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Transcom Cares supports a new resource centre for street kids in Manila

As mentioned earlier here on the blog, one of the many organizations sponsored by Transcom Cares in the Philippines is Concordia Children’s Services (CCS), a children’s home in Manila for abandoned and neglected children.

The organization operates two programs:

  • a Residential Care Program for children 0-2 years, most of them orphans, giving them a quality temporary care until they are placed in permanent homes
  • an Urban Poor Children Program (street kids) aimed to support children between the ages of 7 and 16 with education and other forms of support to help them improve their lives

In late October 2013 the organization moved into a new facility, and decided to build a Resource Center on the property for the Urban Poor Children. The Transcom Cares Foundation stepped in and financially supported the project.

On December 6th, the new venue was inaugurated by Dr Walt Winters, the founder of CCS, Nabelle Caballes, Executive Director of CCS, Johan Eriksson, CEO and President of Transcom Worldwide and Siva Subramanian, Regional General Manager Transcom Asia Pacific.

Collage inaguration Concordia

Now, less than three months later it is with great joy we can see that the new Research Center already is a well-attended and appreciated venue for these children. Indoor and outdoor activities are being organized to help the children in their school performance. They come here to do their homework, research, to read and for tuition. The building also serves as a library.

Volunteers from Transcom in Manila recently visited the CCS Resource Center to carry through a feeding program and to talk to the children about proper hygiene.

The plan is to regular visit the organizations that Transcom Cares Foundation in the Philippines supports every 6-10 months. This way we will be able monitor the organizations’ growth and to have a continuous relationship with the kids and the volunteers.

Collage Volunteers

Please like Concordia Children’s Services on Facebook to find more information about their work and programs.

Author: Przemyslaw Wlodarczyk

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Transcom Poland delivers top-level customer service to mobile operator

In the difficult battle for market leadership big companies, global corporations and well-known corporate brands more and more often recognise that customer satisfaction is the base for the very existence of their enterprises. Without focusing on the individual needs of each client, they will not achieve a sustainable and competitive market position.

For Transcom Worldwide, increasing the level of customer satisfaction of our business partners’ clients is our top priority. Since 2007, we are responsible for providing customer care for the fastest growing mobile operator in Poland, with over 10 million users. Our main objective was to establish “Best Customer Service” as a trademark for this company.

After 6 years of cooperation, we can proudly say that we have been able not only to beat that challenge but also to provide customer support at the best possible level. In 2012, our client received the second straight Gold Standard award in the category of “Mobile Telephone Operators” for an above-average customer satisfaction level, tested through a professional and independent market survey. Furthermore, for the fifth time in a row, it has been placed among the TOP 100 Most Friendly Companies in Poland. This award was presented by the consumer community of the Service Quality Program survey panel, which has been monitoring the customer satisfaction levels in Poland since 2008.

Customer Operation Director of the company said:

“Thanks to Transcom, we are able to provide our customers with top-level service quality, and now we can plan our costs in a more flexible manner. In this way, we have gained another competitive advantage over our rivals. We handle our work with passion. We are convinced that Transcom’s agents treat their jobs in the same way. We are glad to have the opportunity to work together.”

To summarise, at Transcom Poland we are capable of providing excellent customer experience to our clients at the highest possible level. I am sure that in the future, this mobile operator will continue to receive awards for their exceptional customer service.



Author: Agustín Romero

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Transcom employee nominated to the Fortius Awards in Spain

On the 30th of January, the Fortius Awards Gala was held in Madrid. The event is organized by the Spanish Association of Experts in Customer Relations (AEERC) and awards the best profiles within the call center industry in Spain.

It was an honor for everyone at Transcom Isla Sicilia that our colleague Carmen Segura Rojas, who works as a Customer Service Agent for a major Spanish insurer, was one of three finalists in the category of Best Agent of the Year in outbound services.

Receiving this nomination is a result of Carmen’s outstanding work; she is a person committed both to serve the client in the best possible way and as well as support and encourage the team she belongs to.

When we shared the news about the nomination to our client they communicated their congratulations to Carmen and the team:

“Transcom’s daily support is vital for us. We wish to thank the whole Transcom team for doing things the way you do.” 

Fortius Awards 2013

For Carmen this experience has been rewarding at all levels:

“Professionally, it means a lot to me that Transcom elected me to represent them in my category. This has given me confidence in my job.

In regards to our client, I think it has been very positive for Transcom, because it shows that the team working on their product is excellent -as they have let me know through multiple email messages and a lovely Orchid bouquet.

Personally, I have not enough words to thank all my colleagues for the enthusiasm they have showed these days; I have received support messages, a dedicated song and they have even given me flowers to help me overcome my disappointment after not having won the big award.

The gala night was entirely in the Oscar’s style; we had a photo call, the delivery of diplomas and lots of pictures… It was quite an experience!

I want to thank the Transcom management for believing in me and making this possible.”

Author: Diana Bruzite

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Dedicated employees contributed to the success of Transcom Latvia’s Charity Months

At Transcom Latvia, we declared September, October and November as charity months. Our overall aim with this Transcom Cares project was to contribute to charity, create a positive work environment, teambuilding and also to promote Transcom Latvia as a socially responsible company.

During these months, we encouraged our employees to create their own charity projects, based on their own initiative and choice.  All together, we implemented nine unique projects and after an internal voting Transcom Latvia gave an additional donation to the employees’ favorite project: Purchasing medical equipment to The Latvian Social Care Center.


In December we celebrated the success of our charity months with a day that will be remembered as the most emotional event ever at Transcom Latvia – the response was great and together we achieved really wonderful things.

Our committed employees provided material support and warmth of hearts to a social care center, the Latvian support association for low-income people, an orphanage, children and youth crisis center, a children’s hospital and two animal shelters. We also organized a charity monopoly, resulting in a donation to the victims affected by the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

During this project Transcom Latvia encouraged and supported many employees to contribute with their personal engagement, time and willingness to carry out voluntary work as a way to create to a better society.

But charity projects like this can never be mandatory. It will only be a success when there is a genuine desire to help and the project is driven by committed people that never give up and run the project from the beginning to the very end.

Author: Fidel Rodríguez

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Innovative teamwork in Transcom San Fernando provides business intelligence to telecom client

There are few markets as competitive as the Spanish telecom sector. To point this out; from January to May 2013, more than 2.9 million of mobile portabilities took place in a 55 million active mobile lines market, which means a portability of 5.65%.

In addition, if it has always been important to build customer loyalty and retain existing customers, the current financial situation has made customer loyalty a high priority issue for telecom companies. Especially as the decrease in mobile lines is a new reality that mobile operators have to face. In May 2013, there were 5% less mobile lines in Spain than in May 2012.

In this context, and in order to improve our retention service for one of our main customers in the telecom sector, our center in San Fernando, Madrid, has set up what we have called “Observatory of Convergence”.

The Observatory of the convergence team

We have organized the agents into groups together with their team leaders. Each team studies and deeply analyzes the commercial offer of the assigned mobile provider, making a comparison with our customer offer and develops arguments to achieve the cancellation of the portability.

These experiences are then shared among all teams which generates an atmosphere of involvement and team work that increases the service quality for our client. Furthermore, we are providing added value to our customer by transferring an updated overview of the market situation and what effect their current offers have on the final user.

Author: Johan Eriksson

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Improved operational and financial stability

Last week, Transcom reported financial results for the fourth quarter and full-year 2013. We continue to focus hard on enhancing our performance. I am happy with the results we achieved last year in terms of improving the company’s operational and financial stability, while also growing our top-line by 7.9%.

During the year, we resolved a number of short-term challenges that created uncertainty and also weighed on our results. For example, we signed a settlement agreement concerning our former French subsidiary, stopping the considerable losses generated there over the past several years. We also reached a satisfactory agreement with Italian tax authorities, resolving a tax dispute in that country.

The fact that we are now generating stronger cash-flow is important and very positive. Our net debt decreased by €13.5 million compared to the third quarter. Our financial flexibility has also improved following the successful renegotiation of our existing Revolving Credit Facility, which was due to expire in October 2014.

While we made good progress in 2013, there are a number of things we need to address in order to further improve profitability. One very important priority for 2014 is to improve results in North America, both through new business development and increased efficiency. Our primary objective is to create opportunities for profitable growth.

Feel free to have a look at the presentation below, or contact me directly with any questions you may have.