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Author: Roberto Boggio

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The Telco industry evolution in Europe: challenges and opportunities

In a recent interview, Paolo Bertoluzzo, Chief Executive Officer at Vodafone Italy and South Europe, stated that “there are 30 different telecommunications providers in 27 countries in Europe, while only 4 providers serve almost the same number of users in the United States. In the future, an industry consolidation is expected in Europe and the first signs are already visible.”

Thanks to the expertise Transcom has developed in the Telco industry over the years, and since we are serving the largest Telco players in Europe, I would say that we are well-positioned to play a key role in this changing industry landscape. We are ready to fully support this evolution and become a strategic BPO partner to Telcos willing to run transformation projects and lead the evolving European telecommunications market.

I believe this evolution represents a great opportunity for Transcom’s European team to bring to bear our deep industry expertise and our leadership in customer experience management to successfully address these market leaders’ top priorities, with programs specifically designed to drive their sales growth and build customer loyalty.

Anticipating the new requirements in this evolving market, Transcom is adapting its services to new technologies and tools in a completely mobile multi-channel and multi-device environment. Customer support will embrace social media to an even greater extent than today and new business models will take shape. Transcom is definitely facing up to this challenge and we are playing to win together with our clients. Our objective is to tighten the partnership with our telecommunications clients and strongly support their rapid growth strategies while reducing their costs, thus helping them to become market leaders in the new European Telco landscape.

Welcome to Transcom Virtual Training

In this day and age, every business relies to a greater and greater extent on computers to make the wheels turn smoothly – from the spreadsheet you use to create your reports, to the online web conferencing software you use to meet despite being hundreds of miles apart.

As with everything that evolved alongside technology, training employees and sharing knowledge has also transformed into something that is no longer bound by what you can physically see, hear or touch.

This is where we come in.

When you visit the Intranet for the latest news and updates, when you open your account support guide to help you get through that call, when you learn new knowledge taking one of our online courses, when you marvel at those impressively designed promotional posters, you are looking at the work of an incredibly talented and immensely dedicated group of people.

Behind the scenes is a small army of Web Developers, Web Designers and Content Writers who create, maintain and manage practically everything that you see online.

Beacons of Knowledge, Crossing Borders

One person works on an Online Course, the other developing Support/Troubleshooting Guides and another one posting content on the Intranet. This is what our typical day-to-day work is like. Our work might seem trivial and mysterious to the outside observer, but our goals are simple and practical: To inspire learning, advance knowledge and foster innovation.

It is our goal to give our colleagues the most enjoyable, engaging and dynamic content possible, whenever they need it, wherever they are; activities that would otherwise require thousands of printed documents, frequent inter-site, if not cross-country travel, we bring them to you without you ever needing to leave your computer, reducing our company’s carbon footprint and reducing costs.

With our capabilities to provide knowledge and information by using web-based platforms, we have effectively provided our company a powerful weapon to add in its arsenal: The ability to reach out, develop and mold not just future and existing employees but also potential future leaders. We have broken physical barriers and have crossed oceans to deliver without the inconvenience and costs associated with doing things the traditional way.

One Transcom, One Virtual Training Team – Philippines

Working independently as individuals, collectively as a Team – this has been my mantra these past couple of months now. Keeping track and on top of things with a workload and challenges comparable to our country’s popular torrential rains is no walk in the park. With the work as diverse and dynamic as ourselves, we can’t hope to accomplish anything if we’re divided.

Today we are just right around the corner of closing one of the biggest projects our team has ever handled – creating what is possibly the most comprehensive account-specific knowledge base Transcom has ever seen.

This project has helped us understand how important it is for us to work smoothly together and we have grown to realize that working together as one is an essential component of achieving high-quality work.

With praises, recognition and appreciation for our work coming from clients, we can proudly say that we are truly and genuinely, One Virtual Training Team.

Around the globe

Working for an international organization is a great privilege. When I joined Transcom in 2010, I was quickly made aware of the scale and worldwide nature of my new employer. Soon I understood why it’s so important to be comfortable communicating in English, if you want to work here at Transcom. Not only do we have support departments localized all over the globe; sharing knowledge goes beyond national levels. I myself learned a lot when I visited my colleagues in Fredrikstad, Norway, about a year ago. They worked for the same client, with the same contract, had the same focus on customer experience, but our approaches to similar challenges varied. We got back to the Netherlands loaded with ideas. My Norwegian colleague and I have contacted one another on a regular basis ever since and last May she and her colleagues visited us in Groningen, gaining an insight into our methods.

It is a huge benefit to know that, whenever you encounter a situation in which you’re not sure what to do, there are colleagues in other countries ready to help and share best practices. In the last one and a half years I have said ‘Thank you’ to colleagues from many countries and regions, and was thanked myself as well on several occasions. In an organization like Transcom, there is expertise on every subject and it’s more or less in our DNA to go out and get it.

Right now, I am personally benefiting from Transcom’s international nature, as I am in the middle of a transfer from the Netherlands to Sweden. At the beginning of the summer, my wife got a great job offer, so we decided to move to the south of that beautiful country. I was happy to find out that there was actually a job opening at Transcom for my very position near our new home town. I applied and in a few weeks’ time I was hired.

Last week, I met my new colleagues and I am looking forward to joining the team officially. They’re a great bunch, enthusiastic and qualified, they’re fluent in English (I still have some work to do on my Swedish) and they have a great sense of humor. Meanwhile, I am welcoming my successor and making sure he will have no trouble at all taking over my responsibilities. And of course, I will still be at Transcom, so if he needs my advice, I am just one phone call or email away.

This also makes saying goodbye to my Dutch colleagues a bit easier. We’ll talk and, with a bit of luck, meet again.

Author: Eimantas Liutkevicius

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Two Wheels – One Transcom!

It’s becoming a great tradition at Transcom Vilnius to participate in the annual bicycle marathon – “Velomaratonas” – which is the largest cycling event in Lithuania.

Cycling is becoming more and more popular in Vilnius – thus this is a great way to get into the Transcom team spirit, get some exercise and get together with your colleagues outside of the office surroundings – while helping to promote this environmentally friendly mode of transportation in our city.


It was nice to see all sorts of people joining this year’s team. United under a slogan “Two wheels – one Transcom” we had CSR’s, Team Leaders, HR and BST personnel, Business Managers, etc.


All team members successfully finished the full distances of 30 km or 20 km, competing against over 7000 other cyclists.


After finishing the amateur stage – we also had a chance to get together, share our experiences, and watch the professional stage of the event. The overall mood was great throughout the day, a lot of smiles, enthusiasm and team spirit.

We will definitely participate next year.

I could not be more proud of our team – go team Transcom!

Author: Aija Urbiņa

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Transcom supports Euro implementation in Latvia

“We are really pleased to support the country in the Euro changeover process. Through working with leading companies that set ambitious goals and clearly define their requirements for quality , we are accustomed to high quality standards. Our mission is to provide an outstanding customer experience. Thus, we are very pleased to be part of this project and are deeply committed to its success”, says  Liene Spruģe, Operational Manager at Transcom Latvia.

The purpose of the Euro information phone line is to ensure that people get toll-free information on questions related to the introduction of the Euro in Latvia.

Customer relationship specialists at Transcom have been trained by the Ministry of Finance and the Latvia National Bank. They are responding to calls and questions every day from 8:00am to 8:00pm. When the phone lines are closed, callers are offered the option of recording their question and be called back by a customer relationship specialist.

Transcom’s specialists provide answers to questions about the introduction of the Euro, as well as registering suggestions and complaints that are be passed on to relevant authorities.

The first calls have already been handled. Currently, the most common question is whether there will be any changes to loans and rates issued in Latvian lats.

There is a high level of interest from media, and the two biggest television companies in Latvia have already visited Transcom to film news stories.

julija4 julija3

The phone line will be open until March 31, 2014 and Transcom will continue to focus on ensuring that callers’ experience of interacting with our specialists is a positive one and that they receive relevant information quickly.

Author: César Mesa

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Refining the recruitment process in Transcom Sevilla

Each day, society is becoming more and more digitized and therefore customers, thanks to new technologies, have immediate access to different online information channels. This means that it is increasingly difficult to close a sale on the first contact with a customer. The contacted person will most likely compare the information received by phone with information from other sources. This increases the probability that, eventually, the customer will end up purchasing the offered product via one of the other channels.

So, in order to increase sales and gain customer loyalty, it is necessary to work from the bottom up or, putting it differently, to start working on this already during the recruitment process.

The Transcom Sevilla site is specialized in sales campaigns for banking and insurance products, telecommunications and entertainment services, etc. We have attractive opportunities to grow in outbound sales, and have developed an action plan to redefine the recruitment process for our major clients, with the goal of reducing rotation, shortening the learning curve and, at the same time, developing staff loyalty. At the end of the day, we believe that this will increase quality and provide a greater degree of stability and efficiency to our clients.

A training session in Transcom Sevilla

When redefining the profile for new hires, the HR and the Operations departments were involved, cooperating with Team leaders and Product Specialists. It is important for our recruitment personnel to monitor actual calls in order to evaluate the customer profile we are addressing in each campaign. This way, we are able to identify the most common customer reactions and, based on this information, we can influence the recruitment process to focus on the right skill set. In addition, experienced Team Leaders participate in candidate interviews.

Once selected, the agent is accompanied during the first few days of work by a dedicated team, helping her/him acquire the necessary knowledge and ensuring successful results.

Through this partnership between human resources, operations and training & quality, we have achieved success in terms of expected growth, which translates into operating results in line with our clients’objectives.