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Author: Monica Llagostera

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Breaking barriers: Transcom incorporates six visually impaired agents in Chile

Within the framework of the Agora project and in collaboration with local and national Chilean authorities, Transcom has launched the selection, training and incorporation of people with visual impairment in its center in Concepción, Chile. So far, we have hired six blind officers.

Currently performing back-office tasks, the new agents are working in an environment suited to their abilities and under the same conditions as their peers. They have all adapted perfectly to their roles and are contributing to a more open and inclusive work environment that transcends their own team.

The new Transcom agents with their diplomas

In the words of Andrea Santibañez, head of HR at Transcom in Chile, “this project is proving successful and we intend to repeat the experience in the future, both at our center in Concepción and in Valdivia. In fact, Transcom has been present in the I Employment for people with disabilities Fair, which took place during the month of April, providing information about the company and receiving resumes”

Transcom’s initiative has been well-covered in local press and TV.

Author: Johan Ek

Transcom’s new site in Örebro opened

This spring, Transcom opened up its latest new site in Sweden. There was a grand opening ceremony with both local representatives from the city of Örebro as well as Transcom management.  Local management is led by Karlskoga Call Center Manager Bengt Öhman.

Transcom opening_Örebro

The site is a state-of-the-art facility with approximately 100 seats plus 100 optional seats located in the heart of Örebro. The decision to establish a new site is due to increased volumes from both existing and new clients.

We are of course delighted to welcome all our new employees at the Örebro site and we really look forward to having you onboard.

Author: Agata Mironova


Transcom Riga joins the Nordea Riga marathon

In May, the Riga team joined the Nordea Riga marathon, taking part in the Baltic’s biggest running festival with more than 22,020 participants from 65 countries!

Running different distances, from 5 km up to 21 km (42 km is a full marathon), facing the hot weather (+30 C) they successfully finished the race with medals around their necks!


Author: Stefan Pettersson

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Discussing Transcom’s different pricing models with investors

We recently spent a couple of days in meetings with investors and analysts. Johan Eriksson, Transcom’s President and CEO, talked about our current situation, performance and focus areas going forward.

A particular focus area this time was the different pricing models used by Transcom. The context was the recent performance in our North region, where the business model mix that we currently use is more exposed to the accuracy of volume forecasts, relative to other regions. We are currently working to improve the balance of pricing models used in all regions. It is clearly useful for investors to develop an understanding of the business dynamics associated with the major types of contracts we use with our clients, so we will surely revisit this topic.

Feel free to have a look at the presentation below, or contact me directly with any questions you may have.

Author: Monica Llagostera

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And the winner is…

It has been three months since we launched our “Best ideas for improvement Contest” and today, we are proud to announce the names of the winners!

This is an initiative from our HR department, encouraging every member of the organization to submit their ideas for improvement. The prize is very motivating, an iPad Mini.

The rules were clear. Each participant could submit as many ideas as they wanted, as long as they met the following requirements:

  • Easy implementation from an economic and operational perspective
  • Innovative approach
  • High impact, by number of services/people affected

The jury was composed of Committee members, and each of the three categories had its own leader:

Rosana García, HR Regional Manager for Iberia & Latam, was in charge of the finalist selection in the category improvement of work conditions, where 168 ideas were submitted. The winning idea “Implementing motivational workshops: emotional intelligence” was presented by Javier Camino from our center in San Fernando de Henares, Madrid.

Javier Camino receiving the diploma & prize


Cristina Martínez, Operational Support & Performance manager for Iberia & Latam, played the same role in the improvement of service quality category, with 165 proposals. In this category, the best idea was “A further step”, a proposal to implement additional actions to reconfirm customer satisfaction from Juan Carlos Jiménez from our Atica center in Pozuelo.

Juan Carlos Jiménez, one of the three winners


And regarding the improvement of productivity category, this responsibility went to Juan Brun, Operations Director for Iberia & Latam. In this case, 167 ideas were evaluated. Patricia Ferrero, from our site in Leon, won the iPad Mini with the idea “Paperless” with the aim of saving paper in our daily operations.

Patricia Ferrero receiving her prize

Congratulations to every participant and especially to the winners!


Author: Johan Eriksson

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Transcom Cares in the Philippines

I recently spent another exciting week in the Philippines, not only for business and to meet our fantastic staff over there, but also for an activity that had a great impact on me personally.

In Transcom Philippines, they have been operating a program called Transcom Cares for many years. Both the company and our employees are contributing to a fund aimed at supporting people in need, e.g. victims of natural catastrophes, kids and the elderly. The fund has also helped people build their own businesses. I think a great example of this is when Transcom Cares last year donated a large number of bike taxis (trisikads), a common means of transportation for short distances in the Philippines, to help people from a marginalized sector of Bacolod City support their families.

P1010930 P1010943

Since there are millions of orphans in the Philippines, Transcom Cares activities have often been targeted at improving their situation. I participated in such an activity in Manila, organized by Transcom Cares. We visited Concordia Children’s Services, a children’s home in Manila. The organization operates two programs:

  • a Residential Care Program where they let approximately 20 young children (0-2 years), most of them orphans, stay in their residential facility until a permanent placement is made (mostly adoption)
  • an Urban Poor Children Program (street kids) aimed to support children between the ages of 7 and 16 with education and other forms of support to help them improve their lives

It was a very strong experience going there. We met a fantastic staff, very often dedicated to their important work 24 by 7, helping these babies to survive. Transcom Cares has decided to support Concordia Children’s Services financially, covering approximately half of the operating costs for this children’s home.

The visit was absolutely stunning. It really put one’s own life into perspective, and reminded me how fortunate one is to be living under totally different conditions. What Transcom does in the Philippines in this area is fantastic and I will challenge the rest of our company to step up their community engagement activities as well. It was great to see our staff’s engagement in all this and I am very proud of them.

Johan Eriksson, President & CEO