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Author: Rosana García

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Time for solidarity

2013 was a challenging year for many people in Spain and Portugal, not least because of high unemployment. In this context, the continued expansion of Transcom’s operations in these markets is especially pleasing. Also, we have executed several corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives during the year. One recent example is a project we worked on this Christmas.

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and spending time with family and friends. But it is also a time to reflect on and be thankful for all the things we have achieved during the year.

With this thought in mind, Transcom Iberia & Latin America decided to use our Christmas present budget for our clients in a different way. We donated parts of the budget to different Non-Governmental Organizations in the region and to the fund our colleagues in Transcom Philippines created for those affected by the Haiyan typhoon.

Transcom's donation in favor of the Spanish Red Cross

The associations we chose were:

  • Spanish Red Cross: With our donation they distributed 160 pre-paid cards to be used to help families to cover their basic nutritional needs.
  • Pablo Ugarte Association: They could afford some Christmas presents for cancer-affected and sick children in four hospitals in Spain. Our employees also participated in the delivery in Madrid.
  • AFPAD in Portugal: They used the money from Transcom to buy Christmas presents for disabled children.

Finally, and with the aim of involving all our employees, we organized a lottery to raise money for our colleagues in the Philippines, affected by the typhoon. All the money we received from the ballot sale, was added to money that the region had allocated to this project.

In the end, we sent our clients a less expensive – but maybe more meaningful – present, sharing our initiative with them. We have received very good feedback.

Author: Grzegorz Baran

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Inspiring sales initiative at Transcom Olsztyn resulted in front page cover

To encourage our agents to achieve the best possible result, we organized five sales contests at the end of 2013 at our site in Olsztyn, Poland. The contests were created, prepared and executed by our Team Leaders and they were run twice a week.

On the 4th of December, the agents’ goals were to achieve the highest possible sales volume while also beating their best personal result from the previous month. To win, agents needed to show not only product knowledge, but also a wide range of customer service skills allowing them to conduct successful sales calls, eventually closing the sale. This particular contest included five different sales projects, organized by one Team Leader.

But improving sales results was only one part of this contest. When customers from all around Poland are chatting with our agents over the phone, they do not realize that they’re talking with customer experience specialists from Transcom Olsztyn.

That’s why the second aim of our contests (equally or even more important than sales) was to show to the public the talented young people we have working for Transcom Olsztyn, and to promote Transcom as a local employer.

Thanks to our Team Leader Damian Strzemkowski, we managed to achieve both these goals – improving sales and strengthening the public’s knowledge about Transcom. Damian came up with the great idea to contact the local newspaper Olsztyniak, which is distributed for free on the streets of Olsztyn every Thursday morning.

This resulted in extensive coverage in the paper. The winners of our sales contest were featured on the front page with their photos. There was also a short bio of each winner and a longer article about Transcom. On the 19th of December, 20 000 copies of the newspaper were distributed throughout the whole Olsztyn district.

Article in Olsztyniak_131219_3

The following agents were awarded as Best Salesperson at Transcom Olsztyn; Aleksandra Grodzka, Patryk Leśniewicz, Irena Jędrzejewska, Jacek Pokora and Karolina Janowska.

Many congratulations to all of you and we look forward to new inspiring contests in 2014.

Author: Siva Subramaniam

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Transcom featured on BBC documentary about the Philippines

It is my pleasure to announce that Transcom was featured on “This World”, a BBC documentary on the resiliency of the Filipino people and their ability to overcome challenges. Along with the need to create new jobs, poverty has driven the need for Filipinos to go abroad to find work. That was before. Now, more and more people are finding opportunities in the Philippines, also here at Transcom.

The documentary highlights the Filipino trait of patience, politeness and excellent command of the English language in dealing with clients. As such, we are proud to contribute to the Philippines’ designation as the call center capital of the world.

Read more and see video clips from the documentary on This World.

Author: Álvaro Vázquez

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Transcom Atica’s Kilo campaign delivered 150 kg food to schools in Madrid

At Transcom Atica in Madrid, we do not lose time when it comes to lend a hand to whom may need it. In conjunction with the Altius-Francisco de Vitoria Foundation, a food campaign has been conducted to support its program for accompany families who have been hardly hit by the crisis in Spain.

As a part of Transcom Cares, Transcom Atica printed and distributed posters to the different services and departments, inviting all employees to collaborate. During ten days, everybody could bring non-perishable food. As a result, we delivered 150 kg food to the Foundation that was distributed to three schools in Madrid.

Poster with the initiative

The Altius-Francisco de Vitoria Foundation program pursues personal change through the strengthening of individual capabilities, the creation of self-help groups and coverage of family basic needs such as food, personal hygiene or household cleaning. This objective involves their own educational centers and they will choose the participating families.

Transcom Atica team involved in the campaign

Author: Adriana Tavares

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Nine months of successful multilingual technical service in Transcom Portugal

In Transcom Portugal, March 2013 was marked by the start up of a totally new project. After an intense month of practical training, provided by the Portuguese and Spanish quality Managers from our client, that transformed our main training room into a technical lab filled with electro domestics from 13 different brand families, we launched a new bilingual service for technical support.

Lab_transcom Portugal

For this customer we manage technical support and after sale in Portuguese and Spanish and Catalan.  We help our client’s customers to solve small  problems they have with their electro domestics or to schedule technical visits and to extend their machines guarantee.

Since the agents have practical training in each electro domestic device, they will always have the most updated information to provide the customers with, no matter where they are calling from. This means that every time a new device is launched, the agents have full knowledge about how it works, as well as which might be the main technical problems that are possible to occur.

As evidence of the customer experience we are delivering is the fact that the client organized a lunch in September inviting all team members to celebrate the Project’s six-month birthday!

Transcom Portugal_lunch

So far, we can call the outcome of this new project a success – we have reached 100% of the client’s targets, including exceeding some of  their historical best results, which has opened  the doors for Transcom Portugal to implement new products and start a new cross-selling activity in 2014!

Author: Giovanni De Santis

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A special Christmas in Transcom Lecce

“The gift of a smile fills the heart with happiness. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give.”  P. John Faber

This is something that everyone at the Transcom site in Lecce knows very well after experiencing this feeling 260 times in the run up to Christmas!

Taking the cue from an idea proposed during a staff meeting, management and employees at the Lecce site in Italy decided to organise a collection of toys for charity during the Christmas period.

The response to the initiative was enthusiastic to say the least, and with the help of all employees at the site more than 260 toys were collected for children in orphanages and child protection centres. The charity project overwhelmed the company, filling the Call Center Manager’s office with plenty of toys and games to classify, wrap up and deliver.

For 20 days the Lecce site was transformed into a sort of Father Christmas’ workshop. Everyone contributed to the effort and felt responsible about achieving the goal they’d set themselves!


The gifts were presented to their recipients by Father Christmas accompanied by his elves and reindeer, making it an event the children won’t forget in a hurry. Father TransChristmas’ sled visited a total of ten centres in the Salento area, including the Lecce pediatric oncology centre, “La Nostra Famiglia” in Ostuni, “Il Cedro” in Oria, and the Icaro Association in Maglie.

The aim was to put a smile on the faces and happiness in the hearts of as many children as possible, but in the end we realised that the hearts that received the greatest benefit from the initiative were probably our own.

The realisation of this initiative brought the true spirit of Christmas to life, but most importantly made it clear to all of us that a group of people who share the same goal can achieve the impossible!

Happy 2014 from Lecce!