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Author: Gordon Camenzuli

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Transcom Budapest – a story of operating excellence for a client that´s conquering the world

Our client is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing online travel operators. From its origins in Italy, the company’s operations have expanded rapidly and now completes up to 7,500 customer transactions a day in eight European languages. Expansions into the Australian, Philippine and USA markets in early 2012 clearly signaled our client’s global ambitions.

The collaboration with Transcom started in 2009, with customer services managed initially from our Tunis and Pula centers in Croatia, providing support in French and Italian as both countries being the two main markets for the online travel operator back then. Following its success in southern Europe, in 2011 the travel agency extended its online booking services to Russia and the Ukraine, followed by Germany, Hungary, Poland and Turkey.

In light of these developments, the Transcom team in Budapest – a central hub where multiple languages can be handled at scale – swiftly set up the Russian service in October 2011, soon to be followed by new teams dedicated to Germany, Hungary, Poland and Turkey. The operations performed in Budapest for our client include the Global Distribution System services of the very highest quality, which system is used to handle ticketing and post sales activities for all the major flag carrier airlines. Interaction between front and back offices has been optimised to speed up the resolution of customer requests. With over 700 contacts and more than 1,500 bookings and post sales operations handled on a daily basis, the excellent coordination and organisation capabilities of this project’s team leaders and agents needs no further comment.

he Budapest team dedicated to the project

In October, the team celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the start of the service in Budapest. The team prepared a huge cake and lots of other baked items to celebrate the event together

Bravofly 2 year celebration


Author: César Mesa

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Transcom Sevilla launches sales improvement initiative

The art of selling is never easy, and it becomes even harder when you don’t have eye contact with your prospective customer. Our clients’ growth is our own. Therefore, reinforcing our commitment to continuous improvement, Transcom Sevilla recently launched its Plan for continuous improvement in sales campaigns.

It’s really very simple and the first lesson to learn in sales is this: “listen to your customer”. To guarantee that we always do so, Transcom Sevilla has established a process which ensures that we get maximum benefit from the feedback received by our agents during each call, and that, based on that information, we are able to suggest improvement measures to our client in order to better achieve our sales goals.

To ensure that knowledge is transferred from each campaign’s agents to the rest of the team, regular meetings are held with agents, team leaders, and training & quality staff in attendance. During these meetings, the entire selling process is reviewed. Based on the first-hand information from the agents, the participants propose ideas that could potentially have an impact on the success of each call, resulting in increased sales.

The analysis committee in session

The best ideas are then selected and, once the benefits of their implementation have been described, the ideas are submitted for our client’s evaluation. Those ideas that pass its filters will then be incorporated into the campaign and will be monitored in order to confirm their impact on results.

Beyond the improvements in terms of sales, we have also noticed another very important benefit of this process: an increased level of motivation and involvement of our agents, some of whose proposals are deployed with a direct measurable impact on results.

Author: Giuseppe Bertini

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Training courses for over 150 people on the “Leadership Tour: the Power of a Team” project


In March 2013, the Human Resources Office launched a project to develop the management competences of personnel who act as coordinators in the company. Last week, the project entered its final stage, involving 156 people working in all centers that offer services to the Italian and French markets.

The initiative aims to satisfy one of the main goals set by Transcom’s top management: to encourage and promote the enterprise spirit of our most talented people, in order to encourage business development and organic growth based on shared goals and competences.

After an initial stage of collecting, analyzing and assessing training needs, and then planning the most suitable action with the support of specialist third party companies, we have now begun to deliver the training courses. An important aim of the training is to develop personal leadership skills. The courses for Team Leaders and Business Managers were given priority because of the key role they play as points of contact between management and operations areas. The courses were designed based on an experience-based approach, with lots of practical activities, case studies and role playing exercises devised to develop various important skills:

  • Effective leadership and people motivation
  • Conflict management
  • Time management
  • Teamwork and effective communication
  • Problem solving

We know that people make all the difference in our industry. This is why we are increasing our focus on training as a way to develop the skills of our employees.

Author: Isabel Sánchez-Lozano

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Here is work!

As President of the Spanish Contact Center Association (ACE) and Regional Manager of Transcom’s Iberia & Latam Region, I was interviewed for a TV program about work – ‘Here’s work’- broadcast on public television.

This gave us the opportunity to help give visibility to a sector that in Spain alone employs more than 76,000 people. The reporters visited some of the Association’s partners’ platforms and also visited Transcom for a short interview.

This short section of the program was named ‘Here’s the future’, and focused on our industry and the employment opportunities we offer in Spain. It starts 14 minutes and 32 seconds into the video clip:

Aquí hay trabajo – 05/11/13 Watch the videoAquí hay trabajo - 05/11/13