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Author: Isabel Sánchez-Lozano

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Why our clients outsource

Several independent consultants, such as Gartner and KPMG, have recently highlighted the value of outsourcing business services. In our market, the secret of success is to ensure that every possible customer interaction is addressed to strengthen the relationship with the brand and generate purchase decisions. At Transcom, we have a team of experts that support companies in various industry sectors, taking into account the product, the service, and the customer experience.

In a business environment as competitive as the one we are facing today, Transcom’s contribution as an outsourcing partner becomes more valuable than ever. Our clients choose to partner with us for many different reasons, but the following four seem to be the most important:

In order to address a constrained market situation, many companies are forced to reduce costs, and this is identified as one of the major benefits achieved by using outsourcing services. A recent study carried out by two consulting firms, KPMG and HfS Research, indicates that 87% of the respondents who use outsourcing services, do so expecting to reduce their operational costs. Through a more rational and efficient allocation of resources, the savings can be very significant. For instance, outsourcing customer care operations implies a shift from fixed to variable costs, while also sharing risks and opportunities with the outsourcing partner.

In every company, efficient management of time and resources translates into higher profits. The use of outsourcing not only ensures better control of performance, but also greater flexibility to accommodate workflows and new processes. Furthermore, a high-performing outsourcing relationship allows our client’s management the flexibility to allocate time and resources towards other areas of the business. HfS Research´s and KPMG´s study reports that 81 % of the companies indicated flexibility as a major reason for outsourcing.

At Transcom we function as our clients’ partner, working as an extension of the company, adding value through a wide range of services. This implies that we can improve efficiency and productivity while also contributing to creating an outstanding experience for our clients’ customers. We rely on the best professionals to deliver the best service, hiring and training a team of highly committed expert agents that always work with our clients’ goals in mind. In addition, we provide cost-effective access to specialized technologies and solutions.

Last but not least, at Transcom we are focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. To many of our clients, the quality of their customer care operations is fundamental to their ability to increase loyalty, retention and customer sales. We believe that the quality of customer care will become even more important as a competitive differentiator in many industries in the coming years. We continuously develop our services and solutions in order to support our clients in this respect.

Some of the reasons mentioned above were fundamental to the decision of one of the largest banks in Spain to outsource its customer care to Transcom. This multi-channel service (telephone, e-mail, chat and social media) with a monthly volume of over 400,000 contacts, and delivered in 8 different languages, is perceived by our client as highly valuable in terms of quality, efficiency and flexibility. We have been able to reduce our client’s operational costs by implementing an optimized human resource plan, including a flexible system of forecasting/planning which allows the client to convert some of its fixed staff costs into variable ones. We are focused on time management, process optimization and reducing the number of contacts – while raising customer satisfaction – by increasing first-level resolution. Since 2008, when we started the service, Transcom has been recognized with seven Sectorial Awards related to the quality of implementation of Contact Center Services in the Financial Sector. Furthermore, Transcom contributes to driving revenue growth for our client through our “sales-through-service” approach, with excellent success rates.

Transcom Poland to become a new multi-language hub

In the last few years, Poland has become a promised land for many companies whose core business is based on knowledge and business processing operations. For those who have at least basic information on the country, this has come as no real surprise. Not only does Poland lie in the heart of Europe, close to key markets such as Germany and France, but it also offers access to highly educated and skilful employees. With its booming economy and policy of supporting foreign investors, Poland can proudly say that it is among the world’s most promising markets for the outsourcing industry.


With operations in Poland (Gdańsk and Olsztyn) for a decade now, Transcom Polska is more than happy to take an active part in this expansion. Through the years, we have grown by providing top-class customer care management, serving clients in the telecommunication, financial services, automotive and retail industries.


Our goal is to keep on growing by developing our multi-language skills. We believe that there is no better place than Gdańsk to do this. Being one of the most dynamic and open cities in Poland, it attracts businesses, professionals and students from around the world. Each year, over 27,000 students receive a bachelor’s degree, 90% of whom speak English, 40% German, about 14% Russian, nearly 10% French, over 6% Spanish and some 3% speak Italian. Moreover, almost two-thirds of all Nordic language graduates originate from the Gdańsk region, thus adding also Scandinavian linguistic skills to our portfolio.

The percentage of students who declare knowledge of English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian Source: Study of Human Capital in Poland (2010)

The percentage of students who declare knowledge of English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian
Source: Study of Human Capital in Poland (2010)

To take advantage of these possibilities, we closely cooperate with the local university, ranked among the best in Poland. This allows us to dynamically develop our language skills and secure top-class performance for clients requiring bilingual servicing by English-German and English-French speaking consultants. All of them are proven and certified proficient speakers with the ability to efficiently perform Inbound, Outbound and Back office activities.

Author: Fernando Oliveira

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Transcom Portugal: Strengthening relationships while embracing new business approaches

Transcom Portugal has supported clients in the energy market for quite a while now, providing services ranging from commercial lines to back office support.

Since its entry into this extremely competitive industry, one of our clients has managed to grow consistently, reaching 10% market share in a few months.

Our client’s business strategy is based not only on offering an alternative to the traditional providers, with a fast response time to customers’ requests and demands, but also on the quality of its customer service. This is where Transcom came in one year ago.

Based on the success of this partnership with our client, in the area of contact center based customer care, Transcom was recently asked to manage front office customer service in stores based in Oporto and Lisbon, strengthening and deepening our existing relationship with the client. The stores are an important part of our client’s strategy to be closer to its customers and potential customers, in order to consolidate and grow its market position as well as strengthen its service quality and brand image.

Therefore, on July 8, we added another component to Transcom Portugal’s business operations: Two stores were inaugurated, totally managed by Transcom, with the goal of improving the experience of our client’s customers.

Author: Ángela Mora

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New service in Transcom Concepción

One of the leading telecom companies in Latin America has chosen Transcom Concepción to outsource some of its telemarketing services.

Transcom Concepción Entel team

In May of this year, we began a telemarketing service in Transcom Concepción, selling home products (landline + internet + TV). We started with a team of 20 agents, and today we have over 50. Transcom Concepción has managed to position itself as a leading supplier in this context of rapid growth, essentially thanks to a recruitment effort that has resulted in a mixed team of existing Transcom agents and newly hired staff, both groups with a strong commercial profile.

Since the very beginning, Transcom’s values and quality standards have been key to establishing a strong and consolidated client-provider relationship, and we hope to achieve new successes together.

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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Transcom León awarded for best sales team, inbound telesales platform

This past July, at the Magalia Palace in the nice village of Navas del Marqués, the IV Working Meeting of Telemarketing Inbound services of one of the largest customers of the Spanish telecommunications sector took place. Transcom and other suppliers were invited.

Besides participating in various events organized by our client, including some recreational activities, Transcom Leon was honored to receive the Award for “Best sales team Inbound Telesales platforms”.

Enjoying the off-work activities

The €3,000 award was the prize in an initiative that took place during May and June, with the participation of 23 teams from four providers that serve the client’s ADSL sales department. The criterion for deciding the winner of the award was based on the constant evolution and improvement objectives on a weekly basis, during the two-month duration of the activity. The winning team was led by the Team Leader Rosa Sanchez, who also received a plaque in recognition of the best sales team.

Rosa Sánchez, the winner TL from Transcom León

I want to congratulate the whole team of Transcom León and particularly Rosa’s team. It is a privilege to work every day with colleagues who not only achieve the targets but exceed them and get our client’s recognition for their good and hard work.

Author: Leonardo Flores

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Transcom Valdivia rewards the best

The last day of August, Transcom Valdivia organized an activity day for those workers who had performed outstandingly during the first semester. The event took place in the nice village of Futrono, in the Rivers Region, in an environment of vast “Mapuche” territories on the Lake Ranco banks. Located about 100 kilometers from Valdivia, the region is famous for its breathtaking landscapes.

It was an opportunity for the team to share experiences and learn from the best agents and Team Leaders, who had achieved 100% of our clients’ KPI’s and had positioned themselves as the best agents or TL’s of the month. We were accompanied by all the Senior Team Leaders, and our TQM, Alejandra Santamaría.

Transcom Valdivia team enjoying a traditional meal
To reward them, we organized a full day of activities including spa, a traditional meal and several games. Although it was a short break, we all enjoyed it.

With these motivation days, we keep on encouraging the rest of the team to do their best, and position Transcom Valdivia as a reference of motivation and excellence.