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Author: Annica Strahner

Season’s Greetings from Transcom

Transcom would like to thank all employees, customers, partners and blog readers for an amazing 2013.

We look forward to continue sharing stories from Transcom and our 29 000 employees in 2014. Our bloggers will have a short holiday break and we will be back with new updates on January 2.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

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Author: Liga Pigita

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Swedish Transcom employees are now working and enjoying themselves in Riga!

Recently we started a trans-border project in Riga. Scandinavian language skills are highly appreciated in Latvia and the demand from potential clients is growing. For Transcom Latvia, this is a great opportunity to increase our near shore services.

Our offer to come to work in Riga includes a lot of benefits – international experience, possibility to work in customer care for our clients that are international companies, opportunity to enjoy local culture in a city that never sleeps, new friends and all this less than one hour from Sweden!

When our Transcom people are coming to work in Riga, they receive support in all relocation matters, separate compensation as well as support in finding accommodation and even a special airport pick up and short excursion to the office and living place straight after arrival.



Hanna, Fredrik, Lars, Arimande and Martin recently worked at Transcom Sweden, but accepted the challenge and used the advantages of working in an international company. They moved to work in Latvia and this is how they describe their first month in Riga:

“We have now been here for one month, and Riga already feels like home. The city, people and work is great. I haven’t regretted that I moved here for one second!”
(Hannah, Transcom Borås)

 “At first I was a bit skeptic traveling to a foreign country to work, but I have not once regretted going here. Riga is a very beautiful city and there is a lot to see. I strongly recommend going here if you get the chance to.”
(Fredrik,Transcom  Borås)

 “Great city. Great people. Great times!” (Lars, Transcom Borås)

 “I have been in Latvia for about one month and it feels more like home for every day that passes. I have had a really warm welcome by all colleagues and I am glad to be working with such an ambitious and fun team. It is a great atmosphere at Transcom Riga and I am really happy that I decided to move.”
Arimande  (Transcom Örebro)

 “It`s going great so far. The attitude about working is positive among my colleagues, everyone is friendly and helpful. Things have gone way more smooth than I thought it would. It`s great to see that management is visible and talks with people”.

 (Martin, Transcom Karlskoga)

This gives Transcom WORLD WIDE a meaning in reality. More people should take advantage and use the opportunity to see the world through a Transcom employment!

Transcom in Riga will continue to grow and the search for Scandinavian speakers is on! If you are interested or if you have anyone you can recommend – don’t wait to contact us!

Transcom Ribeirao gives a hand to the “Pajama Day”

In November 20th 1989, United Nation’s International Convention of the Rights of the Child stated the following on its preamble:

“The child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.”

In Portugal 95% of the almost 8,600 children that are separated from their parents live in institutions, only 5% finds a new home in a foster family.

Due do this fact each 20thNovember, Portugal celebrates the “Pajama Day”. On this day, all children under 6 years associate themselves to a noble cause and go to school dressed up in their pajamas, in order to call attention to all children’s need and right to have a place they call home.

The activities that happen through the day involve the children, their parents and the community and are showed on the television and on media web sites.


This year Transcom Portugal contributed to the “Pajama Day” cause by working together with the institution that promotes it and preparing kits that are sent to the schools in early November. The kits are then distributed to the children with instructions. The package also contains a paper piggy bank, shaped as a home that the children use in order to collect money from its family, friends, and neighbors… to help finance a home for the children that don’t have one.

All together we prepared 7,450 kits! And, with the help of our voluntaries, Transcom Portugal will go on with this partnership, trying to put a smile in the face of those homeless children.

Author: Fredis Bikovs

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Swedish Minister for Social Security visiting Transcom Latvia

Swedish Minister for Social Security, Ulf Kristersson recently had an official visit to Republic of Latvia to attend a round table discussion regarding Labour Migration in the Nordic-Baltic region. During his visit, the Minister also visited Transcom Latvia, having discussions with both local and regional management.


1422390_554148688009501_1130648271_n (1)

Transcom North region is growing actively and the key to providing outstanding customer experience to our clients are people. As both Swedish and Latvian markets have its own challenges in terms of recruitment, this was one issue we discussed with the Minister.

Overall, Transcom is looking forward to continue the dialogue with both governments. I strongly believe that this meeting was successful in bringing government and business closer, providing a greater understanding of our market needs. Further cooperation will most probably result in new workplaces in both countries, ensuring continuous improvements in customer experience for our clients.

We are actively cooperating with the Latvian government as well; to make sure that the market is providing highly skilled people, thus ensuring our business stability in the long-term.



Author: Leonardo Sanguino

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Transcom Cali, a successful start-up story

The successful opening of Transcom’s new Cali center in Colombia is the result of hard work and commitment from a lot of people throughout the organization. To open a new center in a new country is an enormous challenge, but in Cali the cooperation of colleagues from neighboring countries has created a local “corporate culture mix” that has proven to be a decisive factor for a successful start-up. The process started back in August with the recruitment of our contact center staff. Once this phase was completed, it was time to recruit the best agents in Cali.


Determined to recruit the best team in a new environment -and still unknown country-, the regional staff became fascinated by Cali and the great number of qualified people it offered, filled with uncanny enthusiasm and commitment towards Transcom. The Local chambers of commerce and local institutions provided all the cooperation that we needed. With their help, and thanks to an excellent job done by the recruitment team, we managed to complete the second phase of the startup process: hiring the best call center agents, ready to be trained in a record time!

The training was a very intense and included a high-quality program that guaranteed our client a very well-prepared staff, able to provide the best service to their customers from day one. Finally, November 11th became our D-day, when Lisandro Mesa one of our 131 agents, answered the first call from Cali.

Since then, we can all be proud to be part of Transcom, a great company that brings out the best of its employees, making it possible to open a fully operational contact center in very short time.

Author: Jonas Ahlstedt

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Transvoice is growing

Transvoice, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Transcom, is a leading language service provider (LSP) in Sweden. Our speciality is interpretation-at-a-distance over the phone. The market for interpretation services is rapidly shifting from on-site interpretation into at-a-distance services and Transvoice is well positioned to lead this market transformation. Transvoice currently has 130 employees and 27 mEUR in yearly revenue – and we are growing.

Just recently, we landed a big contract for call center-interpretation with a client in the public sector.

Read more about Transvoice here:

Last week there was a feature from our site in Norrköping in a news broadcast with the largest TV network in Sweden, the Swedish Television, SVT. You can watch it here (in Swedish):