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Author: Bob Milne

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Congratulations, Transcom Philippines!

From its humble beginnings in 2004, with just 40 staff in the Philippines, Transcom has grown to be a competitive force in the country. Four years ago the regional leadership team sat down to discuss the future.

Clients who were choosing to go offshore with us didn’t just want a solution that was cheaper, but one that was faster and better. The team knew they could deliver on the solution, but they had a strategic decision to make – should they aim to become the biggest BPO in the country, or the best?

Ultimately, Transcom chose to be the best, arguing that when you are the best, being the biggest will happen naturally.

Here they are in 2013, at almost 10,000 employees, and finding their efforts in the Philippines recognized and validated by international research company, Frost and Sullivan.

Transcom Group 1

Siva SubramaniamCountry Manager for the Philippines & Head of Sales for Asia Pacific, recently had the pleasure of making this announcement:

I am pleased to announce that Transcom Philippines received the 2013 Frost and Sullivan Philippines Contact Center Outsourcing Customer Value Enhancement Award.

This is an award that describes what you do. Everyday, all of you collectively exceed client expectations and deliver premium services. Today, we got rewarded for your continuous commitment and support.

DSC_1268_Transcom 2

Now in its third consecutive year, the 2013 Philippines Excellence Awards aims to recognize companies and individuals that have pushed the boundaries of excellence, rising above the competition and demonstrating outstanding performance in the Philippines market.

On behalf of the Transcom Philippines Management Team, Siva ensured that the employees who helped in achieving this recognition were thanked for fulfilling the goal of delivering the best service.

As a small token of appreciation, cakes and coffee were offered for all employees.

Author: Per Egil Bråthen

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Starting a new client project in Norway

On Wednesday last week we kicked off a new project involving about 100 agents in Norway. Seven representatives from Transcom went to the client’s offices in Oslo for a workshop. During the day it became very clear that…

  • Passion
  • Excellence and
  • Innovation

…are the values that will help us in reaching our client’s vision, which will be revealed in an upcoming post here on our blog.

A project plan has been put in place, and the first 6-week training program will start at the end of August.

Ole Johansson, CAM (to the left) and Edin Mujanic, trainer.

Ole Johansson, CAM (to the left) and Edin Mujanic, trainer.

We strongly believe that Oustanding Customer Experience will make this customer service unit one of the best in the Nordics! To get there, all employees have to be highly skilled. Therefore, we have selected four experienced trainers for the task, who are attending an 8-day “Train the Trainer” program at the client’s offices in Oslo.

There are high expectations on this project and we will of course keep you all posted here on My Transcom Experience!

Author: Andreas Björkvall

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20,000 likes on Facebook

We recently received an email from our client that they reached 20,000 likes on Facebook. They stated that this would have been impossible without our amazing employees in customer service.

This is what our client wrote: “We have come a long way since the launch and it’s more fun each day to read questions from our customers and especially the magical answers obtained from our dear colleagues.”

We’re pleased that our client is satisfied and has confidence in our work. This will make us even more determined to deliver Outstanding Customer Service!


Author: Monica Llagostera

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Improving objections handling

In our center of Isla Sicilia, in Madrid, we recently launched an initiative to identify areas for services improvement, and to develop a specific plan to help our team improve our performance and create a better customer experience. One of the areas we identified was objections management. We have to focus on how we handle customer objections, pointing out to our agents that we have to rebut with energy, a smile, simplicity and effectiveness.

With the aim of facilitating the exchange of knowledge and learning from each other, we organized a contest in Transcom Isla de Sicilia, to identify the best phone call with regards to objections handling, without considering the final decision of the customer. Each team leader chose a call from his/her team as an example of good handling.

Transcom Iberia Objections handling contest

From left to right: Elena Luna, TMK Operations Manager; Amara Antoranz, winner agent; Ana Melgosa, TL winner; Agustin Romero , Contact Center Manager

Out of a total of 145 agents, 11 calls entered the contest. Amara Antoranz, agent on Ana Melgosa’s team, was the winner and was awarded with a digital camera.

In addition, all the information collected during the contest will be included in the training programs to share the experience more broadly.

Congratulations to Amara and all her colleagues for the excellent work carried out every day!

Author: Natan Cereijido

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Transcom Multinational Day in Budapest

Recently, the Transcom Multinational event took place in Budapest.

The event, organized by the Social Team, gave each country the opportunity to show interesting information about their own culture.

The exhibition spaces were prepared on a voluntary basis by Transcom employees coming from different locations around the world and they
included, among other elements, informative posters, traditional dress, typical local items and lots of pictures.

But that was not all. The room where the event took place also had plenty of traditional food, kindly cooked and prepared by the
colleagues, to share with each other.

Furthermore, the event counted as well on typical music and fun games created by the team in which you had to complete a series of questions based on the information contained in the room.

To conclude the event, a group of colleagues from Hungary, Spain, Uruguay and Cuba played several traditional songs.

Subir Concierto
To sum up, it was a great day shared with all our colleagues, who showed their team spirit and generosity.

The event reflects the spirit of Transcom’s office in Budapest, where 34 different nationalities are represented. This gives Transcom a unique ability to provide services from an attractive location to multinational companies in many different countries, using native speakers.

Thank you very much to the Social Team for having organized a great event that gives us the possibility to get to know each other and to show a bit of our own culture.

Subir peru


Author: Andreas Björkvall

Facebook praise

A while ago, we found that a customer posted on our client’s Facebook page, praising the quality of the service he received over the weekend from one of our agents. It really feels great when customers take the time to proactively tell others how happy they are with their interactions with our clients and our team!  We have managed customer service for this client on Facebook and other channels since August 2012.

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