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Author: Joanna Osinska

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Transcom Poland teaches students in cooking and customer service

For over two years Transcom Poland has been cooperation with local universities and secondary schools to influence young people’s education. By taking part in educational programs we share our knowledge and experience, and try to combine theory with practice in high schools.

Recently our team in Gdańsk decided to open the doors to all young people by inviting them to workshops at the Transcom office! This was the beginning of Transcom’s Academy in Poland.

The idea with Transcom Academy is to share our knowledge and expertise with students. By inviting them to visit our offices we want to show them who we are,  what we do and how friendly atmosphere we create together with our teams. The topics for the workshops will vary from serious matters like customer service tips to less formal activities like cooking.


The topic for the first workshop was “Cheap cooking for students”. We mostly hire students and we know how hard it is to survive in a strange city, away from home, paying for the flat and studying. That’s why we presented cheap receipts and all participants that cooked with us where invited to enjoy the food.

During the workshop our guests had the opportunity to submit their CVs and take part in the recruiting process. We had a lot of fun together!

cooking3  cooking2


Author: Frida Gatu

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Transcom Sweden educates agents in behavioral analysis to improve customer experience

In January we started to implement development programs for our  agents in Sweden. They will be trained to use a  behavioral style analysis method called Puzzle DISC.

DISC is a behavioral style analysis tool that is used in many situations where people’s differences are important to recognize, as in recruitment, personal development, team development, leadership development, sales development, communication and customer service.

The different behavioral tendencies are also described using the colors red, yellow, green and blue.

Disc Colors

There are three reasons why we do this at Transcom:

  1. Improved understanding of and communication with our clients’ customers
  2. Self-development
  3. Group development

According to a recent study, one fourth of repeat calls are caused by an emotional disconnect between the customer and the agent. By using the DISC system, our agents will learn how to identify different customer personalities and provide an answer that matches that specific personality, resulting in a better customer experience. If you, for example, talk to a “blue person”, the agent will need to focus on facts and details. If the agent talks to a “yellow person”, the conversation needs to be more chatty and social.

Umeå is the first of six sites in Sweden to do the DISC-color language training. The first session was held on Friday January 21st.

Disc Training Umeå

The training was received with open arms and the agents thought DISC was a great method, easy to understand and easy to apply in their daily work.

The agents also discussed various customer situations and how they can use color language in these conversations. We had very good discussions and everyone learned great methods on how they can respond to different customer personalities.

“It is absolutely amazing that you can answer a number of questions and get a behavioral analysis of myself that fits so incredibly well.”

“Everyone at Transcom should take this course.”

“Now I have a full understanding of the behavior of others.”

 Disc Training Umep Certificates

During the spring, we will start to train people at other sites in Sweden, and I look forward to “painting” Transcom in red, yellow, green and blue as a way of improving our customer experience and empowering our employees.

Author: Stefano Nanni

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2,000 Transcom agents deliver online support to Italy´s main social security and welfare institute

Our client is one of Europe’s leading social security organisation, providing services to almost all Italian citizens. In June 2013, the institute renewed its contract with Transcom Italy to provide contact center services to citizens and companies about social security and welfare issues. It has a balance sheet that is second only to the Italian state in terms of size, and the vast majority of public and private sector employees and self-employed people in Italy are registered with the institute.

Transcom began delivering the service about three years ago, with a team made up of a few hundred agents who mainly provided information services. After several months, the volume of calls began to grow and hundreds of new agents were trained. When our client started to offer online services, other channels were introduced and work got underway on the gradual implementation of a highly structured quality plan.

Today more than 2,000 agents, working in 14 operating sites in 8 cities, are involved in the Institute’s contact center services. 90% of these services are online and the contact center has now become a multimedia provider, delivering assistance through many different integrated channels (phone, fax, mail, web, chat, Skype), based on a quality monitoring program that covers all aspects of the service.

Since September 2010, more than 56,000,000 contacts have been handled. Current average monthly volume stands at about 1,900,000 contacts, with daily peaks of 175,000 contacts.

Today, Transcom delivers online support about social security and welfare issues to all Italian citizens, who have all needed the help of an agent at least once, particularly in this period in which unemployment, social assistance and government benefits are a key concern for everyone in Italy.

We are really proud to play a key role in these fundamental issues and to deliver the best possible experience to the entire Italian population.

Author: Agustín Romero

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New ways to get closer to our client

Over the past years, Transcom Isla Sicilia has been practicing an interesting and fun activity with our main client on a regular basis: each month we play sports!

The sports activities help us to strengthen relationships between the Transcom staff – including supervisors, coordinators, quality staff and agents- while facing their direct counterparts on the client end.

By playing sports, we find a different way to get closer to them, creating new, more informal communication channels, fostering not just a comfortable environment to talk about the match but also to tackle other more relevant subjects regarding our business relationship.

Transcom Isla Sicilia Team

Although the participants’ professionalism will always take precedence, there is something about seeing each other in ‘shorts’ that always adds a plus to understanding each other’s point of view, creating a closer relation between both teams.

We will not give away the scores of these ‘encounters’ because we have always heard that what truly matters is to participate, but we can say that they have been satisfactory for both parties…

The true heart of the matter is how the promotion of sportsmanship and the improvement of human relationships can be achieved through sport.

Author: Marek Szul

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Transcom Poland awarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala

Within the last decade, outsourcing has become one of the largest sectors in Poland. There are more than 400 BPO (business process outsourcing) centres in the country, which employ approximately 110,000 agents.  The estimated yearly employment growth for the BPO industry in Poland is 20%.  This rapid development encourages various international companies to establish their outsourcing centres in our country.

On the 16th of January 2014, the best and the fastest-developing outsourcing companies were rewarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala that was held in Warsaw. During the gala Transcom Worldwide Poland received an award in the category Call and Contact Center – the biggest % growth of permanent employment 2013 vs. 2012.

Receiving this award was a further evidence of our commitment to the professional development of our employees. Thanks to the numerous training courses we offer, they can gain new competences, quickly becoming highly qualified agents. The carrier path is based on well-established procedures and allows beginner consultants to be promoted to experts or even higher positions within the company. Furthermore, employees can take advantage of Transcom’s generous work benefits programs.


Transcom Worldwide Poland awarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala, source: ProProgressio

Transcom Worldwide Poland awarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala, source: ProProgressio

At the moment, we are also increasing employment which is related to the innovative project of transforming Transcom’s offices in Poland into a new “multilingual hub”. Read more about this project in one of my previous posts: Transcom Poland to become a new multi-language hub

Our objective is to create a centre, which will provide services for customers from various countries, in their own languages.

Transcom Worldwide Poland Award

Transcom Worldwide Poland Award

Author: César Mesa

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Shortening the learning curve

In times when our clients are looking for ways to reduce their costs, and we -as providers- are looking for ways to promote growth in our centers, can these two demands ever be achieved for both parties?

Yes, they can. At Transcom Sevilla we are working on different ways to reduce our clients’ acquisition’ costs, in order to make future requests for volume increases more attractive.

We have been working on ways to improve the sales processes as well as their quality. By analyzing the normal behavior for our biggest campaigns, we have been able to implement formulas that successfully shortens newly hired agents’ learning curve.

The intention is to quantify and explain the time it takes for an agent to acquire the necessary knowledge -for any campaign- to catch up to their more veteran colleagues’ skill. In this way, our client obtains a clear picture of the obtained results during the learning phase, making it possible to analyze how growth will be profitable for the campaign in the short, medium or long term.

With this type of logarithmic curve we can see that there is a point of maximum productivity, where any improvement in terms of process, motivation or specialization, would have a greater impact on the qualitative variables of the campaign, such as the quality of the call, improving the handling times, etc.

After this analysis we can conclude which actions have a greater impact on reducing the time to reach maximum productivity, being able to prioritize the optimal ones over many others.

At Transcom, through initiatives like this, we constantly improve the productivity of outbound sales agents, while at the same time improving the service quality and reducing our clients’ costs.