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Author: Johan Eriksson

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Transcom’s growth and profitability in focus

Meeting with a group of investors at Swedbank’s Mid-Quarter Update Seminar yesterday in Stockholm, I received several questions concerning Transcom’s above-industry average revenue growth rate.

People seemed to be particularly interested in the key factors driving our growth in recent quarters. I highlighted Transcom’s improved win rate and described how Transcom has managed to leverage relationships with existing clients to grow with them in new geographies over the past year. In addition, I talked about our strengthened qualification process and focus on the business proposition.

We have won a significant number of new clients in the last year, and there is certainly potential for us to expand our relationship with some of them. In fact, we are already starting a project in yet another country for a recently-won multinational client.

Naturally, Transcom’s profitability was also discussed. While I am pleased that margins in our core CRM business have improved compared to last year, we are currently focusing hard on addressing a number of areas in order to strengthen profitability further. Not least among these are our capacity utilization in North America and our operational efficiency in the North Europe region, which we are working to improve.

Feel free to have a look at the presentation below, or contact me directly with any questions you may have.

Author: Leonardo Flores

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Transcom Valdivia recognized for increasing female employment

Last June, during the 2013 Work of Women Fair, organized by the SENCE (National Service for Employment) and with the participation of Ms. Viviana Pérez, Director of the SERNAM (National Service for Women), Transcom Valdivia was recognized by leading Chilean authorities for our important contribution to increasing female employment in the region of the Rivers.

Since 2011, Transcom Valdivia has created more than 900 jobs for women. Currently, 57% of our employees are women (and 100% of our Senior Team Leaders and Training & Quality Managers!)

Receiving the Prodemu recognition

We are very happy and proud to be recognized by the regional community in this way for our commitment to equal opportunity.

Author: Augustina Kliukaite

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It’s all about Outstanding Customer Experience!

TL Offsite is an annual Transcom Lithuania team-building event where all the Team Leaders, Business Managers and Training and Quality Managers from the Vilnius and Kaunas sites meet to learn and share their experiences, practices and knowledge, as well as get to know each other better and feel part of One Transcom.


This year, TL Offsite was organized in a very beautiful resort in Trakai. And it was all about Outstanding Customer Experience! Everyone was there, experiencing, learning and enjoying themselves!

The goal of this event was to see Outstanding Customer Experience from a different perspective. Team Leaders were split into several groups and were tasked to create their own concept of OCE and to deliver it by representing different service providers running businesses in a fictional shopping and entertainment center named „Transkopolis“.

A newly-founded grocery store „Tranksima“ invited visitors to try out a different shopping experiences.

Tranksima 1Tranksima 2
The doctors of „Transklinika“ provided medical and spiritual help to everyone in need. You could get vaccinated and receive immunity against all diseases or request that a psychologist build your emotional profile.

Transklinika 1Transklinika 2
A new view of posting and packaging services was created by „Transposte“ where everyone who had trans-money could buy postcards or get help to find a lost document shipment.

Transposte 1Transposte 2


„Transpuls“ offered everyone to try out different sporting activities, including yoga, aerobics and other group activities, as well as to have a relaxing head massage and several beauty procedures.

Transpuls 1Transpuls 2


The extravagant 16-star restaurant „Translounge“ invited the guests to taste exotic dishes.

Translounge 1Translounge 2


An electronics shop, „Elektrotransas“, was not only offering any light bulb you might need, but could also help you install an “artificial intelligence system” in your house.

Elektrotransas 1Elektrotransas 2


Every group developed a concept of customer experience of their own and created a vision, mission and goals for their companies. They all had a „real life“ opportunity to deliver OCE to their customers (BMs and TQMs) where the BMs had a role of a secret customer or a client and were evaluating their experiences in these shops.



Team Leaders Migle and Giedrius on their experience in TL Offsite:


The idea  was great. The experience we got while preparing for the task was very useful. This experience is very important in our day-to-day tasks and effective distribution of work to provide a positive customer experience.
We realized that every client must be important to you in order to achieve your business goals. Each customer must be treated the same way – the unpleasant tasks cannot be put off. You must take action to solve the problem “here” and “now”.
We were assured that we always need to be prepared for all kinds of situations – not to be surprised that clients can be unsatisfied. It is very important to imagine yourself in the customer’s situation – would you be happy or unhappy?
Also, we realized how important it is for us as a company to be reliable for our clients who are not afraid to give their business to us.


This year, TL offsite offered us to get involved in setting up a company and delivering an outstanding customer experience. I personally was excited to work in a brand new team where members were selected randomly as we got an opportunity to meet and work with great people. Moreover, I liked the idea of the task a lot. Being able to create a company, its mission and branding required us to use our imagination and creativity. Also, we were challenged to serve difficult customers and come to decisions that were ‘out of the box’ so as to provide as pleasant a customer experience as possible.

Thank you for your efforts, new ideas and positive attitude!

Author: Martijn Steenbergen

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MBO course in Groningen

Transcom Groningen celebrates senior secondary vocational education (MBO) program for contact center employees

This was the title of a press release we sent a few weeks ago.

Since March 2012, we have been offering our employees and flex personnel of Unique (Transcom’s partner) in Groningen the opportunity to take vocational courses for the position of commercial office assistant, specializing as contact center assistant. Tele’Train delivers the training.  On Tuesday 28 February 2012 Transcom and Tele’Train informed interested employees about the structure of the program.  Following this well-attended meeting, 20 employees signed up for the pilot groups, and we could get started!

Joop Evers, Managing Director of Transcom: “Transcom pays a lot of attention to education, training and coaching as a matter of policy.  The fact that Transcom is now offering the 1-year MBO program can in fact be regarded as a step towards maturity. It will ensure that employees become even more aware of the competencies they already possess, but also that they continue to develop within their professional field.” Transcom’s current education programs and training courses are being integrated in the MBO program.

“We will be making the effect of the program measurable using various forms of evaluation”, adds Haske van Aken, Tele’Train’s educational consultant. “Not only the employees, but also the team leaders (usually also practical supervisors), will benefit from the knowledge and skills that the employees gain. The team leaders will learn how to support their employees even more effectively in their development and growth.”  For employees it will be a year of intensive work and learning, which is rewarded by a vocational certificate officially recognized by the Ministry of Education.

We started with 18 people and last April we were happy to celebrate that 14 people had passed the course. After a year of hard work and exams, exploring the Transcom world, everyone in this group was able to finish with good results. The successful cooperation between Tele’Train and Transcom Groningen allowed us to give them this opportunity.


In July, we could celebrate that another six people had finalized their MBO course. And in May 2014, we hope to do this again for another 11 colleagues.

mbo3 mbo2

As coordinator of this project, I am proud of the achievements of the team and I am convinced that we now have 20 colleagues with significantly more knowledge and experience of the contact center world.

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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Sharing our know-how to improve results in Transcom Leon

One of the greatest challenges that companies have to face in today’s business environment is the flow of information and knowledge. In an industry like ours, where client needs often mean rapid staff increases, establishing control mechanisms that ensure an efficient and fast transfer of “know-how” is critical.

This is why we have implemented a training approach in Transcom Leon, with the objective of ensuring the entire team’s alignment with key objectives, ultimately leading to the delivery of an excellent customer experience.

During one week, and divided into four groups, the course participants – coordinators, supervisors, project managers and trainers – left their usual jobs and went back to school to learn and share experiences.

One of the teams in Transcom Leon training coursesThe courses, taught by Transcom staff, focused on the following areas:

  • Human Resources: Organizational, Policies and Procedures Basic Management, breaks, Employee Portal
  • Training and Quality: Preshift, Quality Center, Internal Tools Knowledge, Monitoring, Call Calibration, Blind Monitoring, AENOR (Quality certification), Competence Management.
  • Business Support:  Management of internal tools and processing information to increase quality of customer interactions
  • IT: The way to address and manage IT incidents, as well as priorities and response times
  • Management: ABC Model Management and key business indicators

As a final exercise, each participating group had to solve a couple of business cases as a team and present their findings to site management. Later on, there were two sessions where all the solutions provided were shared among the different groups.

With the completion of this training, Transcom Leon ensures that everyone has the same training and information and a general overview of key business processes. This way, we can also make sure that we can continue to grow our business while maintaining the the quality standards that we and our clients expect.

Author: Sanna Tardell

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A great place to work

A lot has happened at our Eskilstuna site in Sweden, and we keep growing. Even though the goal has always been the same, we now speak only about customer satisfaction and customer experience and how to reach the top shelf.

Our new “well-being team” here in Eskilstuna will help us improve even more. They will work with our staff, to make them feel great about coming to work. With the information they collect, we can make Transcom Eskilstuna a truly great place to work! In the picture below, you can see some of the members of the “well-being team” making a barbeque for all of us. It was much appreciated!

The summertime can often be a busy time for those who aren’t on vacation. Many functions are not available and a common phrase is “we’ll deal with that after the summer holidays”. To ensure that work is progressing as usual, every function has a stand-in. It means higher costs, but we are sure that we’ll gain more and that the people who are at the office aren’t overloaded with work.

So this summer, it has been business as usual!