure this service’s success, it has to be carried out as a comprehensive operation. Therefore, the same agent will manage all related activities: calls, completion of back office tasks, etc…

Transcom San Fernando Team

Thus, the profile of all team members has to be based mainly on great communication skills, agility with the computer-based systems, and rapid execution of actions, customer orientation and adaptability to change.

Author: Claudia Balboa Riquelme

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Successful outcome of sales marathon at Transcom Concepcion

At Transcom’s Concepcion site in Chile, we recently celebrated two months since our opening day. Today the site employs 60 sales agents, servicing a major telecom company. Our client offers TV, phone and Internet services and has a very competitive satellite TV offer.

In November, we organized a sales marathon to encourage and motivate our agents to achieve their best results ever. And they did!

We started the day with a team breakfast, followed by pause gymnastics. During the day, 20 people achieved our sales targets which resulted in a 30% increase of closures, compared to a normal day.

Telemarathon at Transcom Concepcion

These great achievements are the results of good teamwork, including the recruiting and training staff, as well as the team leaders and business managers that prepare the information that help the agents in their sales argumentations.

We will keep on working with an expansive aim, with a commitment to Transom’s excellence, and focusing on innovation as a way to generate new businesses and satisfy our clients.

Author: Per Egil Bråthen

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Transcom Norway gives long-term unemployed youths a second chance

To ensure a high quality recruitment process with a strong local connection, Transcom Norway is working in close cooperation with local labor authorities called NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration). The motto for this operation is to be considered as being an “Inclusive Workplace”.

During the last six months Transcom has participated in a project with the purpose of giving long-term unemployed youths with health problems a job. This project has proven to be a success for all involved parties as we now have several participants that are fully employed at Transcom Norway.

Pictures from

One of these employees is Jonas Svendsen. He has waited a long time for the right job opportunity. Jonas was looking for a workplace that was both social and focusing on helping other people. He discovered that working with customer service at Transcom was a perfect match for him. Now Jonas is employed as an agent helping customers with technical challenges, subscriptions and other requests.


- It’s a great working environment here, says Jonas. I really appreciated the good and comprehensive training I got.

Good training the key to employment

The training lasted four weeks and was done in modules with quality tests after each session.

Øistein Lund, Contact Center Manager, states that Transcom is constantly developing and improving the training process.

Good training is crucial for both the quality of the customer service we deliver and for making the employees enjoy their job at Transcom. More than 50 percent of our employees have worked at the company more than three years.

Furthermore, Øistein says that by offering the long-term unemployed NAV participants an extended and customized training,  they are more likely to be able to keep their new job.

We are very satisfied with the results of this project; we now have new very skilled and loyal employees, who are enjoying their new job. As Transcom has been named the best call center company in Norway four times in a row, that also means that we have grateful and satisfied customers as well, Øistein summarizes.

Susanne Wilkenes from NAV put it this way:

The effort from Transcom shows that the company is a generous and an inclusive company. This is what we would like all “Inkluderende Arbeidsliv” companies to be like. During their time at Transcom, all participants gained valuable experiences, even if all of them did not get a position.

Sofia Karlsson was the teacher during the training period. - I really appreciate when the training is successful, she says.  Pictures from

Sofia Karlsson was the teacher during the training period. – I really appreciate when the training is successful, she says. Pictures from


Transcom Isla Sicilia celebrates its sixth anniversary

On February the 7th, our Transcom Isla Sicilia center celebrated its sixth anniversary.

During that specific day, in my role as a Product Specialist, I was engaged in a training workshop with twenty candidates. At the same time, the rest of the team was beginning to taste our celebration cake.

I started the training session by giving an introduction about my internal career at Transcom and my experiences as a manager. How I started working as a CSR with inbound service ten years ago and how I today have advanced to be an experienced teacher for future agents. In my case, it has been ten years of personal and professional development.

Isla Sicilia 6th Anniversary

I used Transcom’s core values Passion, Excellence and Innovation to explain the sometimes demanding nature of the job and the high degree of commitment it requires in order to be successful:

Passion: I am sure they noticed my enthusiasm after ten years!

Excellence: I said that in Transcom we have set quality as our main objective and that we continuously work on improving processes in order to reach our goal of creating outstanding customer experiences.

Innovation:  They definitely got a taste of our innovative streak when Augustin Romero (our CCM) and Eduardo Bayon (Account Manager), interrupted the workshop to share a portion of cake with us, sharing memories of this site’s first years, and how we planned its future!

Isla Sicilia 6th Anniversary

I want to give my most sincere recognition to the whole Transcom Isla Sicilia team. And regarding the forthcoming challenges, I expect us to face them by using our passionate, excellent and innovative spirit. As Heraclitus once said:

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

I hope that the future agents I trained during our anniversary will someday be able to look back on their experience, and find it to be as rewarding as I’ve found mine to be.