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Author: César Mesa

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Proud of our team!

After a few months of significant growth, Transcom Sevilla now has more than 500 sales agents, 40% of which are concentrated in the financial sector, providing coverage to a major Spanish bank.

We provide many different services for this important client. In November we launched a new commercial activity consisting in capturing extraordinary customer contributions to their individual pension plans, focusing on a specific group of the customer’s database.

In accordance with the different motivational plans we perform in Sevilla, in this activity we focused on obtaining the first positive results in a few days. Our colleague Susana Pacheco has so far gotten the highest client contribution, the amount being close to the maximum allowed for tax-saving purposes. This achievement was acknowledged by our client who personally congratulated her.

Susana Pacheco receiving Transcom recognition

In Transcom we decided to give her a gift as a motivational measure and to set her effort as a best practice example for the rest of the team.

Hopefully this will be the first of many such awards, and the implementation of this commercial action will herald our client’s success.

Author: Giovanni De Santis

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Letter from a colleague on a humanitarian mission in Africa

As Transcom Italy is committed in several social projects in its several sites, and concretely supports and encourages all the humanitarian and solidarity projects promoted and carried out by its people, I would like to share with you something that happened few months ago in our site, in the South of Italy.

During the summer of 2013, Annarita, who works at our Lecce center, set off for Africa in Marsabit, Kenya where she stayed for about a month on a humanitarian mission. Before she left we filled every available space in her luggage with all kinds of toys, including balloons, soap bubbles, pinwheels, kites, plastic animals, sponge balls and skipping ropes … asking her to give them all on behalf of Transcom to children in the villages she visited. She specifically asked us for small objects so that they could easily be slipped into empty spaces in all the packages that were ready to send, containing food, clothes, medicines and basic necessities.

Annarita is standing on the left wearing dark glasses and a bandana

Annarita is standing on the left wearing dark glasses and a bandana

When she returned, Annarita proudly showed us all the pictures she had taken, including a series showing children playing with the balloons we had sent. And she wrote us this letter, which we would like to share with you.

I’d like to tell you something about my Africa.

Africa is … an emotion that gets inside you and doesn’t go away, despite all the difficulties!

Africa is … hunger, thirst, joy, pain. And faith, the faith you discover you never had before and you find you can’t help but liking just a little.

Every smile is pure joy; the strength of every mum is wonderful. You rediscover how beautiful life is from such a simple people, who have to walk barefoot at least 10 miles for a little water.

Africa is reflected in the eyes of Alkano, a 10-month baby who weighs just 4 kg. When he looks into your eyes you think he could ask you for the world, but instead he just wants to live, something he cannot do because he needs a simple operation on his adenoids.

Africa is … the blessing and gratitude of a grandfather, simply for having helped him set his foot in plaster, after it had been fractured for more than a month.

Africa is … arriving in a village in the middle of a desert and first being asked to go to mass together.

Africa is … walking down the street and feeling a child’s hand in your own. And thinking that he is looking for help, when in fact he is the one helping you, because when you turn to look into his eyes, they say “smile because this is life and it has to be lived with a smile”!

Africa is so much … too much to explain with a pen and paper. You have to experience it to understand.

A big thank you to everyone at Transcom. You have added a little color to this world with your gifts!




Author: Hartmut Jaschok

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Late Christmas Present for Young Cancer Patients

Transcom Rostock donates 1500 € to the German Association who supports children and young adults suffering from cancer. During our Christmas celebration in December, we organised a charity tombola. Regardless of the various prices, the charity thought and the will to help were in focus.

Due to the great involvement from Transcom’s employees, 736 € were collected. Our Contact Center Manager for the Rostock site honored this effort by doubling and rounding up the amount to 1500  €.

 Rostock Christmas Donation


Last week, the symbolic delivery of the donation check took place on site of the association in Rostock. Besides the check, the Contact Center Manager and one of the Business Managers handed over other donations as well, for example books and CDs for the children.

Thanks to the generosity of Transcom’s employees the association can proceed with organizing activities and events to encourage cancer affected children and their families.





Author: Terilyn Hernandez

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Enhancing the Global Customer Experience



One of the most exciting things about working at Transcom is our global structure and the opportunity to interact and partner with our counterparts in many different countries.  Being a part of Global Operations, Account Management or other communities provides us with insight and depth that isn’t readily available in local only organizations.

Our global reach is also one of the reasons our clients look to us as strategic partners.

As more and more companies take advantage of a global workforce the idea and practice of Customer Experience management becomes more complex.  The differences in what a customer wants and expects in a phone call, chat or email exchange offer greater insight into cultural differences than language, accent or cuisine.

A customer in North America will gladly forgo the niceties of polite conversation to get their issue resolved quickly and permanently. If they initiated the interaction they expect their reason for calling to be cared for before anything else is discussed and most North American customers simply aren’t comfortable with formality.  We regularly hear:

“Don’t apologize, just fix it”
“I don’t want to hear about your other products until you make the one I have work”
“Don’t call me ma’am”
“Just call me Bob, not Mr. Henry, that’s my dad.”

The way I, as a customer, want to be spoken to when I call for tech support, to buy a product or to understand my bill can feel downright rude or inappropriate to the representative handling my call or chat session in the Philippines.

Understanding and adapting to these differences is a big part of what our clients look to Transcom to provide.  They need their customers cared for and Transcom knows how to provide that care – virtually anywhere in the world.

As Customer Experience Experts Transcom’s clients often rely on us to be their globalization experts and as such our contribution as strategic partners goes far beyond simply answering  the phone or responding to chat messages.  We provide our partners with insight into how they can achieve their business goals and make offshoring or outsourcing comfortable for their customers.

Globalization can be challenging, frightening and exciting for customers and corporations alike – Transcom’s Customer Experience Expertise is helping our clients to navigate this new environment and helping their customers experience the benefits of globalization.

How have you helped your client navigate the global environment?  How have you helped your front line team successfully manage the customer experience across cultures?


Author: Per Egil Bråthen

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Red Cross and Transcom Norway obtained 15,000 new sponsors!

On Saturday December 14 it was time for the yearly TV show on TV2 Norway called “Røde Kors Artistgalla”. It is a two hours long live show focusing on the work and different projects that Red Cross carries out throughout the world with the purpose of getting as many new sponsors to those projects as possible. And let me say: This time it was a huge success!

From left: Øistein Lund (CCM), Stine Antonsen (Projectleader) and Jon-Ivar Nygård (Major Fredrikstad)

From left: Øistein Lund (CCM), Stine Antonsen (Project leader) and Jon-Ivar Nygård (Mayor Fredrikstad)


It is the fifth time in a row Transcom Norway gathers a lot of volunteers to answer all the calls from those who want to become a sponsor. This time we were about 160 persons from local politicians, football clubs, and schools and of course our employees and their family and friends. Local businesses provide other necessary things to make this event a professional arrangement.

During the TV show our volunteers answered about 5,000 calls and got about 4,900 sponsors. In total 15,000 sponsors were obtained through Facebook, Internet, SMS and other media channels this weekend!

Representatived from Red Cross

Representatives from Red Cross

This year’s message from the Red Cross TV show was Together we help children in crises. The income from the sponsors will be located to help children and their families to survive in countries ravaged by war, conflict and poverty. Therefore Transcom Norway is proud of being a partner for Red Cross and we hope we can make a difference by this.

We’ll be ready for the next time!

Hanne Bjørnstad and her daughter

Hanne Bjørnstad and her daughter

Author: Siva Subramaniam

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Transcom Philippines Exhibits the True Filipino Spirit

Transcom Worldwide Philippines’ leaders and employees, across all of their four sites, unanimously agreed on the worthy cause of helping their Filipino countrymen who were badly affected by the super typhoon Haiyan by simplifying their respective year end parties and using them as channels to save funds and funnel more donations to those who need them.

In the recently concluded parties, a video was shown to capture the true essence of what values our employees have, and how, in their own little ways, they showed support to their countrymen who lost their families, lost their homes and whose strength and faith were shaken.

“The Filipino Spirit lives.” Often used to describe the resiliency of the Filipinos during times of natural calamities, it is also used to describe the outpouring support of fellow Filipinos to help, and the steadfast faith and belief of the country’s people that there is HOPE and that tomorrow will be a better day.

Together, Transcom employees and the rest of the Filipino people will gather the courage to start rebuilding the nation – block by block – for it is what they will always call home.