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Author: Giuseppe Bertini

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Transcom’s core values as illustrated by our employees

Last summer, Transcom Italy invited all employees to participate in the photo contest “Express your value” as a way to highlight Transcom’s core values Passion, Excellence and Innovation.

The challenging task was to interpret and illustrate these three core values in a representative picture. The contest lasted for six months and involved numerous colleagues, both enthusiasts and amateurs, who put their creativity and ability to the test. We received more than 100 amazing photos.

In December a jury representing employees from all our sites in Italy selected the three winners by using an online voting system. The creators of these photographs received a digital underwater camera as a prize.

Here are the winning photographs and the motivation from the jury.

PASSION: The Heart


Adding passion into everyday work is one of the key ingredients that enable us to respond positively to challenges and not to give up in the case of difficulty, but instead searching for solutions to achieve the desired result.

Conveying passion on the telephone means communicating trust and having a positive attitude which creates “customer experience”.

Massimiliano Macchia, Alessandra Peterlin and Gianluca Viola from Milan won the prize for Passion.

EXCELLENCE: The Difference

To excel means to stand out, to be recognized among others, and to make the difference through our brand. A Transcom egg, even when it is surrounded by other eggs that all look identical, always stands out because of the recognized quality of our services.

Rosa Randazzo from Biancavilla, Catania won the prize for the image representing Excellence.



Innovating means creating something new, without always reinventing the wheel, while bearing in mind the excellences we already have, in order to build a new and better future. Old technologies that evolve into new technologies make us think about the future of Transcom, without forgetting the past, but capitalizing on our extensive experience.

Mattia Campa from Transcom Lecce won the prize for Innovation.

Author: César Mesa

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How to grow and ensure results in big sales campaigns

Big sales campaigns with an exponential growth in an already large number of agents tend to represent a huge challenge in terms of maintaining stable results due to the increase of turnover rates, which in turn impacts the final service’s outcome. Therefore it is necessary to strengthen all the variables that affect both our agents’ performance and the consolidation of their achievements in order to minimize their impact on the campaign’s results.

These have been some of the challenges that Transcom Sevilla has faced  recently, with the growth of one of our clients.

In April 2013, a leader in entertainment products, insurance and legal counseling, signed a deal with a new and important partner in Spain, in order to sell its products to their customers. To that effect, they once again trusted Transcom as leading supplier to sell their products.

With the launch of this new service, we increased our platform by 90 agents. After the first months of service and a satisfactory performance, our client requested us to continue growing, and this past September we did so, reaching a team of 200 members.

To recruit and consolidate such a big number of sales agents in the same campaign, it became necessary to apply new recruitment and training dynamics, as well as strengthening the team leader structure in order to shorten the learning curve and give further support to new hires.

To accomplish this, it became necessary for the team leaders to collaborate in the recruitment stage, supporting the interviews and the selection process. In the training stage, sales workshops were set up to reinforce agents’ sales skills and to ensure the successful identification of customer needs. At the start of the production stage, we established personal coaching for newly hired agents, guiding them towards positive call resolutions.

All actions carried out last September helped us to meet the needs of one our largest sales campaigns in Sevilla, with over 250 agents committed to our client.

We appreciate our client’s trust in Transcom, the fruit of good, solid work, and we can now focus on improving results, in order to cement our status as this client’s leading provider.

Author: Henrik Olsson

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Transcom hosts successful Customer Experience Seminar in Stockholm

At the top floor of our office with a spectacular view of a sunny Stockholm, a number of selected clients together with their Transcom contacts participated in the first of four breakfast seminars planned for 2014. The topic for these seminars is performance psychology and the purpose is to give the audience both inspiration and tools for personal as well as organizational growth.

Collage_Customer Exp Seminar 1

Two of Sweden’s most renowned experts in the performance field were our cicerones during this session. Johan Plate is working closely with several Olympic athletes, National sports teams and Executives. Thomas Fogdö is a former Alpine Skiing World Champion now focusing on passing on his first hand experiences to others.

Together they showed the audience new views on perceptions and performance limitations. Johan and Thomas explained the necessity for different types of goal setting and facilitated discussions around motivation and positive thinking. Subjects such as focus, performance analysis and winning mentality were also covered. The seminar lasted for 90 minutes but in that very inspirational atmosphere it felt more like nine! I actually think that most of us could have stayed a lot longer in that room.

I had the opportunity to speak to most of the attendees after the session and based on all the spontaneous positive feedback I am happy say that this was an extraordinarily successful seminar. We at Transcom are now very motivated to host our second seminar in early May. And with what we now have learned we know how to up our performance a notch to top the event that took place today…


Author: Peter Paul Perez

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Knowledge Management in the Customer Care Management Industry

One service that is fast gaining a foothold in the customer care management Industry is Knowledge Management (KM). A recent study shows that 70.1% of companies are institutionalizing KM in one way or another into their core business processes. So just what is Knowledge Management? It is defined as the process of capturing, enhancing, and re-using the knowledge and expertise gained from creating, using, and supporting a product. From the definition, we can assume two things:

  1. Data becomes information and information becomes knowledge;
  2. KM therefore leads to effective knowledge transfer across organization and its customers.

The technical part of KM comes into play when choosing the most effective way of processing acquired data and delivering these “processed” data both internally and externally. The media that can be used in delivering the knowledge can be determined by understanding what your core business is and who your customers are.  Having an in-depth understanding of these two factors are key to a successful Knowledge Management implementation.


How is Knowledge Management delivered?

In a contact center, knowledge is delivered to both customers and agents by means of varying tools and technologies. These can be self-help tools for customers and knowledge base websites for agents. The objective of the former is to deflect calls by giving customers a means to resolve their own product issues. The most common example is “How To articles” – a step by step guide about known product issues. Given that the main objective is to enhance the customer experience, agents can also be equipped with tools that will help them give effective support to customers. These tools can be in the form of a collaborative knowledge base that houses various support tools like simulators, product pages, and process wizards. You may also opt to arm the knowledge base with tools like chat and discussion boards. An ideal Knowledge base should have the capability to directly accept and process content contributions from customers and agents. Furthermore, it should have robust and powerful search function capabilities.

In general practice, knowledge base contents and tools are being developed by dedicated KM personnel. The KM team is usually comprised of Product Experts, Technical Writers, and Test Engineers. In order to determine what types of content to develop, most KM practitioners in the industry analyze feedback and surveys from customers and agents.  Call logs are also used to identify and prioritize content and tools development.

Screenshoot KB system Homepage

What are the benefits of Knowledge Management?

The benefits of KM may vary depending on the nature of the business. In our industry, the most common metrics that are being considered are increasing customer satisfaction, lowering support cost and improving agent efficiency and productivity. To further detail the benefits, a recent survey shows that increasing customer satisfaction ranks as the number one reason why most companies are implementing KM in their businesses –an increase in customer satisfaction means an increase in customer loyalty and retentionThis in turn will result in increased revenue and profit.

We talked about call deflection earlier in this article – that is where the KM benefit of reducing support cost comes in. A great portion of savings can be accounted for in the deflection of incoming calls by customers. This is achieved by providing customers with effective self-help tools so customers can find their way into resolving their own product issues. Thus, companies can save up on support costs associated with the call. In addition, saving customers the hassle of having to switch channels because they could not resolve the issue on the first try lowers customer effort. This has been shown to be a very important factor in enhancing customer loyalty.

Another benefit of having a KM program is that it greatly improves agent efficiency and increases agent productivity. The fact is that agents who are better equipped with support tools have lower handling time in resolving customer issues and have a higher first call resolution rate.




A Technical Support Company’s success lies primarily on its knowledge to effectively service its customers. It is in this context that KM comes into play. KM facilitates effective gathering, processing and dissemination of knowledge throughout the organization, benefiting customers and partners.

There is no doubt that KM is becoming an integral part of contact centre operations. More and more companies in this industry are raking in positive results from their KM initiatives. Though it is true that KM implementation does not happen overnight, the benefits associated with a successful KM execution are overwhelming.

Author: Alvaro Buesa


Transcom Iberia & Latam launches a blog in Spanish

As an effort to reach our clients and friends in a more direct way, today Transcom Iberia & Latam has launched a new blog: “Despejando la X… La eXperiencia de cliente según Transcom” (Resolving the X… Customer experience from the Transcom perspective)

Our blog aims to be a place to exchange information and experiences, a way to share our understanding on how we help our clients in developing their customer experience strategy. The blog is directed to the Spanish markets and will focus on news about the contact center industry, as well as news regarding consumer and technology trends. We will write about the role of the contact center industry in this new environment with empowered customers that need a different approach as they have become the center of any business.

People from all positions within the company will be participating in the blog, posting from their own perspective, contributing to create a rich mixture of subjects and personal views that we expect to enrich with our readers’ comments and suggestions.