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Author: Gianluca Gemma

Robotic Process Automation: Introducing a digital workforce

News about intelligent technology, able to replicate, modify, or correct human activities are becoming increasingly common. But how can we incorporate new technologies in our daily work and generate significant advantages from day one without changing all of our business processes and/or systems? Transcom is already offering clients non-intrusive ways to turn automation into real business value.

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), companies can automate repetitive and standardized task, for example collecting information from a database and transfer it to a business system. By replicating the manual steps that an operator or customer service agent would have to go through, the process can be fully automated, leaving the agents to concentrate on other tasks with greater added value for both the customer and the company.

RPA is not just a substitute for human activity; it is a complementary solution to automate and accelerate basic processes, adding the advantages of a robot: 24/7 availability, seven days a week, with high and constant quality standards.

One of the most relevant scenarios where RPA can be used is for entering an order into a system, where the order information (ordering, product, quantity, recipient of the goods, price, payment method, etc.) is easily coded and inserted into standard management systems or CRM’s. Transcom’s solution is able to retrieve the whole series of relevant data even from unstructured sources, such as fax, email and images, encode them and insert them into a standard format to manage the order. The robot itself will then automatically insert the order into the various computer systems in use. The order validation operation remains with the human operator, who confirms and approves the entire process for its final processing.

In addition, RPA can guarantee adequate scalability for peak periods volumes, and handle changes in the process, when the robot is properly configured. Scalability is one of the main benefits of Transcom’s RPA solutions, as well as the technological flexibility that allows you to select the most appropriate technology among the main ones on the market (for example UiPath, Automate, Blueprism) based on the process and any other criteria.

Thanks to the experience of over 150 automated processes managed internally on a global scale Transcom is one of the more trusted partner where it comes to RPA: the best technological innovations combined with the deep knowledge of customers’ processes allows Transcom to identify the best areas that can benefit from robotic automation use.

In all projects where RPA was implemented, the client experienced both an improvement of the efficiency in the processes and a better quality of the data. These are two fundamental characteristics of Transcom’s RPA solutions. We handle each project with a customer-oriented approach, as a key partner to help clients in their digital transformation.

Author: Gianluca Gemma

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Open house when Transcom Pula turns eight

Transcom celebrated the 8th anniversary of our Pula office in Croatia on June 7th with an open house day for friends and family. Local charities and authorities were also invited, including the President of the City of Pula Municipal Council. The guests were welcomed by myself, Lorena Marzolo, CSM and site responsible, Tomislav Đurkinjak, General Affairs & Operations Manager, together the whole team.

Foto di gruppo

Throughout the day and evening, the guests could get an insight in the day to day activities at the site, and hear about Transcom’s achievements for the past eight years. They could also hear more about the Transcom Language Academy, our CSR program Transcom Cares, and other initiatives that create a pleasant and stimulating work environment, create a sustainable employability, and a proper work-life balance.

Transcom Language Academy provides courses in Italian, German, and English. The employee obtains a certification diploma valid at a European level after completing the course.

Transcom Cares is a global Corporate Social Responsibility program focused on people development, equality & diversity, and community engagement. During the event our HR department presented how Transcom is working with local humanitarian associations such as “Naš san njihov osmijeh”, the Red Cross of the city of Pula, and other initiatives to help the homeless.

The highlight of the event was when the Pula site employees handed over the funds raised through a humanitarian lottery for a coworker in need, organized as part of the Transcom Cares program.


Author: Alina Andriatyte

Transcom Lithuania receives EN 15838 certification

We are more than proud to announce that Transcom Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas sites) has achieved EN 15838 certificate which confirms our commitment to providing quality service to all our customers.

Transcom Lithuania EN 15838 certification

This European Standard specifies the requirements for customer contact centers and it aims to provide customer focused best practice designed to meet all customer expectations. It focuses on the performance quality at the point of contact between the customer and the customer contact center.

This standard was published several years ago and is acknowledged  as a powerful tool that customer contact centers can use to  improve the quality of the services they offer. The EN 15838 standard assumes that success can be achieved by coordinating management techniques with processes to make the most of resources. It defines, among other things; the agent‘s abilities and skills, management standards, and standards at job sites. In addition, the standard also defines the key performance indicators (KPIs) for effectiveness and efficiency in contact centers.

The benefits that EN 15838 certification already brought are improved business continuity, harmonized processes in both sites, and structured reviews of our procedures. We are sure we will see even more benefits in the near future.

We sincerely thank all colleagues in Transcom Vilnius and Kaunas sites whose professionalism and dedication greatly contributed to achieve this important certification.

Author: Philip Sköld

Transcom’s Conversational Analytics solutions

Outstanding customer service is synonymous with the ability to understand and interact with customers. Clever utilization of interaction data is therefore becoming more important than ever. As a result, conversational analytics has emerged as the leading solution for businesses to substantially strengthen their customer insights and discover new high impact initiatives for service improvements. Transcom’s conversational analytics offering aims to support customer service providers on their digital journey; securing quick benefit realization from new disruptive technologies. Working with Transcom will provide you with tangible outcomes: new depths of insights from comprehensive data mining and analytics, continuous monitoring of trends and development in your data, and fact based improvement initiatives aligned with your business objectives.

Transcom offers end-to-end support in establishing your conversational analytics solution and we drive acceleration of outcomes in line with your business objectives. You will be given access to our strategic solutions advise, strong implementation support, hands-on operational knowledge and dedicated execution power. High impact use-cases will be identified with the purpose of improving the quality and effectiveness of your service operations, elevating your capabilities to deliver outstanding customer experience, increased customer loyalty, enhanced sales performance, and reduced customer churn.

The wide application of conversational analytics provides a broad set of tangible benefits. Unlocking and acting upon the insights will typically bring benefits such as:

  • Improved NPS/CSAT from identifying and tracking correlations between satisfaction survey scores and metadata containing insights on customer reactions to the service provided. Also, predicting behavior and actions related to an incoming interaction to better prepare and drive preferable outcomes.
  • Improved AHT and FCR by analyzing interactions with high handle times and repeat calls. Further revealing aspects in the customer journey where fine tuning of processes, changing response patterns or applying automation can is represents clear benefits.
  • Increased sales hit-rates through providing sales teams with typical customer inquiries, triggers, reaction patterns or intents related to various products and services. Leveraging continuous capture and categorization of demand data combined with contextual data on customer needs.
  • Reduced complaints and dissatisfaction by identifying and eliminating terms and drivers related to customer pain points. Root causes can be captured much more effectively from applying meta-tagging of data and creating smart queries to capture issues.
  • Reduced number of calls from identifying and categorizing call types and reasons, using keyword combinations. A more nuanced understanding will enable development of proactive initiatives to reduce volumes.
  • Reduced churn by identifying risk-triggers and initiate proactive mitigation actions or ensure next contact is routed to agents specifically trained for saving potential churners.

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Author: Gianluca Gemma

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Transcom for Montereale: celebrating new life in L’Aquila territories

Celebrating the rebirth of the territories hit by the earthquake together with the next generation. This was the theme for the Transcom event for Montereale, held on Tuesday, April 17 at the Falcone & Borsellino institute in Montereale (AQ).


Transcom has had offices in L’Aquila for 18 years, and is deeply linked to the territory, not only by its many employees. The event celebrated the rebirth of the crater territories, and gave concrete aid to the students of the mountain municipality hit by the earthquakes in 2009 and 2016. The Falcone & Borsellino institute was inaugurated on September 11th,and apart from hosting elementary and middle classes, it can also be used as a safe structure by the Civil Protection in case of emergencies.

The initiative is part of Transcom Cares, our global program for social responsibility and solidarity, and thanks to the contribution of colleagues from all over Italy, Transcom could donate 45 boxes of stationery material that the students will use in their daily activities.

For Transcom, the event was a unique opportunity to be in direct contact with the territory. We have always believed in the power of the people from these areas. During the touching ceremony, Transcom employees read passages from the book Il Giglio dell’Aquila, published by Transcom shortly after the earthquake, remembering the past and celebrating the territories new life, thanks to the joint efforts of individuals and institutions.

The event was attended by, among others; Lorena Marzolo, Client Service Manager at Transcom; MP Stefania Pezzopane; Guido Quintino Liris, Vice Mayor of L’Aquila; Massimiliano Giorgi and Carlo Marini, the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor of Montereale; Gianluca Gemma, General Manager Italian Market and Giuseppe Bertini, HR Director Central & South Europe.

foto panoramica Montereale

Author: Philip Sköld

Transcom’s Live Chat solutions

There has never been a more exciting time to be working with customer experience. We are witnessing the rise of a digital world led by millennials; the most educated, affluent, assertive, and IT literate generation in history. An increasing reliance on digital channels, hyper-connectivity and use of mobile devices are all driving the adoption of digital tools within customer support. Companies need to offer their customer an omnichannel experience.

Live chat is one of the areas where we see a rapidly increasing demand – in 2016, with as much as 43% – emphasizing the importance of the channel in a modern customer service. Transcom offers implementation and operation of live chat, leveraging our extensive customer support experience.

There are many benefits with implementing Live Chat in customer service:

  • Customer satisfaction – Customers and our agents generally find it easier to understand and solve customer queries through chat. This is primarily due to elimination of accents and sentiment as well as easy access to the text for further interpretation and follow-up. Improved customer satisfaction is also the result of better fulfillment of customer preferences, such as immediate response, no waiting on the queue, multitasking, etc. We have seen chat operations delivering 18 p.p higher CSAT than the average score in voice delivery. Our multi skilled agents can also provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience.
  • Cost efficiency – Deploying well-trained agents and operational best practice allows for a highly efficient workforce. In our experience, concurrent chat sessions and faster issue resolution contributes to a more efficient customer service. Interacting via live chat also reduces operating cost since there is no need to pay for expensive phone calls. With our significant scale in recruitment, training and support functions, we can offer more cost-efficient operations than having the live chat in-house.
  • Revenue generation – Sales campaigns through live chat typically have higher conversion rates than sales in voice-channels. The opportunity to proactively engage with customers in the early purchasing process has proved beneficial with the ability to share documentation, links and other relevant information in real time to the customer. Adding chat with co-browsing opportunities will further increase sales conversion, lower basket abandon rates and increased average value per order. Companies implementing proactive sales support in chat channels have seen conversion rates up to 20% higher than sales in voice-channels.

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